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There’s a new way to transform your look, and no scalpels or surgery are required. This amazing innovation has made one of the world’s most popular cosmetic facial enhancements more accessible than ever before.

It’s no secret that rhinoplasty, commonly known as a nose job, is a Toronto favourite with patients of all ages and backgrounds undergoing procedures each year. Until now, non-surgical facial enhancements were reserved mostly for anti-ageing and wrinkle-reduction. In Toronto, a non-surgical nose job can achieve many of the cosmetic improvements and corrections that surgery can without the need for an operation. This is a game-changer for many folks who are not ready or otherwise uninterested in a rhinoplasty procedure.

Have you ever wanted to smooth out a bump, refine the tip, or straighten the bridge of your nose? Where once you had only plastic surgery to select from, today experts like facial cosmetic surgeon Dr. Cory Torgerson can take the surgery out of nose jobs for people who qualify. Read on to find out if this new opportunity suits you.

Rhinoplasty or Injection?

Rhinoplasty has endured and evolved as a top choice for facial surgery because it’s a proven tool to balance, shape, and harmonize facial features. For dramatic structural changes, improved breathing, and nose size reduction, surgical rhinoplasty is still the most effective option for lasting, satisfying results.

Despite its enduring in-demand status, nasal surgery can also be expensive, and not everyone wishes to pay the price or endure the recovery time and risks associated with an operation. For minor aesthetic alterations, plenty of people stay on the fence as to whether their desired improvement is worth going under the knife, so to speak.

Plenty of people have wished for years that there was a simple way to alter the nose and improve its shape with, say, only an injection. Now there is! The non-surgical nose job is Toronto’s hottest cosmetic treatment because it can deliver surgery-worthy results with a minimally invasive, temporary injectable procedure. Read on to learn about this solution that promises a whole new group of people their dream nose.

Toronto non-surgical nose jobs: How are they done?

Dermal fillers made from hyaluronic acid (HA) have exploded on the cosmetic scene in recent years. Useful for plumping lips, lifting cheeks, and filling in hollows, this temporary gel-like product is made from a natural substance that your body already contains a lot of. HA is a lubricant with hydrating, hydrophilic properties, so it draws water into it. When produced in a medical laboratory, HA products designed for facial enhancements have molecules cross-linked to hold together and form various resilient consistencies and structure. Depending on the type chosen, thicker, long-lasting gels can stay in place for a year or more. The use of fillers for nose jobs is a recent invention that is changing what is possible for many people.

What can you correct with an injection rhinoplasty?

Bumps on the nasal bridge

Many people have a hump on their nose, which is why they’ve considered shaving down through surgery. However, by placing firm filler products around the protrusion, it is possible to meticulously camouflage bumps or dents. Though technically this approach adds volume, the strategic injection of it surrounding the bump minimizes its appearance. Magic!

Straighten a nose

Surgical interventions to repair a deviated septum or breathing occlusion are still common and often necessary. If your asymmetric issue is merely an aesthetic one, however, this can often be reduced through a skillful balancing of filler gel.

Lift the tip

For people with a droopy nasal tip, the injection of neuromodulators can release the grip of specific muscles that pull downward. As well, filler placement in the hands of an experienced artist adds definition and refinement to the tip for subtle but distinct improvements.

What are the benefits of going this route?

So you think this sounds interesting, but you’re still not sure why someone might choose the minimally invasive and temporary route over a permanent and dramatic surgical one. Non-surgical nose jobs aren’t Toronto’s only option for enhancements to the nose. We are home to world-class facial surgeons who specialize in facial cosmetic and rhinoplasty procedures. Whether a patient could benefit from injectable treatments or will be most satisfied using surgery to reach their goals, Dr. Torgerson is always candid and open with his clients, because ultimately he wants them to love their new look. Your consultation is a critical time for planning and determining whether this treatment truly matches your goals.

Sometimes when people seek an operation to make small nose adjustments, their surgeon recommends trying the surgery-free option first. This method offers much faster augmentation so the patient can see possibilities before undergoing something with long-term results. For others, the cost and downtime to have a facial surgery just don’t work with their schedule or budget. Whatever the reason, if you’re not quite ready to commit to permanent changes, injection rhinoplasty costs considerably less, without the same downtime or surgical risks involved.

Benefits of Non-Surgical Nose JobsBenefits:

  • Lower risks
  • Lower costs
  • Temporary/reversible changes
  • Fast treatment
  • Immediate results
  • No downtime

These are among the many reasons today’s rhinoplasty clients commonly choose the filler method.

One of the leading benefits for busy men and women is that they can enjoy the instant results right away and get back to living their lives. There is no downtime. Mild sensitivity or swelling last hours only, not days or weeks. There is no anaesthetic required either, though facial surgeons will often apply a topical numbing agent to keep patients comfortable. The dizzying effects that sometimes occur as a result of general anaesthetic are entirely avoided, and treatment can take a mere 15 to 30 minutes. That’s right – this means you can have a new nose revealed over your lunch break.

Does it sound like you’re a good candidate for a non-surgical nose job in Toronto?

Of course, the best way to learn about your personal best options is to meet with an expert face to face. During your consultation, Dr. Torgerson will examine you and talk about the considerations for this procedure. He’ll listen to your goals and objectives and let you know what can be achieved with fillers. You’ll need to answer a simple series of health questions to ensure that you’ll have a great outcome. These may include questions about current medications or supplements, past facial surgeries you’ve had, bleeding or immunity disorders, and any other medical issues that could affect how you heal.

Pros and cons

The fact that HA fillers are temporary can be considered both a pro and a con, depending on how you look at it. Many people appreciate that they get to “try out” a rhinoplasty result without committing for a lifetime. As well, if for any reason you’re not satisfied with the outcome, hyaluronic acid can be dissolved nearly instantly with an enzyme product called hyaluronidase. This makes risk and commitment low, which sounds like music to some people’s ears.

On the other hand, if you absolutely love your new look, you may eventually be sad to see it go. Before the point that it wears off gradually and naturally, you can decide to repeat the treatment or consider an option with staying power. You’re in complete control! Consider the investment of repeat treatments every 6 to 18 months or so for a lifetime, and you may choose to opt for surgery before long.

The ideal nose job patient is looking for realistic mild to moderate changes in the shape or character of their nose. You should keep in mind that injection methods cannot decrease the size of the nose or create dramatic structural changes. For some patients, fillers won’t be the best method to provide their desired look. For others, it’s a dream come true.

Important considerations for the Toronto, non-surgical nose job procedure

This treatment is surgery-free, quick, and effective, but does that mean it’s risk-free? Certainly not. In the hands of a well-trained, experienced, Royal College-certified facial plastic surgeon, nose injections can be done safely and flawlessly. However, incredibly in-depth understanding of facial anatomy and the risk factors are required for your surgeon to avoid potential problems. The area around the nose is vascular and delicate. Incorrect or inexperienced injection can cause severe consequences. Though it may sound like a simple, straightforward procedure, it should only feel that way to you – not to your injector. Trust only a facial plastic surgeon with plenty of experience in this specialized treatment area so that you’re in good hands and reduce your health risks.

Got questions about non-surgical nose jobs? Now people who want a new nose can find it just one filler treatment away! Toronto facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Cory Torgerson, welcomes you to his elegant Yorkville cosmetic surgery clinic. Call today, and our compassionate, experienced staff will be happy to arrange an appointment that suits you. At your consultation, you’ll have a chance to see actual patient photos of this procedure and the incredible outcomes. We’ll ensure that you learn everything you need to make your choice.
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