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Is skin tightening without surgery possible? Absolutely! Ultherapy offers an alternative to the knife by allowing a facelift form of treatment without the need for cutting, stitches, and recovery! Ultherapy (also known as Ulthera) is the world’s #1 nonsurgical ultrasound alternative to a facelift and necklift.

Why Should I Try Ultherapy?

Here are our top 15 reasons why you should try Ultherapy!

  1. It’s not laser! Ultherapy is not a laser, rather it is a device that harnesses the power of ultrasound to give a skin-tightening, muscle-lifting effect. Ultrasound energy waves are directed to improve and lift the skin, giving a collagen-boosting effect. This focused ultrasound procedure has been established as effective in clinical studies.

  2. Ultherapy reaches the same muscle layer that a facelift does. No laser can do that! The SMAS layer of the muscle is targeted for lifting by both the Ultherapy treatment and a surgical facelift. Cosmetic lasers on the market today cannot penetrate to that depth. Although lasers are excellent, laser treatments will serve a different purpose than the skin-lifting effects of Ulthera. Laser treatments deliver light energy to the skin, but cannot lift it.

  3. Ultherapy is a great alternative to surgery. Although the results will not be as dramatic as a facelift or necklift, Ultherapy is the perfect option for people who are surgery-adverse or do not feel they are ready for surgery yet. It can also be used on people who want to extend the results of their facial plastic surgery procedure.

  4. 95% patient satisfaction rate after one year of treatment. Check out review sites like RealSelf to discover personal journeys and experiences of people just like you to get an authentic understanding of other people who have specifically tried Ultherapy. RealSelf is also an awesome online resource to have all of your Ulthera questions answers by doctors all over North America. The global conclusions about the treatment can give you a lot of peace of mind.
    95% Patient Satisfaction - Ultherapy Toronto

  5. More than 1 million Ultherapy treatments have been performed around the world. This is a tested, tried-and-true procedure. With that, many people worldwide undergoing this treatment, you can trust that it is around for the long haul.

Ultherapy Treatments

  1. Ultherapy can be used on the face, neck, and chest! Ulthera will help lift and tighten the neck, face, eyebrows, and under the chin as well as improve lines and wrinkles on the décolleté.

  2. Ultherapy has had amazing spokeswomen and celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Christie Brinkley enthusiastically speak about the results achieved by Ulthera. All you have to do is just look up a recent picture of Christie Brinkley to know the results are legit. She looks incredible for a woman in her 60’s! So often it seems like A-list celebrities want to keep their plastic surgery hush hush. These celebs also work hard to keep their non-surgical treatments like Botox and injectable filler a secret. However, when it comes to Ultherapy, many of them have been willing to declare it from the rooftops! Other celebs who have loved Ultherapy and spoken publicly about it include Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, members of the Real Housewives cast, and Vanessa Williams.

  3. Ultherapy has been covered extensively in TV Media and receives a lot of buzz! Kathy Lee even broadcast her own Ultherapy treatment on the TODAY show. Other shows include The Doctors, Fox, Extra!, and MSNBC.

  4. Print Magazines are also raving about the technology! New Beauty, Harper’s Bazaar, Modern Aesthetics, Allure, Vogue, Vanity Fair, Redbook. Marie Claire, Esquire, and Elle as well as newspapers such as The New York Times and The Miami Herald have all carried print endorsements of Ultherapy . . . just to name a few!!!

  5. You’ll get to see an immediate lifting result during your Ulthera treatment with more results coming out 3 months after treatment! Once the new collagen is stimulated, you’ll get to see further results long after leaving the doctor’s office, making it the gift that keeps on giving!!

  6. There’s minimal downtime and side effects with an Ultherapy treatment– Ultherapy’s ultrasound waves pass beyond the surface of the skin, which means basically no downtime after the treatment! This is in direct comparison to skin laser procedures available on the market today which will generally require controlled damage of the outer layer of skin which can result in downtime of anywhere from 1 to 10 days. Following an Ultherapy treatment, the skin may appear flushed. This will dissipate within a few hours. Other minor side effects can include tenderness, slight swelling, or tingling, all of which are temporary. Your Ultherapy provider will be able to go into further details, but these are the general expectations following a treatment. Most Ultherapy patients resume their normal lifestyle activities immediately following a treatment.

  7. Low-risk- There are not many indications that require potential patients to stay away from Ultherapy treatments which is great news for most of us. Unlike laser, which runs the risk of hyperpigmentation and other risks for people of darker skin tones, Ultherapy is a safe and great alternative to skin rejuvenation. If you have an autoimmune disorder, you may want to talk to your physician provider to see if Ultherapy is right for you. If you are pregnant, it’s best to wait until after your baby is born. Other possibilities will be discussed in greater detail with your treatment provider, but overall, the risks of Ultherapy are known to be low in general – and much less than that of a facelift surgery!

  8. The upfront cost of Ultherapy is much better than the cost of a facelift! Ultherapy treatments and maintenance may be much easier on your pocketbook than the one-time cost of a facelift. Ultherapy can run between $1,500 and $5,000 in Canada, depending on the surface areas being treated and the geographic location as well as the provider’s reputation for excellence. This may be easier for many people to manage than a face lift, which can run from about $12,000 to $25,000 with a top facial plastic surgeon. (Note that these prices are subject to change with time.)

  9. Ultrasound technology has been used in the medical field for more than 50 years. New treatment fads are constantly being presented to us in the media, but it can be overwhelming to try to determine which ones are legit and safe. We all worry about possible long-term effects that medical researchers may not have discovered yet and some of us tend to shy away from new treatments because of this. Ultherapy simply uses ultrasound imaging to allow providers to see where the tissue layers being treated are. The treatment is standardized and with 50 years of ultrasound use around the world, you can feel safe about this treatment option.

  10. Most people in their 30’s and beyond are good candidates- The beauty of this technology is that the people who can benefit from it represent a wide swath of the global population. Anyone who is concerned about skin laxity and firmness or want to keep the aging process in check would be considered a possible candidate.

Convinced yet about this incredible treatment?! If you are deciding to move ahead with inquiring more about Ultherapy treatments, there is one final word of warning to give- Make sure that the service provider you choose has an actual, true Ultherapy device. Unfortunately, a lot of counterfeits exist, and unscrupulous clinics may try to pass off their device as Ulthera, when it is not. Only Ultherapy devices have the clinical studies and backing of Health Canada and the FDA for providing top results. You can always checkout the Ultherapy website to find a provider near you or look at the actual device in the clinic you are thinking of. If you don’t see the name Ulthera on it, you best be moving along. Your face and the long term results from a proper, expert Ultherapy treatment are worth it!

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