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How do you know if you snore regularly? Does your partner tell you they’ve been up all night? The noisy phenomenon is so common that an average 2/3 of people report that their spouse snores regularly. The best snoring treatment in Toronto can now restore a good night’s rest for men and women of all ages without the need for cumbersome machines, medication, or surgery. Sound too good to be true? You’re going to like what you read next.

Snoring is no joke!

Though it’s often downplayed or joked about, consistent snoring can have serious adverse health effects and alter the daily quality of life as well as sleep. People who suffer from this issue are often desperate for help, but the options available are unsuccessful or completely impractical.

At the Dr. Torgerson clinic, we strive to offer safe, natural, and effective options for improved lives, wellness, and beauty. That includes an elite array of industry-leading laser therapies that deliver impressive results with minimal recovery time. We keep ahead of the curve to provide our clients with the very best, and the Fotona NightLase patented laser is one of our new favourite technologies. Read on to learn why.

Why do so many people seek snoring treatment in Toronto?

Snoring is defined in layman’s terms as noisy breathing during sleeping. It’s incredibly common, affecting millions of men and women in North America. It can come and go, and more often it progressively worsens over the years. Those most at risk are obese people, and it tends to affect men the most often. However, women and plenty of thin people struggle with it too.

What happens in your throat while you sleep?

If you aren’t troubled by snoring, you may not have considered this, but every night when you sleep, your throat muscles relax and the air space narrows and softens. Your tongue can shift backward and interfere with your airway. The lax mucosal walls start to vibrate as air passes through suddenly close quarters. The characteristic buzzing, rattling sound of snoring is caused by air being forcibly pulled through a gauntlet of soft throat tissue and tongue. The narrower your passages become, the louder you’ll be, and if the passage blocks itself entirely, breathing temporarily stops. This is known as sleep apnea. Though less common, sleep apnea is a serious health issue, because regularly depriving yourself of oxygen is unquestionably harmful.

This seemingly innocuous condition leads to fragmented sleep, which cascades into a whole host of other issues. Lack of sleep makes us tired and clouds thinking, while two of the more severe health effects include heart disease and an increased risk of stroke.

What causes snoring?

A variety of factors lead to snoring. Normal ageing can relax throat tissue over time. Anatomical abnormalities such as enlarged tonsils, nasal polyps, or a deviated nasal septum may narrow the airway in the nose or throat. Allergies, colds, and the flu tend to exasperate these symptoms as the delicate mucosal tissue swells. Sleeping on your back and drinking alcohol before bed can also make you more likely to sound like a buzz saw while you snooze.

Tell me about snoring cures!

If you or your spouse are losing sleep because of snoring, you’re likely looking into every possible option to stop the snoring. People seeking snoring treatment in Toronto may begin with drugstore purchases that consist mainly of nasal dilators. Special clamps and clips to place on your nose while you sleep are designed to open the nostrils wide, though the issue doesn’t usually stem from occluded nostrils. Additionally, some facial garments can be worn around the head while sleeping, and they aim to help prevent the jaw from relaxing and shifting backward along with the tongue. If you visit a sleep clinic for a study, you’ll spend the night in a medical office setting where specialists observe and record information about your sleep patterns. They can prescribe oral appliances to be worn at night, CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure) machines to assist with breathing, or surgical solutions.

In the past, invasive surgery was the only option to alter tissue in the throat.

Somnoplasty or uvulopalatopharyngoplasty are complex-sounding surgical procedure names that describe the removal of throat tissue to clear your airway. Depending on your unique anatomy, the surgeon may remove:

  • The uvula (the finger-like structure that hangs down at the back of the throat)
  • Part of the soft palate at the posterior roof of your mouth
  • Throat tissue, including tonsils, adenoids, and pharynx

The recovery takes about 3 weeks, and it can be difficult to swallow as you heal. This type of procedure has a mixed success rate ranging from roughly 45% to 75% and is so uncomfortable that many patients say they wouldn’t repeat it.

Sick of suffering? Our Toronto clinic has a snoring treatment you need to know about

Dr. Cory Torgerson’s Facial Cosmetic Clinic treats men and women for a significant number of aesthetic and functional concerns related to the head and neck. Dr. Torgerson is a Royal College-certified facial cosmetic surgeon and ENT (ear, nose, and throat surgeon) who is super specialized in the head and neck. So patients who see us for snoring and other nose or throat concerns feel confident in our expertise.

For people who are not planning on surgery, we’re excited to treat snoring and enhance their lives with this exceptional laser device. Fotona is a leading manufacturer of trusted, safe laser technology. The Fotona Dynamis SP Series has a non-ablative (not traumatic to skin) mechanism of action, so no tissues are removed, cut, or injected. Yet the targeted skin is stimulated to tighten and produce strengthening collagen in the back of the throat and airway. Incredibly, this procedure that restructures sagging throat tissue requires no anaesthetic or scalpels. It leaves no scars and does not call for downtime. It’s never been easier to take charge of your health and restorative sleep.

How does NightLase work to stop snoring?

The NightLase patented technology stimulates the regeneration of collagen and elastin in the targeted soft tissues. Through delivering a sequence of heat energy micropulses, this high-performance laser precisely ablates micro tissue targets to stimulate healing/tightening mechanisms without heating the surrounding tissue. Collagen fibres naturally manifest in response to the heat energy stimulation, but the device ensures that the fractionated, non-ablative stimulation is minimally invasive and penetrates with heat energy only superficially. This protects delicate mucosal tissues even with repeated use. Thermally induced tissue tightening with collagenesis is long-lasting and delivers measurable results. Patient satisfaction is very high because the difference can be appreciated nearly instantly and continues to improve over time. Recovery is smooth and not as painful as surgery.

The contracted, soft structures at the back of the throat lift the soft palate and uvula, making space for easy breathing. Airway passages that are toned and well-supported increase the effectiveness of sleep, ease breathing, and improve oxygenation . . . and as a result, enjoyment of life.

How many treatments will you need?

Treatments repeated every 3 weeks are standard. A full NightLase course consists of 3 separate sessions spaced over 6 weeks. Benefits can last a year, and repeat sessions are advised to maintain and build on results.

What will my procedure be like?

We’ll welcome you to our elegant, stylish cosmetic treatment centre and carry out your session in one of our comfortable private rooms. We believe in maintaining an extremely high level of expertise and the safest medical standards. Dr. Torgerson hand-picks each valued medical staff member for their unique knowledge, education, and passion in their field.

Your NightLase session will take only about 15 minutes, and it requires no downtime whatsoever. An energy application device is easily directed to the back of the throat, where it activates the tightening process quickly and painlessly. Toronto’s best snoring cure means you can sleep without headgear, uncomfortable devices, and in many cases, surgery. A series of fast, comfortable sessions go to work subtly transforming your throat and allowing you to regain a restful night’s sleep, gently.

Need a safe, natural snoring treatment that works?

Many people are understandably concerned about introducing toxins and chemicals to their system. Likewise, they worry about the painful process and recovery related with many invasive procedures. We understand the desire to find a safe, natural solution for health issues like snoring. That’s why we’re so excited to offer NightLase. We know it works, and we’re delighted that our patients are so satisfied after treatment.

Dr. Cory Torgerson’s Laser Clinic is one of only a few aesthetic centres to offer this incredible laser technology to all its clients and to utilize the full spectrum of what the Fotona laser can achieve in all its modes. Whether seeking tissue repair, tightening, or restructuring, the reliable and predictable results of this system are matched only by the ease of use and remarkable lack of complication, discomfort, and lengthy recovery time. The many people we regularly treat with the Fotona laser report a high rate of satisfaction, expressing relief that their sessions were comfortable and their results were excellent.

Toronto snoring treatment — there must be a better way!

There is. You too can do away with clunky contraptions or concerns about surgery. We invite you to try the NightLase solution for snoring. It is so straightforward, its effectiveness is that much more astounding. With no recovery time required, we can treat you over a lunch break or before or after work. We’ll arrange a convenient appointment schedule for you, so you won’t miss a beat in your busy life. A solution this convenient is worth getting excited about. Ready to sleep peacefully and quietly? Contact us today and let’s talk about how to get you there.

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