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Have you dreamed of a better nose? Given the very central location of this facial feature, our noses can be the focus of daily frustration due to perceived flaws. It’s no surprise that rhinoplasty surgery remains one of the top requested procedures for men and women of all ages. But what if the fix you actually need is a non-surgical nose job?

Dramatic improvements to your appearance are possible through even minor cosmetic adjustments. However, cosmetic surgery is a significant decision. There are high fees associated with most rhinoplasties, ranging from $10,000 and up. As well, inherent risks and required downtime go along with any operation. Considering all the pros, cons, and personal options may feel overwhelming. Well, you’ve picked an excellent time to think about cosmetic improvements for your nose, because today our patients have more choices than ever before.

Not ready for rhinoplasty? We have great news

The non-surgical nose job is an injectable technique for reshaping nasal characteristics without surgery. Minimally invasive changes to the shape and profile of your nose can be achieved with a simple injection, requiring no scalpels, incisions, or scars. We use hyaluronic acid (HA) fillers made from natural materials designed to hold their shape where injected. These fillers last for 6 to 9 months. The clear, soft gel is created from a sugar found in our bodies as a natural lubrication and hydration factor. When its molecules are cross-linked, the substance holds its shape in varying consistencies and lifts the tissue where it’s placed. It’s also hydrophilic, which means it draws water for lasting volume. When the body gradually breaks down and reabsorbs the filler, it slowly fades away until another treatment is done.

Are you a good candidate for an injectable rhinoplasty?

At the Torgerson Clinic in Yorkville, Toronto, our rhinoplasty patients represent a broad range of ages and backgrounds. Because our city is so multicultural, we’re pleased to treat a high number of clients of Asian and African descent. They often request additive changes in the bridge or radix region of the nose.

Another patient group that seeks nasal augmentation are people who have a slightly crooked or humped nose. Through the skillful placement of volume surrounding a bump on the bridge, Dr. Cory Torgerson can typically minimize its appearance and sculpt a straighter, more refined shape. The tip of the nose is another treatment area that patients ask to change, and we’re happy to tell you that yes, all of these adjustments are possible through non-surgical methods.

The filler in the nose adds volume, so unfortunately, reductive changes such as smaller, narrower, or shorter noses can’t be achieved using injection. However, when the desired changes are additive, there’s an impressive amount of improvement to be made with a skilled facial cosmetic surgeon and a needle.

The ideal candidate seeks to improve a mild imperfection or to balance or build up the nasal bridge. The changes that many people want are often relatively subtle. A minor adjustment has a significant impact on one’s appearance, and many of our clients are seeking ways to make mild adjustments, not to completely change their nose.

This may be the right option for you if the changes you want are cosmetic only. Conversely, septo-rhinoplasty designed to improve breathing and appearance can’t be replicated with injections. While it can’t improve breathing function or change structure dramatically, the non-surgical nose job can be superior to surgery for purely cosmetic reasons.

What are the pros and cons of a non-surgical rhinoplasty treatment?

If you’re considering this exciting treatment for yourself, you likely want to know what the pros and cons are. We can present plenty. The benefits have a lot to do with individual patient needs and expectations, however. Assuming that the changes you want are cosmetic and relatively mild, the pros could certainly outweigh the cons. Let’s look at a few of the top points:

Pro: Instant result. What could be better? Unlike most facial cosmetic surgery and even most non-surgical complexion treatments, dermal filler results are instant. Without a lengthy downtime, you can have a “new” nose in just 15 minutes.

Pro: Think of it as a test drive. For some people, the aesthetic improvement they want is possible with a surgical procedure, but they’re not convinced they’ll love the look, and they want a chance to warm up to it. Because of the innovative advancements in dermal filler products, your facial cosmetic surgeon can now mimic many of the potential surgical changes you desire. When it comes to tip refinement, straightening or smoothing a bridge, or building up the radix as an implant would do, these effects can be imitated using temporary, injectable HA gel.

Pro: If you don’t love the result, you have 2 options: you can wait for it to naturally dissolve and return to the original state, or you can ask to have it dissolved instantly with an enzyme called hyaluronidase. This reversal treatment is quick and easy but rarely requested. Having the option to reverse filler gives our patients peace of mind and allows them a little more freedom to try something new.

Pro: You can build up the dorsum (bridge) without inserting a synthetic facial implant.

Pro: The cost for facial filler treatment will be many thousands less than surgery.

Pro: Dermal fillers can also improve contour irregularities after a surgical rhinoplasty.

Pro: The downtime is light and not restrictive. You’ll have mild swelling and not need to take any time off work, compared with at least 2 weeks for surgical recovery.

Con: Some disadvantages to a temporary nose job include the fact that it is temporary. While the cost is significantly lower than surgery, at some point the accumulative value of regular upkeep will need to be weighed.

Con: Another disadvantage is the fact that non-surgical nose jobs can’t achieve all beauty goals and aren’t the ideal solution for everyone. The suitability for you will depend on your nose and your expectations. Your consultation will help you understand how this option suits you.

What will my consultation be like?

When you contact our office, we’ll be happy to schedule a consultation for you to meet with Dr. Torgerson. He’ll listen to your concerns and questions and evaluate your nose structure. You can use the Vectra 3D imaging system to help envision potential results and browse through our private, in-house collection of beautiful before and after images.

If you wish, your non-surgical nose job can be scheduled right after your consultation. So if you feel confident taking the next steps, you’ll walk out of our office with a nose you love on the same day.

What will the injection rhinoplasty feel like?

The Health Canada-approved HA fillers that we use contain lidocaine, which is a potent freezing agent, to make the process comfortable and relaxed. We’ll apply a little topical numbing cream before beginning. Aside from a tugging sensation, you won’t feel uncomfortable.

Expect the whole treatment portion of your appointment to take less than 15 minutes in most cases. When you’re done, Dr. Torgerson will hand you a mirror to admire the immediate changes of your injection rhinoplasty.

What’s the recovery like after non-surgical nose jobs?

Minor swelling and some bruising are common after any facial injection. You can take steps to help mitigate the potential of bruises. Avoid alcohol and known blood thinners at least 7 days before your procedure. That means using Tylenol if needed, rather than Advil or aspirin. Certain supplements like St.-John’s-wort, ginseng, and omega-3s can also contribute to unnecessary bruising. You can also take a homeopathic remedy like arnica to help prevent it. Inquire with our office for a full list, especially if you know that you tend to bruise easily.

Everyone responds to swelling a little differently. It usually peaks within 24 hours. You may find that it’s mild enough for you to carry on with your usual activities, and no one will notice. Or you may wish to schedule your non-surgical rhinoplasty just before a weekend to give yourself a couple of days off.

One of the benefits of choosing this route is that the downtime is easy. Patients resume regular exercise after treatments, but we recommend that you wait 2 weeks before having facial laser treatments.

How long will you enjoy your results?

Though our patients rave about the non-surgical nose job, it’s not a permanent solution. Retouching appointments are advised every 9 to 12 months. For clients who are not good surgical candidates, want only minor changes, or wish to test-drive a certain look, this lower-cost, temporary option suits them well.

If avoiding scalpels, stitches, and anaesthetic are critical to you, you may have found your ideal “plan B”. If you’re not sure which method will make you the happiest, why not schedule a consultation with the Torgerson Clinic to learn more? We’ll share more about each popular method for improving facial features and answer your questions so you can make an informed decision.

We look forward to meeting you and helping you reveal a nose that you feel confident about.

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