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Revision Rhinoplasty Toronto

It is not uncommon for people to experience severe anxiety regarding the appearance or shape of their nose.

This concern has led to an overwhelming sense of despair and even severe depression in some cases. To the average person, this might seem bizarre, but they must remember that the nose is the central portion of a person’s face, and anyone who has this concern sees it every time they look in the mirror. If someone absolutely hates the appearance of their nose, their opinion is reiterated in their minds every time they brush their teeth, wash their face, apply face cream, and in the case of a man, every time they shave. If their nose was the brunt of childhood jokes and bullying, it is astounding how years later, the taunts and jeers continue to replay in a person’s mind.

Occasions Where The Person Is Not Pleased With The Results

About Revision Rhinoplasty

After years of enduring this type of anguish, can you imagine the disappointment that a person would experience if they undergo a rhinoplasty that does not result in the changes they had hoped for? Although dissatisfaction is unlikely, there are occasions where the person is simply not pleased with the post-surgery results. There are several reasons this may occur. Perhaps the surgeon they chose was not experienced or operated giving the results “they” preferred rather than listening to their client’s wishes. The nose is comprised of delicate cartilage and tissues. It may have been damaged during the healing process, resulting in its shape being altered. Whatever the reasons, a revision rhinoplasty is definitely an option as long as there is not too much cartilage damage or tissue scarring.

Wait At Least One Year Considering A Revision Surgery

What to Expect After the Surgery?

Anyone who has undergone a rhinoplasty should wait at least one year for the healing process to complete before considering a revision surgery. The tip is especially delicate and requires much longer for the swelling to subside after surgery than other areas. Rather than revision surgery, oral steroids or injected steroids may provide a better solution for reducing swelling in the tip area. A rhinoplasty is the most challenging surgery performed by facial plastic surgeons. It requires not only extensive training and experience to perform successfully, but talent and artistry as well. Because revision surgery is a longer procedure, it is more expensive than a regular rhinoplasty. Depending on the amount of damage and scar tissue that has developed, a revision rhinoplasty Toronto can cost between $9,000 to $14,000 dollars. It is common for patients to experience bruising under the eyes and around the nose, as well as swelling after surgery. Dr. Torgerson prefers operating using the closed approach, as it significantly reduces swelling. His Toronto office advises clients to take at least 1 week, preferably 2 weeks, off work in order to heal. You should be able to attend social functions confidently after this amount of time.

Dr. Torgerson’s Yorkville clinic was the first plastic surgery facility in Canada to offer the 3D VECTRA Imaging System, which allows you to see a 360-degree view of yourself with the potential new nose. This enables you to decide what you would like to look like post-operatively. If you book a consultation, Dr. Torgerson will assess your needs and advise you if a revision rhinoplasty is the best solution for you as an individual. It is his objective to assist you in achieving your goals, not only regarding your appearance, but also in your self-esteem and overall sense of well-being.

State-Of-The-Art Surgical Facility

Our facility offers a luxurious, comfortable and private setting for consultations and surgery with a waiting room that is both spacious and inviting. Although we hope you don’t have to spend too much time waiting to see Dr. Torgerson, within a few minutes you will feel relaxed and at ease.

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