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Updated November 03,2020: Dr. Cory Torgerson uses newer techniques during a rhinoplasty surgery that could help you achieve better results. To learn more about the techniques click here 

Nose jobs (i.e. rhinoplasty) are often stigmatized in today’s society. Though an image of a vain model trying to perfect her nose springs to mind, nose jobs are commonly needed to alleviate medical issues. It is best to pay no attention to the generalizations made about rhinoplasty, as the unfortunate truth is that most people are wholly unaware of the medical issues it remedies.

Broken Noses

Breaking one’s nose is not an uncommon injury. While most people are assumed to have broken a nose because of fighting, many people also break their noses as a result of contact sports or vehicular accidents. Some break their noses as a result of brittle bones (e.g. osteoporosis) that are fragile enough to break under almost any circumstance. Depending on how the break occurs, a variety of rhinoplasty procedures could be required to make sure the nose is reset properly and heals correctly.

Abnormal Formation

A pervasive problem among those who look to rhinoplasty is abnormal formation. This is when a nose does not form correctly and might contain bumps or a hook shape. Not only can this be a source of public scrutiny and embarrassment, but the self-image problems that can arise from others’ insults and even self-criticism can be traumatic. Correcting an unusually shaped nose is thus not a matter of vanity, but is instead an escape from criticism that can be both emotionally and psychologically harmful. In this case, rhinoplasty frees the individual from a nose that they didn’t choose and allows them to go about life without being afflicted by prejudice.

Breathing Issues

A variety of nasal issues such as a deviation of the septum can cause airways to become overly constricted. This can affect the sound of a person’s voice and has even deadlier implications when it comes to sleeping. Since the mouth is usually closed during sleep, breathing issues with the nose can not only cause snoring, but can also lead to suffocation if the nose is not pulling in enough air to the lungs. The inability to breathe properly can also be detrimental to a person whenever they partake in physical activity. Shortness of breath is common, and a person can become unenthused about physical activity altogether. Clearly, fixing breathing issues is important to both one’s resting life and one’s active life.

Fixing those Medical Problems through Rhinoplasty

All of these are very valid reasons to look into rhinoplasty, and they go far beyond the purpose of vanity. An expert in the field can repair all of these issues for you and truly reinvigorate your day-to-day life. In fact, getting aid is more than recommended, as these medical problems will become only more detrimental with time. They are not like some other minor medical conditions that ease up over time.

Imagine a life without ridicule, without shortness of breath, and without nosebleeds . . . that is exactly what rhinoplasty can help you achieve! Not only is the surgery a relatively simple procedure, but your recovery time will be mostly painless and will take only a little more than 1 week.

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