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In the age of information access, anyone who wants to dive into deep research about a facelift surgery in Toronto can find plenty of descriptions and commentary online. Unfortunately, it’s common to see plenty of misinformation too.

We think knowledge is an essential tool for our clients. We offer no-charge consultations, because we believe that people should feel free to ask questions and gather info without pressure. We especially want to bust myths and clarify misconceptions about surgical procedures so that the decision-making process is based on fact.

Let’s not waste time in confusion about one of our favourite cosmetic surgeries: the facelift. This is one of the leading procedures year after year, and the possibilities are more impressive than ever for facelift patients. Here we’ll unpack some of the incorrect notions about the youth-restoring surgery and help you get a clearer picture. Hint: it’s good news.

Do you believe this about Toronto facelifts?

One of the most widespread misconceptions about Toronto facelift surgery is that it’s designed to pull the facial skin tight. This erroneous idea may stem from some of the more public figures who’ve had facelifts done improperly in the past. While the techniques used and the results today are typically very natural-looking, a few decades ago the “windswept” look was a more common sight.

Very few people really want to look like their face is pulled back. While this can smooth away wrinkles and lift facial features, tight skin is not the primary goal of a facelift. Toronto facial cosmetic surgeon Dr. Cory Torgerson uses advanced SMAS (superficial musculoaponeurotic system) methods to reposition the underlying muscles and tissue layers to restore the foundational facial structure, then drape skin gently over. Pulling skin too tight distorts the face. When the more complex and meticulous work of rejuvenating underlying structures is done, there’s no need for excessively tight skin, and the results won’t give your surgery away.

Facelifts are not one-size-fits-all

Another erroneous idea is that facelifts in Toronto are standard for everyone and each patient essentially undergoes the same procedure with the same result. In reality, this procedure is highly customizable, and each person has a unique set of improvements and adjustments made just for them. During your private consultation, Dr. Torgerson will examine you and listen to your goals and expectations for a facelift. What is realistically possible, harmonized with your existing features, and preferable to you will be discussed. Your surgery will be tailored to suit you and will provide you with a look that you love.

Only elderly patients undergo facelifts

Perhaps you have an idea in mind about who the ideal Toronto facelift candidate is. What’s considered to be too young or too old? Ideal candidates are usually between 45 and 50. Some people are surprised to learn that people in their 40s could benefit from a facelift. There are a few good reasons why this middle-aged sweet spot is optimal for a facelift.

One reason is that the results can be more satisfying and longer-lasting if intervention is sooner rather than later. As well, patients in this range generally have good health and satisfactory skin quality. That means surgery is safer for them and they will heal more rapidly with fewer risks. Many people enter their 50s feeling energized and motivated to work, date, explore, and enjoy life. It’s a great time to refresh your appearance and match the outside to how great you still feel on the inside.

That said, there is no age limit, and each person must choose to make the changes they want when it suits their lifestyle, budget, and frame of mind. When you’re ready, schedule a consultation to learn about your options. There’s no obligation to proceed, but it can be helpful to find out from a facial surgeon directly if you are a good candidate. Dr. Torgerson is fond of the saying, “Do the right thing at the right time.” If facial ageing is bothering you, it’s a perfect time to start the discussion about revitalizing your appearance.

How long does a facelift recovery really take?

The required downtime will vary between patients, but certain averages are universal. Swelling and bruising are mostly resolved within 10 to 14 days, and most people will take 2 weeks off work to recover in privacy. Once that initial inflammation and bruising are gone, there will still be a slow process of continuing swelling resolution and incision healing, but most people find they already look refreshed and younger 2 weeks post-op. Undergoing a mini facelift can mean a shorter surgery and recovery time. People with busy schedules or who need only minor corrections can return to work after 1 week when choosing the milder option.

There may be long-lasting sensation changes, because nerves are slow to heal. As well, scars will be maturing throughout the first year. So long after the scars have closed, they may appear a little pink. You’ll need to protect them carefully from the sun.

Essentially, the first phase of healing is reasonably fast, and you will need to adjust your life significantly for just 2 weeks.

Is facelift surgery risky?

It can be daunting to read anecdotes of cosmetic surgeries “gone wrong”. There’s even a whole genre of reality TV dedicated to showcasing “botched” surgeries. It’s really critical for anyone considering a procedure and researching for themselves to understand the context of each case they read about. How qualified was the surgeon? Where did the procedure take place? Was the patient in optimal health and able to follow post-operative instructions? Were regular post-procedure check-ups maintained to ensure good recovery?

Sometimes people fall prey to savvy, vacation surgery marketing or go in for a too-good-to-be-true deal. The results are sometimes disastrous, but that’s no reason to be unnecessarily worried about your own procedure. There are straightforward, tried, and tested ways to ensure that you’re in good hands and can expect a great outcome.

Choose only a Royal College-certified facial plastic surgeon for your treatment. They’ll have a reputable practice and substantial photos to show consistently beautiful work. Facelifts in Toronto can be expensive. You’ll be paying for your surgeon’s expertise; a fully accredited and outfitted surgical facility; licenced, experienced medical staff; multiple appointments; and of course, beautiful results.

Cutting corners in any of these areas can increase health risks. With any surgical procedure comes an inherent risk of bleeding, infection, scarring, etc. Your surgeon will explain all of the considerations for you so that you’re fully informed and you can do your part to heal safely once you go home. At the Torgerson Clinic, we always provide Dr. Torgerson’s phone number to post-surgical patients so that they can reach him any time after hours in the days following surgery. Your follow-up appointments will be essential to assess you and to give you peace of mind.

Could a mini facelift be the better choice for you?

If the adjustments you want and need are not just midface, but at the jaw and neck as well, you’ll likely be most pleased with the results of a full lift. However, a mini-facelift can be just the refreshing adjustment that many people need, especially if they are on the younger side. There are multiple benefits to choosing this route.

The risks associated with general anesthetic are lowered when the surgery time is decreased, and a mini lift takes only about 2 hours. It’s even possible to do the procedure with IV sedation and local anesthetic instead. As well, incisions are less extensive. That means fewer scars to hide, but a lower risk of infection or wound healing issues too.

Because a mini-lift is less invasive, the potential auricular nerve damage risks are reduced. The swelling and general recovery time will be shorter, and many people appreciate that it’s less disruptive.

We’d like to meet with you!

Dr. Torgerson focuses his Yorkville Toronto practice on facial surgical and non-surgical procedures. He ’s an in-demand facial expert and one of the most respected facial plastic surgeons in Canada. Certified by the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada, his chic, modern surgical facility is also fully accredited as out-of-hospital premises (OHP) level 3.

Dr. Torgerson’s artistic ability translates into every facial cosmetic procedure, and the fact that he genuinely cares for his patients comes through at every stage of the patient experience. Your transformation journey begins with a consultation. We look forward to seeing you!

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