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There is no minimum or maximum age for eligibility to receive a facelift surgery.

Everyone has a unique anatomy and lifestyle, and therefore different people will show the signs of aging in their faces at a different rate. Your genetic makeup and environmental factors will make a substantial impact on whether or not you may feel that you’re ready to have a facelift. It’s possible that you may be 39 years old and feel that you would like to have this common plastic surgery performed, or you might be 72. It really does depend.

However, there are, of course, times in one’s life where having a facelift may be more appropriate than others. It’s dependent upon a wide variety of factors. Some of these may include feeling younger than your outward appearance might imply, suffering from saggy skin, and noticing a significant increase in lines, wrinkles, skin creases, or other undesirable facial features.

Some patients don’t need a full-blown facelift and may find that other facial rejuvenation treatments will be quite adequate for a few more years. These might include neurotoxin or Juvéderm injections or highly-refined surgical techniques that specifically target small problem areas, colloquially known as a “mini-facelift”.

By discussing your goals with a qualified plastic surgeon, you can determine which course of action is best suited for you and your unique anatomy. A facelift Toronto patients will be deeply satisfied with can be found for an affordable rate and will generally not result in any considerable length of downtime. Most facelift patients find that they’ve recovered fully within only a few weeks, and complications for this common cosmetic surgery are minimal.

If you’d like to learn more about facelifts or other facial rejuvenation treatments, contact one of the medical professionals at the offices of Dr. Cory Torgerson. These polite, knowledgeable, highly-experienced professionals would like to learn more about your unique situation, and you can speak with the doctor himself if you call (647) 343-0207 whenever you’re ready to discuss your options.

What Makes Me an Ideal Candidate for A Facelift Surgery?

The only requirement to being an eligible candidate for a facelift surgery is that you must be in general good health. While a facelift surgery is a common procedure and there have been many satisfied patients, it is still a surgery nonetheless and will place a certain amount of stress on the body. Your plastic surgeon will ensure that you are healthy and completely capable of withstanding a facelift surgery before operating.

I’m Younger. Why Would I Want to Get a Facelift?

It is relatively common for younger people to get a facelift. As we’ve discussed, there is no minimum or maximum age requirement. You simply must be in good enough health to have the procedure done. Younger people have been known to have facelifts if they felt it was necessary, usually due to loose skin—a common problem after significant amounts of weight loss, for example. A facelift can also correct natural, genetically saggy skin, as well as the “sunken” appearance of the facial anatomy when it doesn’t have enough fat. If the cheeks and surrounding areas are filled, either with a dermal filler or through a fat graft, these areas of the face can have a fuller, more youthful appearance.

Taking Action No Matter What Walk of Life You’re In

Regardless of your age, if you’re ready to begin exploring your cosmetic surgery options, please feel encouraged to contact the offices of Dr. Cory Torgerson today to learn more about how the medical professionals there can assist and educate you. Please call (647) 343-0207 to schedule a consultation today.

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