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What Is Gore-Tex?

Gore-Tex is a common type of implant material used in cosmetic surgery.

The first cosmetic surgery to use Gore-Tex was performed in 1983, followed by many years of research to prove its effectiveness and safety measures in surgery. Since then, Gore-Tex has become one of the most popular implant materials available in the field of aesthetic plastic surgery.

Surgeries That Can Use Gore-Tex

For cosmetic surgery, Gore-Tex is often used for nasal augmentation procedures. However, Gore-Tex can be used for other surgical procedures such as:

  • Vein grafts
  • Arterial grafts
  • Hernia patch repair
  • Heart patch material
  • Synthetic knee ligaments

Gore-Tex is becoming popular for membrane implants for glaucoma surgery. Gore-Tex is also a common suture material employed in a wide variety of surgical procedures. The high adaptability of Gore-Tex materials allows surgeons to successfully use Gore-Tex for many types of advanced life-saving surgical procedures.

Gore-Tex FAQs

What is Gore-Tex?
Gore-Tex is expanded-polytetrafluoroethylene (e-PTFE for short). People may be familiar with Teflon, which is also another generic name for polytetrafluoroethylene. E-PTFE has expanded properties, meaning micro-pores that allow for the ingrowth of tissue inside the little holes. This ingrowth of tissue inside the micro-pores prevents the encapsulation of scar tissue that would normally form in a typical implant inside the body. The prevention of encapsulation presents a high stability rate for the implant, where the ingrown tissue averts migration or degradation after the implantation becomes incorporated into the implantation location. Incorporated implants produce more aesthetically pleasing results in cosmetic surgeries. The also have higher functionality rates for non-cosmetic procedures due to their ability to be unified in the body much more naturally. Gore-Tex is a permanent material that is not subject to wear and tear over time.
Can It Be Removed?
Yes, if removal is required, Gore-Tex can be removed. Common causes for removal of Gore-Tex implants can include infection, unpleasant results, or trauma.
What if I’m Allergic to Gore-Tex?
The materials used in Gore-Tex are non-allergenic. Gore-Tex does not produce allergic reactions once inserted in the body. Complications associated with Gore-Tex are typically caused by infections, which can form. However, they are not necessarily related to an allergic reaction but to localized infection.
How do I Know if I Have an Infection from Gore-Tex?
Symptoms of an infection from a Gore-Tex implant include redness, swelling, and pain in and around the implantation site. Sometimes if patients are not responding to medications, then the removal of the implant is required.
What’s Better: Silicone or Gore-Tex?
Both materials are advanced synthetic materials used in a wide variety of procedures involving implantation or modification. The different purposes and uses of the two materials determine when they are used.

Most plastic surgeons prefer silicone implants for the body where an encapsulation over the silicone is desired in surgeries like breast implants and chin implants. Gore-Tex implants, however, engage in higher adaptability rates for the anatomical structures that the implant is being positioned in. Gore-Tex is an ideal material for nasal implants, as it allows tissue ingrowth in the nasal structures, providing more support and structure for the nose. The main difference between Gore-Tex and silicone is the removal method. Silicone implants can be easily removed, whereas Gore-Tex implants fuse into the tissue, making them harder to remove. Gore-Tex implants can still be completely removed should the necessity arise.

If you require an implant, you should thoroughly discuss your options with the plastic surgeon to determine the best material available for your particular cosmetic procedure. Clear communication is always best.

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