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Everything You Need To Know About Chin Implant Surgery

Chin implant surgery is a cosmetic procedure ideal for people who are unhappy with the way their profile appears.

An aesthetically pleasing profile is generally considered balanced if the chin rests at about the same projection as the lips and forehead. People who are unhappy with their profile are often displeased with the size or shape of their nose. Or they may dislike even more the shape, size, and projection of their chin. When considering having a chin implant procedure, there are several factors that must be discussed with your plastic surgeon to achieve the finest results. A chin implant is a procedure that is commonly performed with a rhinoplasty to achieve overall improvement in the patient’s profile.

Consultation With a Surgeon

A consultation with a certified facial cosmetic surgeon is the first step in determining the chin enhancement option that is the most suitable for your face. Chin enhancement can be achieved non-surgically with dermal fillers. However, patients who want a chin implant are often seeking a more permanent solution for their cosmetic goals.

Chin implant procedures are one of the most common facial cosmetic procedures at Dr. Torgerson’s Facial Cosmetic Clinic located in Yorkville, downtown Toronto. Some of the anatomical qualities that Dr. Torgerson takes into consideration when deciding on the right type of implant for his chin implant patients include:

Symmetry of Facial Features

Is a chin implant going to achieve symmetry in the patient’s face? Can it correct any irregularities? Which part of the face will benefit the most from the chin implant?

Shape and Size of Chin

The current shape and size of the chin will dictate the implant type and size in most cases.

Face Shape

The shape of the face plays a huge role in balancing out the correct size for chin implants.

Skin Quality

In older patients, skin quality becomes particularly important for people who are deciding on facial cosmetic surgery. Sometimes chin implant results are affected by loose skin or subcutaneous fat under the chin. Comprehensive lower face enhancement procedures can include several procedures such as neck liposuction, neck lift, chin implant, and CO2 laser resurfacing to make significant improvements in the contours of the lower face.

Body Shape

The shape of the chin implant must be in harmony with the whole body. A suitable size can be selected based on the patient’s height, weight, body shape, and lifestyle.


Clear communication of the expectations of what a chin implant procedure can achieve for each person’s facial structure is an important part of successfully selecting the correct size and shape of chin implant.

What Type of Sedation is Required for Chin Implant Surgery?

Chin implant procedures can be performed under local or deeper sedation. Any additional facial procedures will entail a longer surgery period and can contribute to a longer recovery period. Multiple surgeries require full sedation under local anaesthesia.

Where Will I Have Incision Marks?

Chin implant surgery requires minimally invasive incisions placed parallel on a naturally occurring crease underneath the chin. The incision scar is usually a few inches in length. Some plastic surgeons insert chin implants through the mouth to avoid any visible scarring on the chin. The technique and incision scar placement can vary based on the preference of your plastic surgeon.

What Are the Risks with Chin Implant Surgery?

The risks of chin implant surgery are not common, but they can occur in some cases. Some of the risks associated with chin plant surgery include:

Infection of Implant

Infections can be managed with medications, but in some cases, the body might reject the implant, requiring the removal of the implant.

Movement of Implant

Over time, the chin can be susceptible to movement fighting gravity, which may cause the implant to drop down and sit underneath the jawline.

Chin implant procedures are generally well tolerated by most patients. Most patients do not experience any post-op complications. If you are unhappy with the current shape or size of your chin or if you are not satisfied with the way your facial profile appears, then booking a consultation with Dr. Torgerson is a great way to find out if you would benefit from a chin implant.

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