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More Millennials and Gen Z’ers are prioritizing plastic surgery and non-surgical aesthetic procedures than ever before.

If you see headlines warning of job loss and economic issues facing us, you might wonder why surgical cosmetic enhancements are anywhere near the top of this generation’s to-do list.

Yet plastic surgery and luxury items designed to enhance appearance, improve fitness, or make us feel good are often in demand during tough economic times.

There’s also a competitive job market driving a desire for youthful, vibrant good looks (and luscious hair!).

Social media certainly plays a role, and perhaps the stigma around choosing plastic surgery for self-improvement in 2022 is finally cancelled.

Plastic Surgery and the Lipstick Factor

This phenomenon was noted and described by Leonard Lauder, Estée Lauder chairman, after the USA economic recession of 2000.  He called it “the lipstick effect.”

People tend to reward themselves with feel-good products and self-improvement to forget their problems. Or to at least look more like they have it all together.

Past spending patterns show us that financial constraints may mean cutting back on dinners out, entertainment, or travel, but other premium items become essential.

A simple shift in priorities can occur, leading people to make their confident, glowing appearance job number one for the year ahead.

Plastic Surgery in a Competitive Job Market

There’s another motivation for younger people to explore plastic surgery today. Whether rhinoplasty, a hair transplant, or liposuction to slim down in all the right places, some people believe that body and face enhancements can benefit their careers.

In a competitive job market where thousands of resumés and interviews make brief first impressions, competing with peers can be a matter of attraction, not just credentials.

Fairness aside, there’s no question that today’s employers do view applicants’ social media and often conduct in-person or virtual interviews before hiring.

A healthy, well-presented appearance comes together with stylish, professional clothes, personality, speech, and certain less obvious factors like facial symmetry, a white smile, and even thick, youthful-looking hair.

In some cases, the perception of well-presented “looks” might be unconscious for the interviewer; nevertheless, all these elements leave a lasting, positive impression.

If for no other reason, when people have the opportunity to correct a perceived physical flaw, they might carry themselves in a more self-assured way and feel better walking into each business meeting.

Preventative Plastic Surgery

It’s common knowledge by now that sun protection, a nutritious diet, and quality skincare can help prevent or slow the signs of ageing.

Pre-juvenation is a trend in aesthetic medicine and plastic surgery that sees the younger generations taking the proactive approach one step further.

Cosmetic surgery procedures, injectable fillers, and wrinkle smoothing are more popular among the 30-something crowd recently. They know that restoring collagen and volume loss before it becomes dramatic can go a long way toward graceful ageing.

Certain facial plastic surgeries like facelifts are completely customized now with a “less is more” approach to provide mini-facelifts targeting only the early signs of sagging.

Fast recovery, near-invisible scars, and knowing that they’ll still look great a decade later is drawing the younger plastic surgery generation.

Social Media’s Affair with Plastic Surgery

For better or worse, physical appearance dominates social media apps like TikTok, Instagram, and Snapchat. The constant barrage of beauty ideals presents never-ending goals and a massive influx in selfie viewing for young plastic surgery patients.

Many plastic surgeons have noted an uptick in procedure requests related to the scrutiny of their patients’ own facial photography. But due to lens distortion at close angles, their dissatisfaction is sometimes based on inaccurate perceptions.

While the abundance of cosmetic advice, before and afters, and surgeon reviews have helped many people gather critical research, it’s essential to hop off social media and step into a qualified plastic surgeon’s office for a one-on-one consultation and support.

Dr. Cory Torgerson is a Toronto rhinoplasty and facial plastic surgeon dedicated to revealing each unique patient’s personal, natural best. He’ll be happy to meet with you to discuss your next exciting steps.

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