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For better or worse, our faces tend to wear a lifetime of joy, experience, stress, and work – whether we like it or not. Due to their environment and genetic makeup, some people show signs of aging faster than others. That can mean fine lines and volume loss creeping up as early as the 30s.

As the social stigma around visiting facial plastic surgeons in Toronto evaporates yearly, more regular men and women seek facelifts and rejuvenation procedures to help turn back the clock. Dr. Cory Torgerson dedicates his Yorkville practice to facial cosmetic and reconstructive procedures using various surgical and non-surgical tools to deliver lasting, natural results.

Dr. Torgerson carefully listens to his patient’s concerns, goals, and expectations, then customizes a tailored treatment plan for each individual. When people visit us for facelift consultations, Dr. Torgerson is concerned not only with short-term revitalization and dramatic transformations, but also the long-term, graceful longevity of a well-executed facelift.

Because we care how you look 5, 10, and 20 years from now, we provide detailed advice and treatment options to maintain your vibrant complexion and youthful look long after your initial facelift. Here are some pro tips that anyone can implement to prolong results and stay looking fresh.

Will your face continue to age after a facelift?

Toronto facial plastic surgeons recommend sun protection, balanced nutrition, and quality skin care for good reasons. While removing excess skin and lifting sagging features will provide near-instant, dramatic remodelling, your tissue is changeable and very much affected by its environment.

Over the years, your natural collagen and elastin production will slow, which means that skin sags more easily, appears less firm, and forms lines or wrinkles. At the same time, daily UV exposure and environmental pollutants take their toll. Brown spots and damaged skin cells become more apparent in midlife, and the suntanning crimes of our youth can catch up to us at that point. Don’t worry, you have the power to put your best face forward again. We can help.

The way a procedure ages with you and stands the test of time is the mark of an expert facial plastic surgeon. Toronto clients are guided through the entire recovery and long-term care process after a lift at the Torgerson Clinic. Let’s review a few different areas where you can make a lasting difference.

Hydration and Nutrition

How’s your diet? Our skin shows the evidence of what we consume. For many people, the amount of water they’re drinking each day is just far too little. A lack of hydration leads to poor skin health and visible signs of stress. Does it matter exactly how many glasses you get in? Sometimes people worry about the specifics, but usually, if you can increase the amount of H2O you consume each day, you’ll be better off. Whether that’s a 2-glass increase or 10, try to keep fresh water handy and carry a bottle with you at work or elsewhere daily.

Your diet should contain an abundance of brightly coloured fruits and veggies, lean protein, healthy fats, and dark green, leafy plants. Fat, in particular, has gotten a bad rap over the years, but it’s misleading to suggest that it’s terrible for you. The essential fatty acids and whole fats contained in natural foods do wonders for your skin, along with your brain, vitamin absorption rates, satiety after eating, and even your mood.

Try adding avocados, coconut oil, fresh seeds, and nuts to your diet while reducing animal fats and removing hydrogenated or trans-fats altogether. Your skin is a key elimination organ, and it will show if you’re taking in junk. Whole organic fruit and veggies contain potent antioxidants and elements used to form strong, elastic skin.

Avoid cigarettes as much as possible

That includes second-hand smoke. Few types of toxic exposure can age the appearance of your face as quickly as smoking. Not only is nicotine to be avoided directly before and after surgery because of potential complications, but it may also threaten your lasting satisfaction with a facelift. The constricted blood flow that results from nicotine use will slow healing and reduce oxygen and other nutrients to the skin. For incisions that heal and fade rapidly, long-term beauty, and elastic, bright-looking skin, don’t smoke.

Prevent sun damage to preserve your youth

Many skin care experts agree that UV exposure is one of the fastest ways to age your skin. Having a facelift will improve your appearance, but it won’t make you immune to the sun’s harmful rays and the discoloration, lines, or broken capillaries that it brings. Wear a dermatologist-recommended sun block, cover up with wide-brim hats and sunglasses, and stay in the shade as much as possible.

Many of us carelessly crisp in the sun when we’re young, and then our faces pay the price when we’re older. Now that you’ve decided to visit a Toronto facial plastic surgeon for a youth-boosting procedure, it makes sense to protect your investment and take extra care in the sun from now on. Luckily, there are numerous natural bronzing, tanning, and glow-inducing products that can be applied to the skin without harmful rays.

Many people have the impression that a tan makes them look healthy, but we suggest that skin really glows when it is fed from the inside out, making it even-toned and luminous. A facelift and protected skin go hand in hand.

Find a quality skincare routine you love and stick with it

At the Dr. Torgerson Clinic, we can recommend high-quality medical skincare products that soothe and protect your youthful complexion without harmful chemicals or additives. Unfortunately, it can be a little overwhelming to attempt to evaluate the skin care options in your local drugstore. Products don’t need to be expensive, but they do need to be high quality so you don’t irritate, damage, or otherwise stress your skin.

Our experts will be happy to help you find the products that suit you best and leave your face looking and feeling amazing. We carry several of the cosmetic industry’s most reputable and effective lines, and we provide non-surgical services to maintain healthy skin cell turnover and minimize lines and pigmentation problems.

Dr. Torgerson recommends regular, professional skin care, including chemical peels, exfoliation, and collagen stimulation methods. Keeping skin clean and clear while supporting the production of good tone and strength will preserve your facelift results longer. We welcome you to visit our Skin Care Products web page to shop for at-home options.

What is the most critical step you can take to ensure lasting facelift results you love?

It all starts with selecting an experienced, Royal College-certified facial cosmetic surgeon. Many surgeons perform a diverse array of body and face procedures, but they don’t focus their specialty or possess in-depth knowledge and training in advanced facial aesthetic techniques. When you choose a surgeon who is an expert in their field and renowned for the specific procedure that you want, it ensures that you’ll benefit from the latest proven techniques.

A facial plastic surgeon in Toronto who performs their favourite cosmetic surgeries on a regular basis develops exceptional artistry and deft skill to achieve the highest-level outcomes. Facelifts are no longer a matter of pulling skin tightly. A long-lasting facelift will meticulously adjust underlying tissues and consider the overall harmony of features and facial attributes. The overlying skin should be smooth yet never tight, and incisions can be cleverly hidden for a flawless effect. Expert facial surgeons create results that have the potential to last for decades. Your task will simply be to do all you can in maintaining a healthy lifestyle that shows on your skin.

For more information about facial rejuvenation options, contact the experts at the Torgerson Clinic in downtown Toronto. We look forward to meeting you and helping you step into a confident new look.

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