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Toronto’s custom chin implant patients look fabulous, not augmented. There are still some pervasive misconceptions in society about what chin implants are, how safe they are, and whether they look natural. The hallmark of excellent cosmetic surgery procedures today is that you can’t tell that a patient had their treatment at all. Toronto chin implants are no exception to this standard.

Toronto facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Torgerson, performs a variety of augmentation techniques to enhance his client’s jaw or chin. Both men and women benefit from this surprisingly uncomplicated enhancement technique. Do you know what Toronto chin implantation involves? Do you wonder if chin implants are safe or how difficult the recovery might be?

If you’re like most people, you also want to know if a chin implant would appear natural on you. Few people wish to look like they’ve had facial implant surgery. We have good news for you. We’re going to discuss 3 of the most common misunderstandings about chin augmentation and let you know what this type of enhancement can achieve.

Chin implants in Toronto are a popular way to improve definition or projection in the lower face

People’s profiles vary greatly depending on their ethnicity and hereditary traits. Gender plays a role in setting general feature differences, yet plenty of men have recessed or underdeveloped chins and jaws, and some women can present with more chin prominence than they’d like. While it’s prevalent for people of all backgrounds to have a small, narrow, or poorly defined jawline, this will bother some people and prompt them to seek a facial plastic surgeon.

In Toronto, Dr. Torgerson’s chin implant patients are sometimes surprised the first time they learn about this option to balance facial features. They may have booked their cosmetic consultation to discuss a mini facelift, a double chin, or even a rhinoplasty. Upon examination, measurements, and detailed discussion of their goals, the connection that a chin has to the harmony of all facial features can become apparent. In Toronto, chin implants can be inserted alone or along with other facial cosmetic surgery.

Some people have researched facial implant types at length before making their first appointment, but others aren’t familiar with them, and they may initially have reservations due to common myths.

These myths include the notion that a chin or other face implant can’t appear completely natural.

A second myth is that implants aren’t safe and will likely lead to complications.

The third is that the recovery will be painful, so people considering it are understandably nervous.

If your cosmetic surgeon has recommended a chin implant for you, you might ask yourself, will I still look like me? Will I have to worry about the implant moving or unpleasant complications? Will the recovery be long and painful? Will my implant feel strange? We’re going to put your mind at ease and answer these questions. You’re invited to schedule a consultation with Dr. Cory Torgerson to get one-on-one feedback and detailed information about your treatment options as well.

1. Toronto chin implant surgery: Can the results look natural?

The answer is a resounding, yes! Though this depends on your selection of a highly qualified and experienced facial plastic surgeon. Dr. Torgerson uses the Vectra 3D imaging system. It creates a 3D image of the head and neck. Digital imaging software helps the patient gain an understanding of what their enhancement could look like. During the consultation process, clients learn that extremely small changes measured in fractions of millimetres can lead to significant improvements for facial proportions. A range of sizes and shapes exist, so the selection of a chin implant can be highly personalized. As long as your implant is selected and inserted correctly, your eye will appreciate the improved facial harmony, not be drawn to the chin alone.

The first step when planning your facial surgery is to select a specialized surgeon who dedicates their research and practice to procedures for the head and neck. Plenty of hands-on experience helps take the guesswork out of jaw implants and contributes to a seamless result.

Do chin implants look natural? You have probably seen them all around you regularly without knowing that you were looking at chin implants. The number of Toronto chin implant patients is growing as more people catch on to this impactful cosmetic adjustment.

Your Toronto chin implant surgeon understands the intricacies of facial proportions and precise measurements. The most common facial implant materials are silicone and Gore-Tex. Dr. Torgerson prefers to order facial implant products from Implantech and Surgiform. Both companies provide superior chin implants. ePTFE is a popular implant material that facilitates controlled tissue integration. It allows your implant to lock in permanently and reduces some risk of complications. Dr. Torgerson’s chin implants are designed to be anatomically correct, conforming to the underlying chin bone structure and blending with the lateral jaw. Whether you need forward projection, overall mandibular angle structure, smoothing a cleft, a soft size enhancement, or a chiselled look, custom implants can make it look like you were born with it.

2. Are chin implants safe?

Any time people think about synthetic implants, they’ll likely question the safety, and that’s quite logical. There have been significant advancements in cosmetic and reconstructive medicine, allowing for well-established safety records for implant devices. Chin implants in Toronto are typically made from surgical grade Gore-Tex, ePTFE, or silicone. The products are always sterile, which minimizes the risk for complication, as does the technique of your surgeon. You can visit the manufacturer websites to read more in-depth clinical research and product information.

The process of chin augmentation using implants is simple and straightforward. You’ll have either a small incision created inside the mouth at the base of the lower lip or placed under the chin. A precise pocket is created, then the implant is inserted flush with the bone. The implant rests below the muscle and other tissue, which provide ample cushion and coverage. The incision will be closed using fine stitches. The area is then covered with protective tape, and the patient can return home to heal and relax. Dr. Torgerson may tape the chin and implant in place to secure it while healing. Once the tissue heals, the implant will be locked into its position.

The surgery itself can be completed very quickly, within an hour in most cases. The patient may have a general or local anaesthesia with IV sedation.

Following Toronto chin implant surgery, bruising is minimal, and the majority of swelling usually resolves within one week. The stitches will come out around 5 days post-procedure, and patients typically return to work then too. There are very few restrictions or health risks while healing.

The small incisions close very quickly in healthy individuals, and as long as patients avoid known risks for infection, they can expect to heal quickly without complication. The implant will feel just like part of you when the inflammation resolves within a few weeks.

3. How difficult is the chin implant recovery?

Dr. Torgerson’s chin augmentation patients are well cared for. From the detailed pre-operative paperwork and instructions to financing, advice, and general support throughout, patients are well-prepared for their recovery. After surgery, Dr. Torgerson provides his personal cell phone number for access to instant answers any time after hours. Post-operative appointments are scheduled so he can ensure that you’re on track and provide ongoing advice.

Chin implants are relatively easy to insert, which means minimal tissue trauma and pain to contend with after. Patients are given a prescription for post-operative pain medication, though most people describe the discomfort as manageable.

You may have a course of antibiotics to take and be advised to eat soft foods for the first week. Sensitivity and swelling decrease throughout the first week, and patients can return to work between 5 to 7 days. How difficult is the recovery? You can expect to feel like your new chin has always been with you after just a couple of weeks. When expectations are realistic, the recovery shouldn’t be a deterrent for people who want the benefits of a chin implant.

Could you improve your self-image with a chin implant in Toronto?

What appears ideal to one person may not be to another. Though a wave of people around the world are undergoing procedures to thin and narrow the lower face, here in Canada chin implants, which add structure, balance, and the impression of strength, are frequently requested.

Having a weak or receding chin can make a double chin appear worse. People sometimes complain of chubby cheeks, an ill-defined jawline, or the appearance of weakness when their jaw doesn’t match the rest of their features. They even perceive their nose as larger than it is all due to a small chin. Implants offer an optimal solution for many people. Could this approach be right for you?

Chin Implant Specialist

You can schedule a consultation with Dr. Torgerson and learn about the possibilities before making a choice. You may be delighted to learn that the common misconceptions about chin implants just don’t do them justice. We’ll be pleased to meet with you and walk you through the next steps.

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