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Top Four Reasons to Get a Chin Implant

A chin implant is a small cosmetic surgery that can make an enormously positive impact

A chin implant aims to correct a recessive, receding, or small chin that often makes people feel like they have a more rounded, chubby face or a double chin due to lack of strong structure. The final goal of chin augmentation should result in the projection of the chin in an appropriate way to create a more balanced and symmetrical look to the face. Below are the top 4 reasons to get a chin implant.

Chin implant surgery and the recovery are quite straightforward and simple

The ease of chin augmentation

The initial surgery takes approximately 1 hour from start to finish. Patients will recover for a few hours at their cosmetic surgery facility and then be discharged to go home on the same day. The recovery period mainly consists of eating soft foods for the first week and taking mild pain killers and antibiotics. Stitches are removed around Day 5. Most patients head back to work by the 1-week mark. The ease of this surgical treatment has resulted in a significant number of people in the Toronto area and across Canada moving ahead with this type of plastic surgery.

Improved self-esteem

Chin augmentation is one cosmetic surgery that, without question, can boost self-confidence. Thanks to genetics and heredity, some people simply have a soft, ill-defined profile. Common complaints can be a double chin in photographs or a chubby-faced look, even though the person may not be overweight! For males, a chin implant can help them move from a softer, rounded face to a sculpted, defined look that comes across as more masculine and appealing in most cultural ideals of beauty. Chin implant results create an instant self-esteem boost and make both male and female patients feel more confident in their own skin.

Chin implant will provide balanced facial structure

Improved structural facial features

First and foremost, a chin implant addresses poor definition of the face, allowing for the creation of a proportionate facial profile and overall look. Males who undergo chin implant surgery will emerge with a stronger, more chiselled appearance. Females will find that their facial features appear more harmonious and balanced. A properly portioned chin can also help elongate the neck – often thought over the centuries and in many cultures to be a beauty ideal.

High satisfaction rate

The satisfaction rate for patients who undergo chin augmentation is very high, and the complication rates are low. The permanent nature of surgical chin augmentation is a draw for many cosmetic surgery patients, as they love the fact that the chin implant requires no maintenance or upkeep. The end results are worth it and make a big difference for the patient.

If chin implant surgery interests you and you feel you may be a good candidate after reading this article, please contact our Toronto office. We would love to schedule a private, personalized appointment for you with Dr. Torgerson to discuss chin augmentation.

For patients who are nervous about cosmetic surgery and moving ahead with a surgical chin implant, modern medicine does present alternatives. Dermal filler can also be used to add structure and contours along the jawline and chin. Dermal fillers are non-surgical and involve the injection of hyaluronic acid (popularly branded as Teosyal, Juvédem, Voluma, or Restylane). Patients choosing this method need only to maintain their treatment 1 to 2 times per year.

Both the surgical and the non-surgical chin options can be discussed with you in greater detail at your appointment. We hope to meet you soon!

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