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When a person’s ears stick out farther than normal, it can often lead to self-consciousness and mental distress.

If the person is a child, it can be the source of teasing and low self-esteem. A cosmetic procedure called ear pinning (otoplasty), however, can easily correct the problem of protruding ears. Generally, this procedure is recommended for children around the age of 5 because the cartilage is still very soft and pliable. Having the procedure done at this early age will also help prevent teasing at school. It is nevertheless important that the child is emotionally mature enough to understand what is being done. If you have protruding ears but did not have this procedure done as a child, do not worry. It can still be performed on teens and adults.


The procedure generally takes about 2 hours.

The type of anaesthesia given depends on the age of the patient. General anesthesia is usually given to children so that they may sleep soundly throughout the procedure. Local anesthesia is more commonly used for teens and adults.

A small incision is made behind the ear, and then the cartilage is reshaped, folded, sculpted, or partially removed to achieve a look that is less prominent. Sutures are then used to hold the ears in place so that they stay close to the side of your head.


Following the procedure, pain tends to be minimal. You’ll leave the clinic with a bulky bandage around your head that will protect your ears. This will be exchanged in a couple of days for a headband, which you will only have to wear at night while sleeping in order to prevent your ears from accidentally bending forward.

For the first couple of days, it is recommended that you sleep in an upright position, either using a recliner or by propping yourself up with extra pillows. This will help keep swelling and bruising to a minimum.

Two to three days of rest may be required before going back to your normal activities. Children may require seven days of rest before returning to school.


As with any cosmetic procedure, it is important to select a surgeon of the highest calibre. As Dr. Torgerson is one of the most skillful and respected cosmetic surgeons in the country, you can be confident that you will get the highest quality results from him.

It’s also important to choose a doctor with a great bedside manner and someone who is able to discuss the procedure honestly while helping to alleviate any fears you may have. Since ear pinning is a procedure that is performed on both children and adults alike, you should choose a physician who genuinely cares for his patients and can put them at ease. Dr. Torgerson is known for making the comfort and safety of his patients a top priority. Schedule an appointment today and learn how he can help you.

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