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Are facelifts still popular? The trends in cosmetic surgery for the past 2 years have shown that the classic, anti-aging procedure is not only in demand, but also that the demographic of facelift patients in 2022 looks to be shifting younger.

The most natural-looking facelift results are now possible through modern techniques and adaptations. Toronto men and women are realizing that an expertly done facelift at a younger age can have them recovered and looking vibrant fast.

Plus, the facelift effects last for decades, which means that ageing gracefully is possible without anyone knowing your plastic surgery secret.

Dr. Cory Torgerson is a facelift Toronto and rhinoplasty surgeon with a clinic located in the heart of the city. He sees trends in facelifts for 2022 that include millennial clients, combination procedures, and more men getting on board with rejuvenating makeovers.

Millennial Facelifts

The pandemic plastic surgery trend has seen more middle-aged and 30-something clients taking advantage of downtime to revamp their appearance.

In the USA, over $9 billion was spent on plastic surgery in 2020 amid COVID lockdowns and widespread financial constraints. Though it may seem counter-intuitive, work-from-home (WFH) culture and fewer vacations or social activities have led many people to reflect on self-improvement options and redirect spending money into plastic surgery.

Specifically, the “Zoom boom” resulting from increased screen time looking directly at our faces might be contributing to requests for facial plastic surgery and facelifts.

Historically, arranging for weeks off work to hide out after facelift surgery has presented a challenge for younger, active clients. Busy careers don’t accommodate covering up in bandages, compression garments, and waiting out swelling in privacy.

That all changed when WFH became mainstream in recent years. Since it’s possible to schedule a facelift and recover discreetly, younger professionals are taking a second look at surgical facial rejuvenation.

More Men Are Joining In

As plastic surgery becomes less stigmatized for women, it seems that men are less shy about getting work done and are more aware of their options too.

The trend toward male facelifts may have gotten a push from “Brotox” popularity on social media. More male celebrities are openly discussing their wrinkle injections, fillers, and facials with the public.

There’s no question that the workforce is an aggressive place today where men stay in their careers longer and compete directly with younger peers.

A natural-looking facelift can shave years off of a person’s appearance, allowing them to blend in better with the Gen Z crowd. However, the most impactful benefit of a male facelift may be the renewed confidence carried into business interactions, giving these men a refreshed edge.

Facelift Multitasking

Dr. Torgerson believes that all facial cosmetic surgery should be personalized for each patient’s needs. Now facelift procedures have become even more individualized with the advent of combination surgeries.

We expect to see facelifts that involve fat grafting, CO2 laser resurfacing, blepharoplasty, and other “tweaks” added for maximum effect in 2022.

For the sake of convenience, many people prefer to go under anesthesia just once while making multiple improvements. Combo procedures aren’t just more convenient, however. Advances in techniques and a more holistic, harmonious aesthetic approach reveal that targeting issues from multiple angles often provides the most satisfying, lasting results.

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