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Facelift surgery has become a common cosmetic surgery to reliably enhance one’s facial aesthetics. Working with the right Toronto area plastic surgeon is important. As facelift Toronto residents can truly appreciate, this is something that they’ll be able to find with the offices of Dr. Cory Torgerson. Interested in learning more about how facelift surgery can turn back the clock for you? Please be encouraged to request a consultation by calling (647) 343-0207 and speaking with a trained, polite medical professional today.

Many facelift patients have experienced incredible results, some reporting that they even “look and feel like themselves again”.

Turning Back the Clock & Stopping Time

Taking care of your appearance is a lifelong endeavour. When you’re in your twenties, you still look and feel young, but the telltale signs of aging begin to crop up during this decade, and might include things like “tired” or sagging skin, early wrinkles, and widening pores. Smart moves during this stage of life are to exfoliate regularly and protect yourself from the sun, but many patients opt to use a small amount of neurotoxins to stop wrinkles in their tracks. It’s an affordable procedure, and if one remains consistent, he or she can actually stop some of the finer facial lines from forming.

As time passes and you reach your thirties, ageing becomes more noticeable. For most women, this is when they begin to notice common signs of aging on the skin of the face such as crow’s-feet, forehead wrinkles, and/or lines at the corners of their mouths or extending from the nose to the cheeks. A word on cheeks: when a person is in their mid-30s is most likely when they’ll notice their cheeks becoming less full. This is completely natural, but again, small doses of a cosmetic filler can help. Skin-tightening treatments may also yield positive benefits during this time.

Many people feel conflicted during their forties concerning facelift surgery. You don’t feel “old enough”, and yet you feel that there’s something you could be doing to rejuvenate your face. While having a facelift at this age is perfectly acceptable and quite common, some patients opt for using dermal fillers once every 9 to 12 months, which can help restore the cheeks to their formerly full appearance.

Once you arrive at your fifties, you’re more than likely the perfect candidate for facelift surgery. Many people at this age feel much younger than they actually are, and a facelift Toronto residents will admire for years to come might be the perfect solution to matching your feelings to your outward appearance. At this time, many patients also opt to have a necklift, which can make for a more “well-rounded” look (that is to say, the face will look more youthful, so why shouldn’t the neck too?). Facelift surgeries are common and affordable. Recovery time for a facelift surgery is likely much smaller than you might imagine. Most patients are back in business in about 2 weeks.

Are You Ready to Take Action?

No matter where you are along life’s path, you have the right to look and feel your very best. The offices of Dr. Cory Torgerson would like nothing more than to assist you in doing exactly that. Please feel more than welcome to reach out to us at your earliest convenience for a consultation.

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