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Nose jobs trends aren’t just about the rise in demand. We’re also taking notice of the type of nose enhancements patients are asking for in 2022 and beyond.

At Dr. Cory Torgerson’s Toronto Cosmetic Surgery and Laser Centre, nose job (rhinoplasty) patients aren’t looking for the “cookie-cutter” procedures of the past.

Though there was a time when a standard, Barbie-like nose seemed to be the only result on the menu, we’ve made incredible advancements toward custom, ethnically diverse, and natural-looking nose surgery. Today, the trend is toward nose “tweaks,” preserving distinctive features, and even non-surgical rhinoplasty.

Here’s how the nose job is becoming bespoke in 2022.

Nose Job Perfection or Personalization?

If you’re like many people considering cosmetic surgery for the first time, keeping your individual look is important to you. When planning a nose job, facelift, or other procedure, people often confess that they are worried they might appear too different afterward.

Skilled, experienced rhinoplasty surgeons like Dr. Torgerson know that harmonizing facial proportions and maintaining a nose appearance that “fits” the patient’s face is crucial.

With Millennial and Gen Z patients lining up for rhinoplasty more than ever, we’re hearing requests for a “perfectly imperfect” result.

That can mean that a large, prominent nose receives straightening and subtle contour improvements, but remains distinctive in size. Or it might look like removing a bump on the bridge without narrowing a rounded, natural nose tip.

Ethnic Rhinoplasty

Nose job trends in the 1980s and 1990s often made both male and female noses smaller and narrower. Unfortunately, nose job patients from all ethnic backgrounds received the European nose aesthetic, which often stood out in contrast to other facial features.

Plastic surgery personalization means respecting facial characteristics while enhancing, toning down, or adjusting specific areas. Ethnically distinctive features demand the same careful consideration when making changes, for the sake of visible results and because nasal tissue structure differs greatly among ethnic groups.

If you’re seeking a personalized nose job that will enhance your look while honouring the unique characteristics that you have, schedule your consultation with a Toronto nose job surgeon who is experienced in the complexity of ethnic rhinoplasty techniques.

Your Ideal Nose Job Might Be Non-Surgical

Custom nose enhancements can be done using dermal filler, in the office. This new liquid rhinoplasty trend is extremely popular among patients who want to add nasal projection, upturn a tip, correct subtle asymmetry, or raise the bridge.

Using hyaluronic acid dermal fillers and tiny needles, temporary volume sculpts nasal changes right before your eyes.

The conveniently fast procedure, instant results, and low cost make injectable rhinoplasty attractive for the growing number of people who want an easy, subtle nose job made just for them.

Virtual Nose Job Planning

Three-dimensional (3D) imaging photography used to demonstrate potential body enhancements can add a whole new depth to planning.

Dr. Cory Torgerson led the way in bringing Vectra 3D imaging technology ito Canada. When his nose job patients are considering a facelift or rhinoplasty or they would like to see how injectable filler could transform their nose, the 3D photo-imaging system invites them into the process. They can see what their personalized cosmetic surgery before and after results could be.

Patient involvement and individualized planning are changing the future of nose jobs for the better.

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