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Haven’t we all gazed in the mirror and asked, “Where did this aging face come from?” It’s an inevitable fact of physiology that as we age, our facial tissues produce less of the bouncy, firming collagen and elastin we need. In fact, after the age of 30, that decline is already set in motion, so sneaky little signs of ageing like sun spots, fine lines, crow’s-feet, and even dryness become an issue.

However, you’re not prepared to just sit back and let age get the best of you. If you’re like many people considering a facelift in Toronto, you know ageing is normal and natural, but darn it, you want to get older on your own terms and look great doing it. Making significant improvements to reduce deep wrinkles and sagging requires cosmetic surgery, but how can you do it gracefully?

You’ve come to the right place. We’ll tell you how to ensure that you get what you want and look fabulous. No one chooses to look “fake” after surgical facial rejuvenation, yet this remains one of the most common worries. We’re willing to bet that when you consider your options for a facelift, you hope people will attribute your fresh look to good genes, not a good surgeon. You’ll want to appear youthful, not “tight”. Fabulous, not fake.

We’re going to break it down now: what you need to know and what you need to avoid for a good facelift result. We’re giving away all the critical info today, because guess what – we love the natural look too! Here’s how the best facelift surgeons do it.

Good facelifts are more in demand than ever for 2019

A quick online search for “facelift results” in Toronto will likely turn up many celebrity ladies (and gents) who’ve dramatically transformed their whole look through *suspected* plastic surgery. Sometimes you’ll be treated to a side-by-side, before and after photo comparison, and that’s where things get really interesting. For certain lucky individuals, the “then and now” comparison will be applause-worthy. You might want to dial up your nearest cosmetic surgery clinic and book your procedure based on those flawless results.

Other outcomes . . . well, let’s just say, they sure do look different.

Here’s an interesting fact you may not have known: patients as young as 35 are undergoing facial enhancements now. And contrary to what you may imagine, the results can appear less obvious and far more natural because of early intervention. We’ll explain why further ahead.

Our patients often ask for the natural look

At the Torgerson Clinic in Yorkville, many of our clients express their particular desire to avoid drastic results when they meet Dr. Cory Torgerson for the first time. He understands completely, and that’s why each individual patient is presented with an entirely bespoke, custom treatment plan to deliver the results of their dreams.

You have choices. Face-lifting is not one-size-fits-all.

With the medical aesthetic innovations that brought us mini lifts, liquid facelifts, and the deep plane facelift, today’s patients have far more choices than they did in the past. Think of your anti-ageing options as somewhat à la carte. You can pick and choose a few targeted techniques to ensure that you look your personal best. Avoiding over-correcting or unnecessary procedures is one way to avoid a fake result.

This cosmetic procedure is on trend

Trends in North America show steady increases and a growing spectrum of clients who seek facial surgery. Dr. Torgerson’s patients are both male and female. The ages are more varied than ever before too. Because we can now offer custom-tailored mini facelifts, neck lifts, brow lifts, and more, people in their 30s and 40s undergo the subtle anti-ageing improvements they want that are appropriate and flattering to their age group.

The growing trend of preventative cosmetic treatments means that along with Botox, facial fillers, and expert skin care, specific facelift techniques will help stave off the signs of age and preserve a youthful appearance for much longer than without intervention. When younger people have a full or mini version of the procedure, they’re usually able to keep their treatment private and will tend to continue looking better than their peers throughout the following decades. In this case, it doesn’t necessarily pay off to wait!

What result do you want from your facelift in Toronto?

It all starts with asking, “What do I want?” One thing all our varied patients share in common is the desire to look and feel their personal best rather than sporting the telltale signs of a plastic surgery patient. We put their minds at ease when we describe Dr. Torgerson’s renowned approach to facial age reversal.

Face-lifting methods have evolved and advanced, but the general purpose remains the same as it ever was: lift sagging facial tissue and reveal a smoother, less-aged appearance. After roughly age 30, a natural reduction in skin thickness and facial muscle mass occurs. This atrophy of firmness and volume may be accompanied by shrinking fat pads too. The midface/cheeks will notably fall and flatten for many people.

To make matters worse, a breakdown of elastin and collagen proteins, which provide structure, firmness, and bounce to the skin, cause wrinkle formation and overall sagging. This may appear in the form of jowls or diminished jawline definition.

A double chin or neck bands (turkey neck) can signal the loss of tone, and hyaluronic acid stores that hydrate the face will also deplete. Dry, thin skin wrinkles easily, and no amount of topical emollient lotions will counteract it. Do you see changes in one or more areas? What bothers you the most? You’re welcome to contact us for expert advice and help with prioritizing your facial improvements.

What problems does a facelift solve?

Most people believe that cutting and pulling the skin tight is the foundation of a facelift. Not really. Your skin is dynamic and quite easily stretched, which means that stitching it tightly with no other adjustments or underlying structural changes would result in a temporary windswept look with eventual repeat sagging. The factors for facial changes over time are not just on the surface. The supportive structure underneath – even bone – can shrink, and this foundational structure must be artfully remodelled to restore a lasting, healthy appearance.

Have you heard of SMAS?

Here’s the secret to refined results: The facial muscle layer, superficial musculo-aponeurotic system
(SMAS), is the target area for expert lift outcomes. This tough tissue will not stretch out over time, and when these muscles are lifted, they will support the overlying fat and skin effortlessly without visible tension.

In our Toronto clinic, facelifts are often performed via the in-depth rejuvenation of the SMAS layer and the addition of fat grafting to restore depleted volume. The full facelift can rid your midface and jowl area of deep lines such as nasolabial folds (laugh lines), a sagging jaw, and marionette lines (beside the mouth).

Lifting and restoring cheek structures instantly shaves years off the appearance and lends a healthy vibrancy to the face. This is also referred to as a deep plane lift. The careful restorative work on underlying layers is what sets this type of lift apart from the unfortunate-looking, less natural outcomes.

Have you been considering a thread lift? The mini facelift may be a smarter choice

Feathers, strings, threads . . . none of these bring to mind strength or longevity. We don’t blame people for the misunderstanding that “lighter” could translate into “more natural”. That concept works well in some areas, but not when it comes to the procedure known as the “thread lift”. It’s been marketed in the past as a less expensive, less invasive facial treatment. We’ve seen it touted as a “lunchtime” facelift too. It’s essential to understand what this is and what it isn’t, because great disappointment can result from unrealistic expectations.

The original version of this procedure was much hyped in the 1990s using permanent sutures with knots or tiny barbed hooks under the skin. The concept sounded easy enough: pull the skin up from underneath and lock it in place. In the early days, infections, skin dimpling, and other issues were common.

The techniques for temporary, non-surgical lifting have advanced somewhat, but the primary issue remains that the results are quite fleeting. The best-case scenarios see improvements for roughly 6 months. For most patients, the expectation versus the reality of what stitches can achieve just can’t match a properly executed facelift.

Instead, people who want a more expedient, subtle, and targeted facial-lifting procedure can consider a mini lift.

How do we get natural, permanent results from a mini lift?

Less involved than the full facelift, the mini option is designed to target the lower face, jowls, and neck ageing. It’s less invasive but long-lasting. You could be a good candidate if you have good skin quality and you notice aging primarily in your lower face.

Depending on your situation, Dr. Torgerson may recommend adding laser skin tightening, fat grafting, or additional treatments to provide you with a personalized way to improve problem areas. For people who want faster recovery, minimal scarring, and graceful facial improvements, this is often a satisfying route to go.

Your consultation is the key to success

If you know what you want and what you want to avoid, establishing clear, comfortable communication with your facial plastic surgeon will be critical. Before you even schedule an appointment, a significant success factor is the surgeon you choose.

Here’s what to look for:

A facial surgeon’s bedside manners are critical, but you’ll need to narrow down your search by looking at only surgeons who specialize in facial cosmetic and craniofacial plastic surgery procedures. For instance, you may find surgeons who are renowned for breast augmentation, but if they rarely perform the complicated and advanced facelift techniques that you want, they won’t be the right fit for you. Choose a surgeon who has devoted their entire practice and subspecialty to the field of facial surgery.

The careful selection of a surgeon and a surgical facility is a top priority. Dr. Torgerson is not only an otolaryngologist, he is also fully certified with the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada in the area of head and neck facial plastic surgery. Many intensive years of additional study and practice in complex subspecialties make him a leading expert and sought after by patients and other practitioners from around the world. Considered to be one of the best facelift surgeons in Toronto, he completed 18 years of post-secondary education to be one of the few doctors in his field with such advanced expertise. His patients and colleagues trust him. His results speak for themselves.

It’s just as important that your chosen surgeon has a track record of delivering results that you feel are ideal. They should communicate clearly and with comfortable empathy so that you feel confident and completely at ease.

Once you’ve found your expert, scheduling a consultation is much like a job interview – only you’re the one in charge of hiring! You can feel free to have a list of questions ready. Expect the surgeon to examine your face; ask for health, lifestyle, and medical information; and listen as you explain your goals. It can be helpful to share photos of your dream result, but keep in mind that acquiring another person’s outcome is not possible. Pictures of existing facelift patients can be a helpful guide to explain your desires, especially if the person resembles you. Additionally, digital 3D imaging technology helps your surgeon map out potential enhancements for you and set expectations.

Honest, ethical surgeons tell patients openly whether they are good candidates for their chosen procedure or not. If Dr. Torgerson feels that you won’t be satisfied with a particular approach, he’ll explain the reasons and offer his professional advice for other options. We think it’s valuable to provide no-pressure consultations for all our potential clients. We want you to feel free to research, question, and gather the info you need without any pressure to make a decision. When you feel that you’re ready to take the next exciting steps, we’ll be right there by your side to walk you through it.

You can have a natural facelift – the choice is yours

A facelift can take a decade or more off of your appearance without looking overdone. The key is to choose your surgeon wisely, know what technique will best meet your needs, and go ahead with the right procedure at the right time.

Some people want dramatic changes to smooth away several years overnight. Others wish to appear rested, healthy, and subtly refreshed. You’re in the driver’s seat when you plan a facial refresh at the Torgerson Clinic.

We welcome you to visit our chic, friendly cosmetic surgery centre and speak with Dr. Torgerson. Your private consultation will help empower you to make the changes you want and begin to love how you look again. We look forward to meeting you.

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