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Toronto Chemical Peels: Busting the Myths

In the world of aesthetics, the words “chemical peel” may bring to mind red, raw-looking skin, and a serious ouch factor.

However, with advances in the aesthetics industry and improved formulations, this is not typical of a Toronto chemical peel today. It’s important for patients considering a chemical peel in Toronto to be able to differentiate the facts from the myths to make a well-informed decision. Join us in busting the myths about chemical peels.

Types of Peels

The Cumulative Results

One of the most common misconceptions when it comes to chemical peels is that they require a significant amount of downtime. Since there are so many different types of peels available, the milder ones in particular generally require no downtime or visible exfoliation at all. The types of peels that have been traditionally associated with raw skin and a significant recovery period are no longer used, as laser resurfacing methods have been devised that are able to target the very deep layers of the skin more effectively. There are certain types of peels that target the deeper layers of the skin such as Jessners or TCA peels, which may leave visible peeling and slight redness. However, doing a series of peels over time can give the cumulative results of a deep peel without leaving the skin raw and painful.

Another myth often associated with chemical peels is that they can be performed at home. It is important that only a medical professional in a clinical setting perform a medical-grade chemical peel. This is because there are many considerations to take into account besides simply applying the product. Patients who have tried chemical peels at home often end up causing serious damage to the skin, including scarring and hypo-pigmentation.

People may also mistakenly assume that a chemical peel is a one-time fix for all their skin problems. Although chemical peels can help repair visible damage on the skin’s surface, they are unable to repair deep issues from the sun and aging.

Who Should Do Peels?

The Safety of Chemical Peels

Although any type of peel, whether superficial or deeper, will provide visible results, treatment must be consistent to see dramatic results.

Upon hearing the term “chemical peel”, patients sometimes assume the word “chemical” means bad for you. The truth is that not all chemicals are bad. Contrary to popular belief, the active acids in most chemical peels are actually natural ingredients. For example, glycolic acid is derived from sugar cane, and lactic acid from sour milk. As long as a professional who is aware of the risks and possible contraindications is using them, chemical peels are completely safe.

People also tend to associate the term “acid” with a dangerous substance that will severely burn the skin. However, some of the most beneficial ingredients for the skin are non-irritating, naturally occurring acids such as hyaluronic acid that actually help heal the skin and don’t cause any exfoliation.

Another widely believed myth among Toronto chemical peel candidates is that this treatment is only beneficial for people with visibly damaged skin. Although chemical peels can help resolve skin concerns, people who do not have problem skin can also use them as a preventative measure. Mild peels such as those with beta and alpha hydroxy acids can help increase cellular turnover while exfoliating dead cells. This is especially beneficial to patients in their late 20s and above, as the rate of cell turnover tends to slow down around that time.

When exploring your options for a chemical peel in Toronto, it is important to choose a doctor who is highly experienced in the aesthetic field. Dr. Torgerson is well known as an industry leader in the plastic surgery and works closely with all patients to customize a treatment plan that addresses their specific goals while keeping their comfort and health at the forefront.

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