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Otoplasty with Dr. Torgerson

Otoplasty (commonly known as Ear Surgery) is a cosmetic procedure that improves and reshapes the appearance of the outer ears.

In some cases, only one ear may require cosmetic surgery. In others, both ears may need to be operated on to address an imbalance. This type of plastic surgery will only correct or alter the shape of the ears but will not improve or affect the function and hearing of the ear. Dr. Torgerson is an Ear, Nose, and Throat Surgeon (Otolaryngologist) with specialty fellowship training in Facial Plastic Surgery. This means that he has obtained the highest degree of training available in Canada to perform otoplasty and is an expert in his field.


In certain individuals, the folds around the ear may fail to normally develop, causing the ears to project outwards like cups from the side of the head. In other cases, excess ear cartilage can develop, which results in normally shaped ears that stick out excessively. Because each ear develops independently, one ear may protrude more than the other or have a noticeably different shape. In either case, this creates an awkward visual imbalance. Dr. Torgerson has a keen aesthetic sense and uses it in conjunction with his expertise to achieve optimal results for all of his otoplasty patients. Candidates for otoplasty can vary from children under their parent’s care to teenagers to grown adults who have decided they would like to correct their areas of concern. Ear Surgery is one of the most psychologically rewarding forms of plastic surgery and has great self-confidence benefits.

At Dr. Torgerson’s private Toronto Surgical Facility, ear cosmetic surgery usually takes about one to two hours and can be done under local anesthesia. The technique and duration will vary depending on the nature of the problem. During this procedure, one of the techniques Dr. Torgerson uses is to make a small incision in the back of the ear to expose the cartilage. He will then sculpt the cartilage and bend it back toward the head. Non-removable stitches may be used to help maintain the new shape. Occasionally, the surgeon will remove a larger piece of cartilage to provide a more natural-looking fold once the surgery is complete.

How do I select the best Otoplasty surgeon?

Although there may be many surgeons who offer otoplasty (ear surgery), Facial Plastic Surgeons and Ear, Nose and Throat (E.N.T) Surgeons perform an overwhelming majority of these surgeries. Dr. Torgerson is one of the top Otoplasty experts in Canada, as he is both an ENT surgeon and a Facial Cosmetic Surgeon, having achieved his credentials in both surgical specialties. Choosing a Facial Plastic Surgeon who is highly trained and experienced in Otoplasty is the number one consideration. Following this, patients should also consider their personal rapport and comfort level with the surgeon, approved operating room facilities, the reputation of the surgical facility, the before and after photos of previous patients, and that there have been no malpractice claims.

Does Otoplasty affect hearing?

No, otoplasty will not affect hearing positively or negatively, as it is an outer ear surgery, and hearing is comprised of functions inside the body in the middle and inner ear.

Does the hair need to be shaved for Otoplasty surgery?

The good news is that, no, hair will not be cut or shaved, not even on long-haired patients. The incisions are made behind the ear, and the hair will not be affected.


The recovery time for Otoplasty is 1 week, and any removable sutures come out in 1week, although depending on the form of ear surgery, there may be no sutures to remove. Immediately following surgery, the patient will recover for a few hours in a private recovery room. Following that, the patient will be released into the care of a responsible family member or friend and be able to return home on the same day. A patient will need to wear a headband dressing over their ears for the first few days and be careful during sleep to not put excess pressure on their ears. Detailed post-operative instructions are given to otoplasty patients, and Dr. Torgerson’s personal contact information is available for patients so they can have immediate contact through phone, text, or email 24 hours a day. The ears are tender for 3 to 5 days, but most people find that they are back into their normal routine shortly thereafter. Complications are rare and, if they do occur, are usually minor. Following the post-care instructions and choosing a reputable Facial Plastic Surgeon will minimize the risks as well. For the most part, after the ear healing is complete, any signs of plastic surgery are well hidden, and most people will not be able to discern if a patient has had ear surgery or not.

How old should a patient be undergoing Otoplasty Ear Surgery?

Candidates for ear surgery can be as young as four years old! When performed at an early age, ear surgery can help alleviate some of the social challenges related to prominent ears.

Does Dr. Torgerson perform ear surgery out of a hospital or private Plastic Surgery facility?

Dr. Cory Torgerson performs Otoplasty Surgery at his own approved and inspected Private Surgery Centre. Ontario has strict guidelines regarding who can operate a private surgery centre and what standards must be adhered to. Dr. Torgerson’s Surgery Centre is one of a select few in Ontario to have achieved Full Level 3 status (the highest you can get). The site is routinely inspected, and Dr. Torgerson’s team strives to surpass all of the standards of care and quality. The benefits to having your cosmetic surgery performed in a private facility are numerous. Some of them involve the level of professional, expert care you can expect to receive, scheduling, and knowing that you never have to be concerned about surgery cancellations because another urgent medical case took precedent over yours (which is often the case in a hospital setting). The College of Physician and Surgeons of Ontario routinely assesses Out-of-Hospital Premises. Below are some of their thoughts regarding the Facial Cosmetic Surgery Faciltiy operated by Dr. Cory Torgerson:

State-Of-The-Art Surgical Facility

Our facility offers a luxurious, comfortable and private setting for consultations and surgery with a waiting room that is both spacious and inviting. Although we hope you don’t have to spend too much time waiting to see Dr. Torgerson, within a few minutes you will feel relaxed and at ease.

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