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Most people are turned away by the prospect of a nose job because they might see it as an intimidating time commitment that is made only more uncomfortable by an embarrassing recovery period. In truth, this is only the case for surgical or invasive rhinoplasty, which requires a plastic cast being placed on the nose and an initial recovery time of almost 2 weeks. For a non-surgical treatment, however, you can expect a relatively quick and painless procedure with little to no downtime.

What Is Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty?

This approach primarily involves the nose being injected with facial fillers. Also called liquid rhinoplasty, this method is perfect for smoothing out dorsal humps and other aesthetic nose imperfections without the invasiveness of scalpels, bone and cartilage adjustments, and anaesthetics.

How Long Does It Really Take?

The length of a procedure will always vary from person to person, as each nose is different and different patients can have varying preferences or goals. On average though, you can expect a wait of approximately 20 minutes from start to finish. This is quite rapid when compared to the 2- to 3-hour wait for a standard surgical procedure! In addition, a non-surgical approach means time saved with regard to the healing process and overall downtime. Once you get a non-surgical nose job, you have done most of the required waiting, and you can get right back to your life without having to concern yourself with staying home or wearing a nasal cast. Furthermore, the results of a traditional surgical nose job can take over a year to see the full benefits. If you’re anxious for faster results, liquid rhinoplasty could be your best bet.

Why a Non-Surgical Nose Job Might Not Be For You

If you’re looking to improve your nasal breathing or make other significant changes to the structure of your nose (for aesthetic reasons or otherwise), you will need to undergo surgery. Non-surgical nose jobs offer a fast yet superficial solution that might not be suitable for everyone’s specific needs. Their utility is unfortunately limited to minor aesthetic imperfections of the nose, and they cannot help someone beyond that. Another reason you may be interested in a surgical procedure instead may be because of how long you want the results to last. While non-surgical rhinoplasty’s effects can fade over the course of a few years, surgical rhinoplasty will give you the results you want. At this point, it truly depends on whether you can handle the initial time commitment of a surgery or if you prefer to get a quicker, non-surgical treatment every couple of years instead.

Making the right decision requires careful consideration of your goals. The factors of time and money often differ for each person and will ultimately dictate what your best course of action should be. There is a chance that non-surgical rhinoplasty may not be a viable option for you, but if it is, keep in mind that it is likely the most convenient and accessible approach to rhinoplasty.

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