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Have you wondered if male facelifts in Toronto come with their own features and considerations? Or maybe you assume (like many people do) that a facelift is a facelift is a facelift. If you’re envisioning a one-size-fits-all procedure, we’ve got some surprising news for you. We’ve got the answers here to the questions that guys are asking about Toronto facelifts for men.

Only in recent years has it become routine for skincare companies and aesthetic practices to target the “bros” with everything from wrinkle injections to high-end skin care. The male cosmetic industry is booming and, along with it, increased requests by men for facelifts in Toronto. Some facial plastic surgeons have become very adept in this subspecialty as they customize their usual techniques for male characteristics. Nobody understands the subtle variations in facial anatomy and tissue traits between genders like facial cosmetic surgeons do. In addition, age, ethnicity, and many more elements factor into creating a highly personalized facelift that’s suited just for you. When it comes to Toronto facelifts for men, there are special considerations for guys.

What’s Driving Men to Facelift Surgery in Toronto?

It’s been argued that society is embracing cosmetic procedures for men and women alike far more openly than in the past. It’s no secret that guys are cruising through online facelift before and after photos to consider their options. Males booking consultations for facelifts in Toronto range in age from 40 to 60. Dr. Cory Torgerson’s facelift patients and cosmetic clientele, in general, are nearly 40% male. The reason you may not realize just how common this intervention is for men is that techniques have improved, so incredibly natural-looking results are now the norm.

Career Competition

In today’s competitive workforce, men don’t want their apparent age to prevent them from being awarded job opportunities. A facelift can give a guy the confidence to go toe-to-toe with younger colleagues in the boardroom. Maintaining a youthful appearance improves self-confidence in their personal lives as well.

The Dating Scene

Dating in mid-life has become more common, and plenty of 40-, 50-, and 60-year olds are back on the dating scene trying to put their best face forward. Making a great first impression with a youthful look that matches your vibrant personality can do wonders for your self-esteem.

The Effects of Weight Loss on Facial Skin

Most people strive to look as young as they feel. A variety of genetic and environmental factors can mean that some people show their age faster than others. You may even be prone to developing wrinkles and facial sagging due to weight loss. It’s a frequent frustration to contend with excess skin after doing the hard work of getting a body back in shape.

Your motivations will be all your own. If considering facial cosmetic surgery to smooth and tighten your skin, choosing a facial plastic surgeon known for performing uniquely male facelifts is going to help ensure that you get what you want and avoid what you don’t.

What Makes a Male Facelift Unique?

Men are known to have thicker skin — quite literally — so when their facial muscles become lax with age, sagging in the midface, neck, and jawline can occur. The weight of the skin also creates a drooping of the eyes, and strong muscles furrow brows or create crow’s-feet. Habits such as smoking, drinking, or a stressful lifestyle can exacerbate these signs of aging in men.

In Toronto, facelifts for guys often require a more robust approach than female lifts. The techniques that a surgeon uses to lift and tighten the skin are often more comprehensive on a male patient. The “deep plane” technique allows the repositioning of deeper facial muscles as well as fat pads and skin. On the upside, the necessary incisions are known to heal more quickly on a man because of the thicker skin’s blood supply.

Note: It’s essential to consider the age of a client and the alterations that will age well. A natural result stems from appearances that aren’t out of step with a person’s age. Completely smoothing all facial skin as tight as a drum will not be the goal. A little “character” left strategically in place will be discussed between you and your surgeon.

For men seeking a facelift in Toronto, the primary goal is to achieve and maintain a youthful yet masculine appearance. In most cases, women desire a softer contour in the results of their facelift, while men wish to preserve a more angular bone structure and prominent jawline.

While Dr. Torgerson’s facelift approach for both men and women is similar, men present with issues that require special attention; namely, beards, facial hair, and higher hairlines. Creating a strong jawline that doesn’t compromise facial hair growth is essential. To prevent the distortion of facial hair, including a beard, an experienced surgeon creates tiny incisions that follow the hairline within the natural creases to make scarring as inconspicuous as possible. The skin is moved in a direction so as not to be at odds with the neck and beard hair.

Because men are known to have a higher hairline, camouflaging surgical scarring can be trickier. Women also have the advantage of using makeup to hide the evidence of a facelift. In rare cases, minor FUE (follicular unit extraction) hair transplant grafts can fill in visible hairline scars.

Can Other Facial Restoration Procedures Enhance a Facelift in Toronto?

The Eyes Have It

A facelift primarily targets fine lines, wrinkles, jowls, and sagging skin — the bottom 2/3 of your face. But if your eyes are looking tired no matter how much rest you get, you may want to consider a blepharoplasty—eye lift—to further improve your new look. Because of the unique structure and thickness of a man’s skin, gravity can pull down the skin around the eye, creating a baggy or hollow look. An eyelift can do wonders to achieve a nearly instantly younger, more energetic appearance. During blepharoplasty, the surgeon makes tiny incisions to remove excess skin tissue from the upper lid. Puffiness in the lower lid is rectified by the removal or repositioning of fat below the eye. Eyelid surgery patients report seeing a more refreshed, healthy-looking appearance following this aspect of their facial rejuvenation.

Chiselled Jawline

A facelift can do much to improve the angle of a man’s jawline, but it isn’t able to effectively create definition in a receding chin. Some patients have had success with grafting, whereby fat tissue is removed from another area and grafted into the chin area. For a more striking augmentation, some men have opted for a chin implant, which can gain a projection of anywhere from 5 to 10 millimetres. Improving facial balance and apparent strength through a chin implant typically creates a powerful impact with minimal risk or recovery time.

Mini Facelift in Toronto

The mini facelift is a popular procedure for targeting the early, subtle signs of aging. These typically present as slight sagging in the mid-face or jowls. Using shorter incisions and a less invasive approach to tighten the skin, mini face lifts require less recovery time and can stave off the more severe signs of aging for a longer time.

What Should You Look For in a Facial Plastic Surgeon?

Perusing Toronto facelifts and men’s before and after pictures online can give you an idea of what facial rejuvenation results are available, but they do little to tell you about your surgeon. Selecting an otolaryngologist or head and neck surgeon specializing in facial plastic surgery is ideal. The practitioners devote their practice to the intricate and challenging procedures of the face and perform them regularly, allowing for innovative advancements and the honing of skills. Dr. Torgerson specializes in facial cosmetic and plastic surgery and is known for his discerning eye and artistic approach to his craft. More importantly, he, along with his entire clinic, has a reputation for excellence and safety. Dr. Torgerson takes a customized approach with each of his patients, ensuring their comfort and confidence while in his care.

Additionally, Dr. Torgerson’s Yorkville clinic has its own brand-new, fully outfitted, level-3 OHP (out-of-hospital premises) surgical facility. His experienced, handpicked team is complete with an anaesthesiologist and dedicated cosmetic surgery nurses. The surgical candidate can rest assured that the province’s governing medical body routinely inspects and reviews Dr. Torgerson’s clinic, which has far exceeded ministry expectations. His Toronto facelift patients have the luxury of scheduling surgery without the risk of being “bumped” by another patient, as in public facilities, and the reassurance that comes with knowing a friendly team who can be reached at any time.

Are You Considering a Facelift?

Are you a man considering the option of a facelift, but you’re not sure where to start? A consultation with Dr. Torgerson will allow you to discuss the costs of a facelift in Toronto and review your individualized needs as well as the many possible solutions available to you. More men than ever are choosing to stay in the game longer with a little help from facial rejuvenation. We welcome you to call or write to schedule your first appointment today.

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