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Toronto Liposuction – A Precision Facial Sculpting Tool

If you have a double chin, it’s probably not your fault. We see many people – men and women of all ages – struggling with unwanted fat under their chins. Persistent pockets of facial fat can be frustrating and hard to camouflage with makeup. Liposuction in Toronto is often requested for the face and, in particular, to remove stubborn fat deposits from the neck and submental (under-chin) area. Liposuction is a precision facial sculpting tool.

Did you ever look at a photo of yourself or see the bulge below your jaw in the mirror and wish you could just magically have it sucked out? Well, you can. And it’s not magic. It’s called submental lipectomy, and it could be your permanent solution to neck fat once and for all. What about chubby cheeks? There’s an effective solution for that too, and our patients love it.

Liposuction in Toronto

Facial Sculpting That Transforms and Lasts

Does your double chin shrink if you diet and lose weight? For some people, this works, and others can seem to affect any change. We’ll talk about both kinds of fat: the “won’t budge no matter how much weight you lose” fat, and the “yo-yo” double chin that seems to come and go as your body weight fluctuates.

Sometimes people seek consultation for a facelift or neck lift, because they know they want to improve the contours of those areas, but they’re not sure how. When you book a cosmetic surgery consultation in Toronto, liposuction may be the more ideal option to discuss.

Skin-tightening procedures, both surgical and non-invasive, can be performed to assist with facial reshaping, but if you have taut, youthful skin and it’s only the submental fat bothering you, the fix may be simpler than you think.

Removing fat through a tiny incision is possible, because liposuction liquefies and vacuums out the fat. Once healed, only a small dot, typically well-hidden, remains. Dr. Cory Torgerson is a facial plastic surgeon who specializes in head and neck surgery. He has an intimate understanding of facial reconstructive procedures and in-depth knowledge about all facial cosmetic treatments. The most delicate and subtle changes to facial contours can deliver a significant impact, and Dr. Torgerson balances the use of surgical and non-invasive methods to achieve optimal outcomes.

Dr. Torgerson’s patients find that removal of a persistent, under-chin fat bulge can make them appear thinner and younger. Revealing a smooth, recontoured neck and jaw definition balances facial features and has an immediate anti-aging effect.

Liposuction Treatments

Does liposuction in Toronto banish facial fat permanently?

Good candidates for neck liposuction are generally healthy but can’t achieve the reduction of neck fat with diet and exercise alone. Many of our young clients are confused and frustrated that the appearance of a double chin ages them tremendously, though they are otherwise healthy and young. Some people have a genetic, hereditary disposition to accumulating fat tissue in this area no matter their body weight. Others gain weight all over, but when they work hard to shed the pounds, the neck fat stays.

To see long-term, satisfying results, you should have stable body weight and maintain it consistently. Neck skin elasticity should be adequate to retract and tighten up after the underlying fat is removed.

The great thing about liposuction is that the fat cells that are removed are gone permanently. This is superior to the effects of dieting, which can shrink them but not eliminate them. If you refrain from dramatic weight gains, you should not see a return of the submental fat.

How will my submental lipectomy procedure be done?

We’ll use general anaesthesia to keep you asleep and perfectly comfortable during your procedure. Dr. Torgerson can pull together separated platysmal muscle bands while operating as well. For some people, the appearance of “cording” or “turkey neck” is due to the laxity of these tiny under-chin muscle. The effect of fixing them along with fat removal is stunning.

The extraction of fat is typically very fast and straightforward. Any incisions will be stitched. Once they have healed, they are tucked away in an area that’s not easy to see. You’ll awake gently with your OR nurse beside you, and when you feel comfortable enough, you can return home. We’ll review post-procedure care instructions with you and set up a return visit. The at-home care is effortless, and most patients don’t report significant pain. Patients are given Dr. Torgerson’s direct contact information in case they have questions or concerns at any point.

What will the recovery be like after liposuction?

Facial Sculpting That Transforms and Lasts

Dr. Torgerson advises liposuction patients to schedule a week off regular work and strenuous activities. You’ll have a short course of antibiotics and pain medication available if needed. We’ll advise you to keep your head elevated for the first week, because bending over or straining can increase blood pressure and swelling in the face. At your 1-week post-op appointment, sutures will be removed. Within a few months, the incision usually can’t be seen. This is one of the easiest cosmetic surgery procedures to hide from others! Your secret is safe with us.

Did you know liposuction for the neck goes hand in hand with a few other popular treatments?

It’s true – we commonly combine leading facial surgery and cosmetic treatments with liposuction. Our clinic offers neck lift, chin augmentation, brow lift, platysmal plication, facelift, CO2 laser treatment, and more. Combining procedures can address a variety of issues and deliver a more impactful result. During your consultation, Dr. Torgerson will examine you and listen to your goals, then explain how to best correct your issues.

Buccal Fat

The Other Facial Fat Removal

Liposuction is requested for the appearance of fullness in the cheeks as well. Sometimes referred to as “chipmunk cheeks”, the rounded shape of the midface and the cheek area on either side of the mouth can create an overweight or overly youthful appearance. Many grown men and women who are told they have a “baby face” would prefer not to hear it.

This is another type of facial fat that can stubbornly resist exercise and develops partly due to genetics. We all have fat pads in the cheeks, which lend a healthy softness and shape. Babies develop very prominent fat pads that shrink and decrease in comparison to other features as they grow. Many people see their cheek fat disappear after puberty, but if it persists, it can change your facial appearance and lead you to feel self-conscious.

The solution for cheek (buccal) fat removal is not liposuction, but a direct excision done from the inside of the mouth. One of the benefits of this quick procedure technique is that there are absolutely no visible scars apparent after. The direct incision to create a small opening and draw the fat pad out is the safest, most effective route to take because of delicate structures, nerves, and vessels nearby that make liposuction riskier. Recovery is very quick, with minimal swelling or discomfort and incisions that heal rapidly on the mucous membranes.

Book your own private consultation

Dr. Torgerson offers neck liposuction and buccal fat treatments at his facial plastic surgery clinic in downtown Toronto. Liposuction can rapidly restore a refined and youthful profile, better cheek and jaw definition, and help a person appear slimmer and healthier overall.

If you’re tired of the facial problem areas that won’t improve no matter how hard you try, let us help. We use precise and artful methods of facial sculpting to treat persistent facial fat in natural and subtle ways. Can you imagine seeing a smooth neck, youthful chin, and contoured cheeks each time you look in the mirror? The cosmetic surgery procedures designed to achieve these goals are fast and simple, but oh so effective.

If you’d like to schedule a private, no-obligation consultation, we’re glad to help you take next steps. Just call, write, or visit us today. We look forward to making your aesthetic goals a reality soon.

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