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People are often surprised to learn what a strong, well-defined jaw can do for their appearance. Because of the complexity of facial anatomy and proportions, many people learn about jaw augmentation at their first facial surgery consultation. They might not be aware of what facial area could use enhancement or how. They just know that things seem out of balance or less than ideal. That’s where the facial surgery experts come in and often recommend a change to the chin and jawline to create dramatic improvements.

Have you ever noticed that a sharp, defined jawline can make a person appear confident, youthful, or even healthier? Facial structure provides visual interest and lifts the skin, while a stronger jaw can make a person look fit and confident. We’ll explain how this facial feature manages to influence those around it and why you may want to consider facial surgery to improve your jaw. Think this is just for men? We’ve got good news for you.

Facial surgery with custom jaw implants

Genetics are a force to be reckoned with. No matter your general fitness or muscle mass, if you’ve got a small or recessed chin, you could appear weaker overall. This is especially true for men as their natural characteristics tend toward more prominent jaws, noses and brow bones than their female counterparts. There’s a wide range of facial variations that are normal for men and women, but many guys seek facial surgery to appear more masculine or confident.

Perhaps more surprising is that women can benefit from these improvements as well, without appearing the least bit masculine if they don’t wish to. The subtle adjustments possible through a chin or jaw adjustment can create nearly imperceptible structural shifts for the whole face without dominating. A recessed or underdeveloped chin bone, along with a narrow or ill-defined jawline, may generate a variety of undesirable effects, including:

  • Lack of separation between jaw and neck
  • Hanging neck skin or double chin
  • A nose that appears disproportionately larger
  • The appearance of weakness or lack of confidence

Having jowls and loose skin not only increases a person’s apparent age, but also detracts from the strength and beauty of the other facial features. When we see elements out of balance on a face, our brain may not register the mathematical reasons why, but we instinctively know this arrangement isn’t as attractive as it could be. Facial plastic surgeons know why. When otolaryngologist-head and neck surgeons see you and assess your face, their keen eye for anatomical harmony and in-depth experience help formulate a plan to enhance your whole look through individual changes. For many clients, a chin implant or other augmentation is life-changing and dramatically improves their appearance. We’re going to let you in on how cosmetic surgeons do it.

The best plastic surgeons in Toronto know all the techniques

When people think of Dr. Torgerson, facelift or rhinoplasty often comes to mind, but for many patients, the potential for an implant, a partial lift, liposuction, or even non-surgical interventions is extremely promising. You may not be aware of all the ways to balance and revitalize your face until your cosmetic surgeon suggests them. A skilled expert who focuses on just facial plastic surgery and treatments will have a wide variety of potential methods to utilize for each unique client. In other words, the best thing for you depends on your surgeon’s knowledge of the best “tricks” to make you look your best.

Non-surgical chin augmentation

Surgery-free options such as injectable dermal fillers can be ideal for mild to moderate jawline definition or subtle chin augmentation. By injecting hyaluronic acid fillers to the jaw or chin, the edge of the bony angle and mandible can be enhanced. This works well for patients who are relatively thin and have a weak or recessed chin. The instant result of filler gel injection is exceptionally satisfying for patients. It can also be a wise way to try out the look of an implant before submitting to facial surgery.

Dermal fillers in the jaw will last an average of 9 to 12 months and can be dissolved if desired, so there are very few drawbacks to starting with this approach. For significant reconstructive or transformative changes, the possible improvements with HA filler will not be enough.

1 to 4 syringes of dermal filler will usually create the desired effect. However, the cost will be $1,000 to $3,000 on average, so the long-term investment in a surgical implant often wins out.

Decreasing the size of a chin

Some of the non-surgical methods represent effective ways to diminish or remove bulk around the chin and jaw.

Other injectable treatments such as Belkyra (deoxycholic acid) or Botox will dissolve fat collections that form a double chin or relax jaw muscles (masseters) respectively.

Removing excess fat that collects under the chin and along the jawline can do wonders for revealing the youthful bone structure and thinning the face. Masseter muscles can make some people’s jaws appear heavy and too strong for their liking. Neuromodulator injection isn’t reserved just for wrinkle reduction but also alters facial structure into a slightly more “V” shape.

Shrinking strong jaw muscles by injecting neurotoxins gently slims the face without surgery and lasts several months.

Chin liposuction

Liposuction is surgical, but your surgeon can perform it on a very small, precise scale without leaving obvious scars. Surgical options to remove fat and reveal jaw structure are for patients who have a moderate to large amount of neck and facial fat.

Facial cosmetic surgery for the chin and jaw

Maxillofacial surgery can rearrange the teeth, jaw, and chin, often for functional as well as aesthetic reasons. Facial surgery may be not only recommended but essential to improve breathing, eating, and other quality of life factors for a client. TMJ, a common short form for jaw pain, is an uncomfortable joint issue that may also be improved through surgery. If your lower jaw protrudes, you may have an underbite, and the resulting look can be too bottom-heavy or strong-jawed. Conversely, jaw surgery is indicated when there is deficient growth in the lower jaw bone or degeneration, leading to recession and an overbite. Cosmetic facial surgery in Ontario will not be covered by provincial health insurance when done solely for visual effects, but it can be covered if a malformation or dysfunction is found.

Face and neck lift in Toronto

Did you know that many of the neck and face lift patients Dr. Torgerson sees are not just looking to turn back the clock? As well as anti-ageing benefits, removing excess neck skin, repositioning the underlying muscles and lifting lower face skin can do wonders for a defined, confident jawline. Often, attractive bone structure is somewhat hidden under skin laxity, either due to normal aging, significant weight loss, or a genetic predisposition.

Through making incisions near the ears as well as underneath your chin, neck skin can be lifted while allowing for the tightening of platysmal muscles and excess fat removal. A neck lift can provide many years of youthful jaw definition and help a person age more gracefully.

Chin implant recovery and benefits

A chin implant surgery will take only about an hour. Incisions are made inside the mouth or are well hidden under the chin.The surgeon will select the implant from several safe, durable materials, and the implants are pre-sized or customized. A small pocket is made and holds the implant flush to the bone, where it stays put once healed. There are also jaw angle implants and a variety of shapes and sizes to suit men and women with diverse goals.

Recovery tends to be easily managed after facial surgery involving implants. Swelling and bruising can be seen around the surgical site for about a week, and speaking or smiling may feel sore, though most patients won’t require narcotic pain medication to stay comfortable. Incisions inside the mouth heal very quickly, and we typically use dissolvable sutures.

How to have a chiseled jawline – start with a consultation

There’s a perfect solution for you to get the jaw of your dreams. Dr. Cory Torgerson is one of Toronto’s and Canada’s most prominent facial plastic surgeons. He focuses his practice on head and neck facial surgery as well as the medical aesthetic industry’s most innovative non-surgical and non-invasive treatments.

We believe that everyone ought to have access to no-obligation, personalized assessments to help them decide on their ideal approach to cosmetic improvements. We also think that the best facial surgeons offer comprehensive and harmonized treatments for overall balance and beauty that looks naturally amazing.

We welcome you to visit us for your consultation to let Dr. Torgerson know what you’d like to change. He’ll offer you honest, detailed feedback with a plan to suit your needs, budget, and goals. We look forward to seeing you.

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