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Many people in Toronto schedule plastic surgery to improve their appearance each year. You might be surprised to learn that men represent a growing number of people looking to nip and tuck their way to youthful good looks.

At the Torgerson clinic, roughly 40% of our clientele is male, and Dr. Cory Torgerson is adept in addressing the specific aesthetic concerns unique to men and women as well as ethnicity, making each procedure and treatment plan completely bespoke. If you’re seeking plastic surgery in Toronto for the first time, this is your definitive guide.

Plastic surgery in Toronto: What comes before the booking?

If you’re new to the world of cosmetic medicine or surgical procedures, then navigating your way through independent research, consultation booking, and decisions may feel daunting. It’s normal to be a little overwhelmed with the sheer volume of information floating around. This guide will help you streamline the process, ensuring that you get the most from your journey and don’t miss anything important.

Choosing the right approach for you will require guidance from an expert. You should also feel that your chosen surgeon is entirely on the same page with you. Reassurance that they understand your needs and goals along with the ability to deliver beyond your expectations means careful preparation on your part as a patient. There are a few “need-to-know” tips that can ensure you don’t wind up disappointed.

1. Get recommendations from real people

Thankfully, much of the stigma around elective, cosmetic surgery has long since faded. Today many people feel much more at ease discussing what they’ve “had done”. We highly recommend that you ask people if they’ve had an excellent surgical experience that they’re willing to tell you about and if they suggest that you see their surgeon. Anyone who runs a practice will attempt to market themselves in the best light, of course, but the real patient interactions you read in reviews and hear directly from patients will let you know what a professional is like to work with.

You’ll be committing to more than one meeting with your chosen expert. Plastic surgery in Toronto often involves no less than 6 in-office appointments from beginning to end. And sometimes more. That means that your surgeon should not only be highly skilled, but pleasant to talk with, a good listener, and someone you understand and have a good connection with. You’ll get a clear idea of whether there’s a good fit after chatting with the people who went before you.

2. Do a little online shopping

Do some online shopping for professional background info, that is. With a few clicks, you can verify where your ideal plastic surgeons have operating privileges, what professional groups or clubs they belong to, what advanced research they’ve contributed to, and whether there are any issues with their licence.

Social media can be a good resource for more background about where a surgeon likes to be involved, have fun, and share their expertise. You’ll get a sense of the surgeon’s personality along with the depth of their credentials and accountability. Start with your surgeon’s website, which should clearly list where they were educated and accredited. Then take it from there.

Dr. Cory Torgerson is regularly asked to teach and lecture on topics of aesthetic medicine across North America. His extensive medical education and surgical specialty training was conducted at the prestigious University of Toronto. Plastic surgery colleagues and patients across the nation recognize him as a leader in his field. Certified by the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada, he’s focused his career on head, neck, and facial surgery. Dr. Torgerson’s exceptional skill has been highlighted on Global News, The Marilyn Denis Show, 16×9, The Morning Show, E!, City News, and Beauty Channel Beauty News. He enjoys interacting with patients through social media accounts and video content that highlights the passion and diversity of his talented staff.

3. View reviews from strangers with a healthy dose of skepticism

Google, Yelp,, and various social media pages can be great resources, but also a source of misinformation. Much in the same way Internet “trolls” operate, some people who post comments or reviews online have less than honest or honourable motives. If you see something concerning, consider the source and continuity with the rest of the info you have.

As well, consider the quality of before and after photos with a little healthy skepticism. You can reliably trust pictures that show a patient clearly, in the same light, and more or less the same position for both shots. If the photos appear photoshopped, too blurry for details, or lit very differently, they could be unreliable. It’s common and very reasonable to ask for patient photos once you are in the surgeon’s office for a consultation. Due to patient privacy, many plastic surgery practices in Toronto will provide these before and afters in office rather than on the Internet.

4. Verify the highest accreditation standards

Are you confused by terms such as surgeon, cosmetic surgeon, plastic surgeon, and certified? Here’s a little breakdown about which of these things matters when you’re selecting the most qualified practitioner for your specific surgery.

In Canada, a general surgeon is a medical doctor who went on to complete an additional 5-year residency in general surgery. A plastic surgeon is a specialist who has completed additional reconstructive and aesthetic surgery after that. Plastic surgery typically describes reconstructive, aesthetic surgery, whereas cosmetic surgery is entirely elective and is designed to improve appearance. These terms are often used interchangeably by the public.

A cosmetic facial plastic surgeon is similar to a plastic surgeon in the sense that they’ve completed an additional 6 years or more of intensive surgical training. In this case, they’ll be focused on head, neck, and facial surgery.

Dr. Cory Torgerson is certified by Canada’s primary regulatory college, which verifies that surgeons are qualified and accountable: the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada. (This is similar to the highest-level board certification for American plastic surgeons.) If you’re seeking plastic surgery in Toronto, your chosen specialist must be accredited by this organization. As well, please pay attention to where they’ve focused their additional, in-depth training and practice until now. You won’t want to choose a general surgeon for your facelift, but just as importantly, you wouldn’t want to choose a plastic surgeon who spends most of their time on tummy tucks and breast augmentations.

Dr. Torgerson provides his patients with a customized, artistic approach to facial plastic surgery, because he’s gone above and beyond requirements in education and skill development, then honed his innovative techniques over 17 years of practice in Toronto.

5. Ask what hospital your surgeon is affiliated with

They may have their own accredited surgical centre, as Dr. Torgerson does, but reputable plastic and cosmetic surgeons in Canada are also associated with public hospitals for operating privileges and conducting surgical services related to OHIP (Ontario Health Insurance Plan). This speaks to their reputation, practice qualifications, and accountability.

6. Bring a list of questions and pictures to your consultation

It’s common to feel flustered and forget some of the things you’d wanted to ask if you don’t write your questions down. Rest assured, your surgeon wants you to get the most from your initial appointment and have your questions answered, so they won’t mind at all if you do this. As well, it can be helpful to bring pictures of people who have similar results to what you are seeking. Keep in mind that there’s no way to “order” the look that someone else has. The typical purpose of cosmetic facial surgery is to make you look your best, not like someone else. However, images can be handy to help illustrate the way you see facial features and yourself.

Your surgeon can review such photos and use 3D Vectra imaging to explore visual representations of possible outcomes with you. If you forget to ask everything you wanted to at your consultation, don’t worry. You’ll meet with your surgeon for a pre-operative appointment, and you can reach out with any concerns or questions before the big day.

You’ll be able to determine what your personalized quote for surgery is at the consultation too. Feel free to ask what services and details are included in the fees and to be connected with medical financing companies if you wish.

7. Pay attention to your instincts

If your surgeon looks excellent on paper, but you don’t feel they can deliver what you want after meeting them, then it’s ok to say thank you and move on. Likewise, if anything is missing in their credentials, a photo record of their work, or even their ability to communicate clearly to you, you might be better off pushing pause and reconsidering.

If the surgical practice you consult uses high-pressure sales tactics to convince you to book immediately, that’s a bad sign as well. An ethical and professional facial plastic surgeon wants happy patients, not pressured ones. They should not promise perfection and will be honest about both the pros and cons of any procedure. They’ll tell you if you’re not an ideal client for your chosen operation and why that is. It’s always okay to listen to your gut, ask questions, wait, or simply move on.

At the Torgerson Clinic in Yorkville, Toronto, plastic surgery begins with a consultation. Your consultation is an opportunity to gain confidence in your chosen surgeon, learn all about your procedure, and explore the many options for a treatment plan that you could have without any obligation. Once you’ve been examined and you’ve discussed your best options, we’ll be happy to walk with you on your transformation journey and take the next steps.

Saying “yes” to self-care and finally making the improvements you want can be exhilarating, but also intimidating. Our caring, experienced staff aim to welcome like family each client who walks through our doors and make the experience as easy as it is beautiful. We look forward to meeting you.

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