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Factors Predicting Satisfaction Among Patients Seeking Facial Cosmetic Surgery

Although facial plastic surgery can dramatically improve an individual’s self-esteem and image, a number of different factors will contribute to overall satisfaction with the results

The various reasons that inspire people to seek cosmetic surgery will all tend to play a part in the outcome. When researching facial cosmetic surgeons in Toronto, it is important to consider your personal motivation for seeking plastic surgery as well as your expectations. This will help ensure that the procedure is going to match your goals and not leave you frustrated. The following factors will help predict satisfaction with your facial cosmetic surgery.

Boost your confidence and improve appearance

Your Motivation

When used to restore or enhance the appearance, facial plastic surgery will often bring confidence and help a person feel years younger. If you are troubled by the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, droopy eyelids, and sagging or you believe that a facial feature such as your nose or chin causes you to feel self-conscious, plastic surgery can effectively turn back the hands of time and provide balance and harmony for facial features.

Unfortunately, when individuals who suffer from body dysmorphic disorder seek surgery to correct imagined flaws, the results will never be satisfactory due to their internal image of themselves. A famous example of this is Michael Jackson, who is presumed to have undergone numerous facial surgeries but never feel satisfied with the results. Unrealistic expectations can lead to dissatisfaction with cosmetic procedures.

Similarly, when an individual’s motivation for surgery is to please others rather than themselves, they will inevitably find that their relationship has not improved and they do not feel better about themselves after a procedure. Unfortunately, many people undergo plastic surgery to meet the expectations of a partner or to attract a partner. But if there are other reasons for relationship problems, they cannot be fixed this way.

Plastic surgery can be expensive, it is an investment worth making

Your values

Plastic surgery has become more mainstream, and many people are more open-minded and accepting of it. Nevertheless, before undergoing a cosmetic surgery procedure, it is crucial to be sure that you really believe and feel that it is the right choice for you. Patients who question their decision or feel guilty about changing their appearance in this way may feel unhappy as a result, which will negatively impact their level of satisfaction. It is also important to feel comfortable with others knowing that you have undergone the procedure, as your concern about how your transformation will be perceived by others may also affect your overall happiness following the surgery.

Your goals

It may be helpful if you consider or even write down your goals for the procedure prior to committing to facial cosmetic surgery. Plastic surgery is an extremely effective method of enhancing and restoring your appearance. However, each procedure will have limitations. Sometimes it is not possible to address at one time all of the areas that you wish to change. Your existing anatomy, previous surgery or scar tissue, and the harmony of your features may mean that setting focused, specific goals rather than multiple or extreme ones will ensure that your surgeon can meet them and that you will feel happy with what you’ve achieved.

During your consultation, Dr. Torgerson, an expert Toronto facial cosmetic surgeon, will listen to your concerns and ensure that your goals for the procedure are attainable. Open physician-patient communication is one of the most important factors in achieving satisfactory results.

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