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The Perfect Face

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so how can someone have the perfect face?

We have long known that certain cultures prefer different facial features over others. It is also true that men and women have differing ideas about beauty. For instance, some women prefer men with strong features, a distinct jawline, and defined eyebrows. Men, on the other hand, may tend to favour women with finer eyebrows, petite noses, full lips, and strong cheekbones.

Standard And Guideline For Being Attractive

Facial Symmetry

While it is true that beauty is often a person’s subjective opinion, there has to be some standard or guideline that constitutes someone being attractive. The balance, proportion, and harmonization of facial features creates what professionals call symmetry. This is the guideline that any facial cosmetic surgeon, such as Dr. Cory Torgerson follows. Before you all run to the mirror to see if your face is symmetrical, it probably is not. Most people have asymmetrical faces with very few being blessed with completely symmetrical. Beauty is also associated with the structure of the face, which is all about facial contouring with the nose, mouth, and eyes. It boils down to the shape and position of the combined features.

The golden ratio (also known as the divine proportions) is a mathematical equation that has been used for centuries by architects, artists, sculptors, and engineers. These measurements were considered nature’s design secrets and were the standard used for building or designing. The mathematical equation is also known as Phi 1.618 and produces interesting data when applied to the human face. Stephen Marquardt has compiled a specimen for facial beauty called The Beauty Mask, which demonstrates the position and shape of all facial features using the golden ratio.

So Here Are The Measurements That Mathematically Fit The Standard Of Beauty

Choose The Way You Face The World

  • The distance between the pupils should measure 46% of the width of the face (from ear to ear).
  • The distance between the eyes and mouth should be 36% of the depth of the face (from hairline to chin).

In addition to this mathematical equation, full lips, high cheekbones, and large eyes fit nicely with the “divine” proportions. In a case study of hundreds of women, an interesting fact was that these ratios could be altered dramatically after a change in hairstyle or a haircut. For instance, a woman could have almost perfect measurements according to the golden ratio, but the addition of bangs changed the measurements significantly. (Note taken: Beware of the hairstyle you choose!)

Dr. Cory Torgerson is a licenced otolaryngologist, head and neck surgeon, and a licenced facial plastic surgeon. He has studied the human face for over 20 years and has the medical knowledge as well as the artistic ability to understand facial contouring, proportions, and symmetry. When operating or performing any facial cosmetic procedure, Dr. Torgerson desires to produce a natural look rather than completely change your appearance. His motto is “Choose the way you face the world”.

You may not have the “perfect face”, but with Dr. Torgerson’s artistry, you will definitely look the best you possibly can.

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