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Liquid rhinoplasty, injectable nose job, non-surgical nose job—this popular cosmetic procedure is known by many names and is taking the facial cosmetic industry by storm. That’s because visible changes to the nose were once possible only through surgical intervention.

Now, improving the profile and shape of a nose can be done fast and easily without going under the knife. With the advent of injectable dermal fillers and their evolving benefits, surgeons are making impressive facial structure improvements along with combatting signs of aging. What do you know about the quick, new nose-reshaper? Is it really only a 15-minute procedure, is it safe, and what can it do for you? Read on. We’ve outlined the top 5 facts to know when you’re considering a nose makeover using dermal fillers.

1. You can instantly correct many nasal features that bother you

Plenty of people dislike an element of their nose’s appearance. What seems small and insignificant to others may cause you regular distress. Because after all, you look at your own face each and every day. Several aesthetic concerns lead people to seek rhinoplasty procedures, including uneven healing after a break, crooked or asymmetric features, a bump on the bridge, or a downturned tip.

If you want to take some attention off your nose and minimize a characteristic that makes you self-conscious, we have good news for you. The non-surgical nose job can accomplish a number of changes that were previously possible only through surgery.

The following is a list of potential benefits that you’ll appreciate:

  • You’ll enjoy minimal downtime after a non-surgical rhinoplasty
  • There are no incisions and no concern about scars
  • You’ll be comfortable without strong medications
  • The treatment costs dramatically less than a surgical alternative
  • You can improve the result of a previous rhinoplasty
  • The injectable option carries far fewer health risks
  • You won’t need general anaesthesia
  • You can return to work and life right away
  • The effects are reversible – just in case you’re not entirely happy
  • It’s a great way to test out the results of a rhinoplasty
  • The whole treatment can take less than 15 minutes

Important note* Not all desired cosmetic changes are possible through the use of injectable fillers. Filler can’t improve the function of nasal passages either, so a deviated septum or breathing occlusion must be addressed surgically.

Here are a few things that injectable filler and a skilled facial surgeon can achieve together:

You can straighten the appearance of a nose through the artful sculpting of each side. You can add volume (augment) a low radix, camouflage a hump on the bridge, or adjust the shape and projection of the tip.

Fillers in conjunction with neuromodulators work to release muscle tension that may pull downward on a droopy nose. Even subtle changes can harmonize facial features dramatically.

When reduction is desired to make the nose smaller (including bone and nostril narrowing), by definition, injectable treatment can’t achieve this. There are cases where patients will be more satisfied with the capabilities of surgery. Not sure what you need? Feel free to schedule a consultation and let our experts help you decide.

2. The non-surgical nose job is fast. Really fast!

At the Torgerson clinic, Dr. Cory Torgerson will be happy to meet with you for just a consultation or for a discussion combined with a treatment scheduled right after. Many of our clients choose to do a consultation followed by treatment, because they’re reasonably sure they’d like to proceed with the improvements and they know that the process is reversible if desired. Dr. Torgerson will explain the considerations, including whether you’re a good candidate and what you can expect from results. You’ll be fully informed about safety and welcomed to ask any questions you wish. When you’re ready to proceed, Dr. Torgerson will draw on your nose to let you see where and how he plans to inject.

With a strong topical numbing cream and lidocaine infused in the filler itself, the procedure is not considered uncomfortable. You’ll have thick, dense hyaluronic acid (HA) gel injected through a fine needle, and you will instantly see your nose change shape. Once the product is in place, you’ll view the results in a mirror and receive a few at-home care instructions before heading out. The injection portion of your appointment may take only 5 to 15 minutes! Few treatments can do so much for your appearance in such a short time.

3. Safety is essential. Choose a qualified facial cosmetic surgeon

Non-surgical nose jobs seem simple, especially compared with more complex facial surgeries. There are risks to be aware of, however. In the wrong hands, a facial filler injection can be unsafe, and the nose is a particularly finicky area. A facial cosmetic surgeon who has in-depth facial anatomy knowledge and performs surgical rhinoplasties regularly will understand how to avoid critical structures and inject in a way that’s safe, ensuring that your results are both comfortable and beautiful.

You should use only a Health Canada-approved, temporary hyaluronic acid filler to augment your nose. HA is a naturally occurring sugar that is safely reabsorbed by the body over time. HA can also be instantly dissolved with an enzyme called hyaluronidase, if needed.

4. The non-surgical nose job can be a practical trial run

Are you considering rhinoplasty to build up a more substantial bridge, smooth out a bump, or correct an irregularity after previous surgery? If a dent, bump, or downturned tip bother you, you may be considering rhinoplasty.

Your facial cosmetic surgeon will let you know if your particular aesthetic concerns can be improved with filler. If they can, why not try out the look of a nose transformation before committing to surgery? The cost will typically be less than 1/10 of the more invasive method. In the long run, a permanent and expertly performed operation can bring the greatest satisfaction, but when the option exists to get a sneak preview of results, many people find that this a helpful way to inform their planning. Your nose filler results will last roughly 1 year in most cases.

5. Don’t have time to spare for recovery and missed work?

Let’s face it, planning for the appropriate amount of time off to heal well after cosmetic surgery can be a strain. Not only do many people find skipping the gym and avoiding activities a bit restrictive, but the time away from work can be expensive. After a surgical rhinoplasty, you’ll be advised to take 2 weeks for rest and recovery at home. You’ll feel minimal pain after the first week, but swelling and bruising can persist for a few weeks, and many people choose to hide out even longer because of the visible effects of surgery. Once the initial inflammation heals, you’ll see significant improvements, but wait another several months for the actual, final result to be revealed. Undoubtedly, the specific benefits of rhinoplasty surgery are well worth it for plenty of people who choose that route. However, if you’re more the “instant fix” type and you just don’t foresee scheduling a staycation to recover from an operation, you’ll likely be happier with the injection approach. Non-surgical rhinoplasty in our Toronto clinic has clients in and out with a new nose they love as quick as a lunch break. The recovery involves a little sensitivity and mild swelling, which won’t likely be noticeable to the people around you. It’s essential to be realistic about the necessary time investment required for each cosmetic procedure. We strongly recommend that you proceed with surgery only when you’re ready to do what it takes to recover well. If now’s not the ideal time, no problem! There’s plenty our experts can do to help you love how you look without complicated downtime.

Are you intrigued by the possibilities?

There you have it – 5 key facts to consider about the fast, minimally invasive benefits of an injectable nose job. We invite you to call, write, or come into the Torgerson Clinic in Yorkville today. Experience a welcoming environment where you’ll be heard and understood. We know how troubling issues with appearance can be for all people, no matter what their background or situation is. We pride ourselves on offering the medical aesthetic industry’s latest in technology and innovative advancements to provide you with the very best.

Whether you choose surgical or non-surgical nose job methods, Dr. Torgerson can help remodel the nose for a proportionate, balanced and refined result. With a combination of detailed knowledge and an artistic eye, Dr. Torgerson achieves impressive results through injection that were once possible only with surgery.

As a Royal College-certified facial cosmetic surgeon who specializes in the head and neck, Dr. Cory Torgerson has a comprehensive skill set and experience in all modalities of facial enhancements, so he’s well-positioned to help you navigate options and devise a personalized plan that’s just right for you.

We look forward to making your dreams of a new nose come true.

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