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Do Your Homework When Considering A Cosmetic Surgeon in Toronto

The best cosmetic surgeons in Toronto hold themselves to extremely high standards of professionalism and take pride in delivering not only outstanding results, but caring, customized patient experiences.

No doubt you’ll want to schedule your cosmetic procedure with a top professional. But how should you go about researching and interviewing practitioners? There are plenty of cosmetic surgeons to choose from in a large city. However, narrowing down your options with our helpful guidelines will streamline the process and ensure you are selecting from the top of the group.

Did you know that pre-cosmetic surgery homework is essential?

Is Your Surgeon Certified by the Royal College?

Not everyone likes to spend time researching, and sometimes it’s fun and exciting just to dive in. Yet when it comes to cosmetic procedures, it’s best to proceed with caution. While it’s unfortunate that some people practice medicine in unscrupulous ways, the reality for prospective patients today is that they do need to educate themselves enough to sort out the quality from the scams. Luckily, in Canada, the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada is the only regulatory body that certifies cosmetic and plastic surgeons. With this designation, you can be sure that your practitioner has undergone rigorous training and testing and they have ongoing practice accountability, which ensures public safety. Look for this accreditation listed on your surgeon’s website and inquire if you do not see it.

Today there’s plenty of cosmetic surgery information available online. However, the sources are not always reliable or provided by experts. You will need to check that the origin of the information you read is professional, backed by evidence, and applicable to you.

A few things you can do that will help keep you safe and make your experience a fantastic one

Making a Good Choice of a Cosmetic Surgeon

Once you have verified that your Toronto cosmetic surgeon is licensed and certified by the Royal College, determine what additional expertise and specialization they have. That is particularly important as it pertains to your chosen procedure. For instance, a qualified surgeon who is known for delivering excellent breast augmentation results may not be the best choice for your facelift surgery. The frequency with which they perform any given procedure will affect how skilled they are in that area. As well, look for additional certification such as head and neck surgery or facial reconstructive surgery training. Additional years spent perfecting advanced techniques and fine-tuning their craft will be evident in results.

Next, pay attention to how you feel. That’s right – trusting your gut is actually a key component to making a good choice for a cosmetic surgeon. Once you’ve determined that the surgeon has the necessary education and experience, you need to know you can communicate openly, have your questions answered collaboratively and respectfully, and trust that your surgeon has your best interests at heart. If you feel rushed or misunderstood at the beginning of your relationship, you might expect to feel more frustrated as you continue. Think of this as a long-lasting partnership, not a one-time thing, because you and your surgeon will regularly speak throughout the process and meet periodically while healing as well. You should feel confident that they’ll listen to you if you have concerns and handle any issues that arise with empathy. You will explain what your goals and expectations are, and your surgeon will respond with options, suggestions, and necessary instructions. When that communication flows smoothly, the patient and surgeon are happier.

Consider the actual cost of cosmetic tourism

A Few Things to Watch Out for When Selecting a Cosmetic Surgeon:

Beware of any practitioner who promises perfection or guaranteed results. Cosmetic surgery is designed to improve features, proportion, and appearance, not to make one person look like another or make anything “perfect”. If a surgeon is not straightforward with you about the risks and limitations of your procedure, you should consider that a red flag. Watch out for the hard sell. Every surgeon wants clients to book procedures with them, but a clinic that uses pressure sales tactics, steep discounts, or combination offers may not be operating ethically. Cosmetic medicine can be considered a beautiful, glamorous, and fun area of practice, but physical changes to one’s body have real long-term implications for health and permanent modifications that should not be taken lightly or considered under pressure.

Care Post-Procedure

Price of the Procedure

While we think it can be well worth a trip to see a top cosmetic surgeon in Toronto, you should plan to be available for ongoing care and follow-up with your chosen surgeon. This makes travelling far distances to have surgery less ideal. Many people today seek surgery overseas to save money, because some countries are known for offering extremely low-cost procedures. There are many potential health and safety risks associated with that, of course, including the variables in certification and operating room safety standards. Aside from surgical protocols that differ from Canada’s, there’s often not a significant plan for ongoing follow-up care post-procedure. You must be able to reach your surgeon for help, assessment, and advice throughout your journey. They should see you in person to keep tabs on your progress and watch out for any issues while healing. If someone is not happy with his or her results, they may end up spending large sums of money back at home to correct undesirable outcomes. If you’re considering a low-cost, foreign cosmetic surgeon, think again about the long-term risks that that may entail.

At your consultation:

Create a list of questions to ask beforehand. Some people feel nervous and a little forgetful the first time they meet their potential surgeon. Arriving prepared with a list will help keep you focused, but if you forget anything, you should be able to connect with a patient care coordinator or meet with your surgeon again.

Ask to see before and after photos and bring wish pics. Though you should not expect to look like anyone else, photo results of people who resemble you can be helpful. When reviewing your surgeon’s work, look for consistency and natural appearance more than comparing distinct features that may differ somewhat from your features.

Ask for a thorough breakdown of your surgical quote. You’ll be provided a procedure price, and most Toronto cosmetic surgery practices will include all associated costs. But just in case, ask if there will be additional facility fees, medication costs, or post-op charges. When you’re confident that you’ve found the ideal surgeon for you, congratulations, you’re well on your way to improving how you look and feel with a personalized cosmetic procedure.

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