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If you have irregularities in the pigmentation of your skin, it might at first seem that your options are somewhat limited. While there are creams and lotions on the market that purport to resolve these kinds of issues, few are anywhere near as effective as an IPL laser skin treatment. IPL stands for intense pulse light, which is precisely how this kind of treatment works. A highly concentrated beam of light targets the upper layers of the skin, which can then promote the enhancement of the texture and tone of the skin, including the removal of pigmentation irregularities.

It’s worth noting that an advanced form of IPL laser treatment technology exists in IPL–AFT equipment. AFT, or advanced fluorescence technology, is similar to the way that IPL treatments work in that it utilizes a beam of highly concentrated light, but it differs in that AFT uses multiple wavelengths of light. This is then applied with an “equal distribution” technique that again differs from how IPL treatments are generally administered.

The benefit of an IPL–AFT treatment is that it tends to yield results that are not only more effective, but that occur faster. Typically, IPL treatment patients will need to have at least 5 or 6 treatments before seeing results—in this case, the removal of skin pigmentation irregularities—but patients who receive an AFT treatment can see results after only 1 session.

IPL Treatment Begins With a Consultation

The first step in IPL (or IPL – AFT) treatments is a consultation with a qualified medical practitioner who has been fully certified to administer these kinds of laser treatments. The experience of the medical professional is just as important as their qualifications, because those who have performed the treatment multiple times will have the experience necessary to help you better achieve your unique aesthetic goals.

If you’re interested in learning more about this kind of laser treatment and would like to have a consultation with an experienced plastic surgeon, please feel free to contact the office of Dr. Cory Torgerson. He has a laser clinic in Toronto where he’s helped countless Canadian men and women — in fact, patients from around the world — reduce their skin pigmentation irregularities and other skin conditions. If you’d like to see how the doctor can help you, call (647) 343-0207 today.

During the initial consultation and well before the treatment itself takes place, patients will have the opportunity to have all of their questions answered. The medical professional they’ve chosen to work with also evaluate them and suggest how to best proceed to reach their aesthetic goals.

Preparation for IPL Laser Skin Treatment

Very little needs to be done to prepare for an IPL laser skin treatment, although patients are generally advised to stop smoking before the procedure, which will help with the recovery process. Furthermore, after the procedure, the medical practitioner who administered the treatment will provide the patient with information that they need to know about their recovery. In most cases, this amounts to avoiding direct exposure to sunlight and not engaging in strenuous activity until the skin can fully recover from the treatment.

Learning More About IPL Treatments for Skin Pigmentation

As discussed above, the first step to removing skin pigmentation irregularities with IPL or IPL–AFT laser skin treatments is to contact a qualified medical practitioner like Dr. Cory Torgerson. If you’d like to schedule a consultation, please feel free to call (647) 343-0207 today.

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