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Rhinoplasty is still one of the most in-demand facial surgeries today. Men and women of all ages and backgrounds choose this transformative procedure to balance and otherwise improve their look. You may realize that the nose is one of the most distinguishing characteristics of the face, but do you know how the surgical techniques designed to alter it are done? Check out these 7 need-to-know facts from facial plastic surgeon Dr. Cory Torgerson below.

If you’ve ever considered rhinoplasty, Dr. Torgerson has several essential tips for you. Rhinoplasty is definitely not one-size-fits-all. Faces are beautifully diverse, and so are nose jobs.

Dr. Torgerson is a rhinoplasty surgeon who performs hundreds of these complex operations each year. Here are 7 things we’d like you to know about this procedure, which he finds incredibly gratifying.

1. Rhinoplasty isn’t done for just cosmetic reasons

Roughly half of the nasal surgeries performed are for cosmetic improvements. The other half is related to injury and malformations. Included within this category is the problem of deviated septum. This common issue sometimes goes completely unnoticed, but severely twisted or crooked cartilage and bone in the nose can lead to a blockage and impaired breathing. Your inner nasal cavities contain soft, pliable tissue called cartilage, which makes up a significant amount of your septum (the divider between the nostrils). Further up, bone shapes the nose, and this too can be formed in such a way that it blocks air from passing through easily. When a person undergoes surgery to correct breathing and repair the deviated septum, it’s called a septoplasty.

Often this correction is straightforward and requires only septum straightening and turbinate reduction. Many patients choose to combine this necessary procedure with an elective cosmetic element, so their method will be called a septorhinoplasty. If you select septum straightening alone, your rhinoplasty before and after is not likely to look any different.

2. Rhinoplasty — age is a factor

As the nose begins to develop and grow significantly in adolescence, many teens feel confident that they’d like a nose job, even though they haven’t quite stopped growing. It’s understandably hard to be patient. Many people feel self-conscious about their noses from a young age, but there are good reasons that reputable facial plastic surgeons will advise waiting. Dr. Torgerson sees people for consultations beginning at 16. By that age, most nasal and skeletal growth should be complete. That’s a generalization, however, and each client needs an in-person consultation to assess their situation.

Young people under 18 need to be accompanied by a legal guardian for approval. Other factors to consider are the person’s schedule, daily activities, and emotional maturity. Recovering for surgery requires a real commitment to following instructions and taking care of the healing at home. There is some discomfort and swelling expected. Temporary restrictions on some activities are necessary as well. Many young people enrolled in school need special consideration to arrange 2 weeks off. They must also refrain from playing sports or engaging in other strenuous activity for a time. When it appears that recovery won’t fit well with the current lifestyle, the surgeon will help the client plan for the future and arrange a more practical time.

3. Your nose should look like yours, not someone else’s

Many people have a “wish nose” in mind when they come to see Dr. Torgerson for rhinoplasty. There’s nothing wrong with knowing what you like, but it’s critical for patients to understand that you cannot have someone else’s nose. There are too many unique factors that differentiate faces. The subtle details of facial features are sometimes noticed only by facial surgeons. You may not realize how different your anatomy is compared with the object of your admiration.

Further, even if you could have exactly their nose, it wouldn’t look the same on you, unfortunately. Don’t worry. The reality of what’s possible to improve your look is actually far better than copying someone else. Experienced and talented facial surgeons consider everything from the shape and size of your face to your ethnic background, gender, age, and all your other features before planning your nose revitalization. A dedicated surgeon will want you to look as good as you possibly can and for that gorgeous nose to appear as if you were born with it.

4. Nose fillers in Toronto are an exciting new option

In Toronto, injectable nose jobs are all the rage. To be clear, they’re not for everyone. There are limits to what can be achieved with fillers, but you may be surprised to learn just how much a facial cosmetic surgeon can reshape and enhance the nose this way.

Using injectable dermal fillers, we can straighten a nose somewhat, improve the profile, diminish a bump, lift the tip, build up the bridge and radix, and more. The fast, 15-minute non-surgical rhinoplasty technique allows people to see instant results, which is a major selling point. As well, there are no scars and no downtime. Minor imperfections and characteristics can be beautifully altered for roughly 9 months until the product slowly wears off.

Hyaluronic acid (HA) fillers are safe and natural. Your body will reabsorb the hydrating gel over time. Among the many benefits of these fillers is the opportunity to try out a look before committing to surgery. Also, unlike many treatments, this one is reversible with an enzyme injection that dissolves the gel quickly.

There are limits, and some people will opt for the permanent, surgical route to better target their goals. Here’s what filler in the nose can’t do:

Filler can’t slim or shrink the nose. It cannot decrease the nostril width. It can’t treat a deviated septum or improve breathing.

Having attained the highest credentials and training in Canada for facial plastic surgery and ear, nose, and throat (otolaryngology), Dr. Torgerson’s expertise in carrying out refined, advanced enhancements is far beyond regular injectors. He thoroughly enjoys the artistic freedom and improved scope of possibilities he has when offering both surgical and non-surgical options. Patients who visit our Toronto clinic for nose filler will be treated by Dr. Torgerson personally.

5. It’s called “plastic surgery”, but it doesn’t use plastic

Some people picture the overdone, unrealistic look of stereotypical cosmetic surgery when they hear the word “plastic”. Long before we invented plastic materials, the Latin word “plasticus” and Greek “plastikos” meant to mould or shape something. The term has been used for a very long time in medicine along with much more Latin terminology. Unfortunately, rather than the idea of reshaping the face, some people have the impression that actual plastic is involved in these surgeries.

This procedure doesn’t result in a plastic nose, but there are some surgically implanted materials that can be used to build up or reconstruct the tissues. Cartilage from other areas of the body is often used to repair the damage, strengthen the bridge, build the nose up, or straighten it. This natural, pliable material can be taken from the ear or rib.

6. Rhinoplasty costs will vary

If you schedule a septorhinoplasty, a small portion may be covered by insurance. Elective cosmetic procedures designed for aesthetic enhancement are not covered by insurance. You’ll receive a personalized estimate when you meet with your surgeon for consultation, and you’ll be able to ask questions and ensure that the quote is explained to you. The prices for a nose job in Toronto are dramatically different, depending on what will be done. Typically, the cost is between $6,000 and $13,000 plus HST. These prices are subject to change over time.

Because there are so many different reasons for nose surgery and so many different ways to do it, you won’t know what your procedure involves until your consultation. Your operation may take between 2 and 5 hours on average, and the anaesthesia fees, licensed medical staff charges, facility, medications, and surgical supplies all carry a cost, which increases based on time. Your surgeon’s operating fee, their expertise, and all your pre- and post-operative appointments will generally be included in that quote as well. We offer medical financing with reputable companies to help offset the inconvenience of payments if you wish to use that option.

7. Your in-person consultation is essential

When you schedule your consultation, you’ll be meeting privately with Dr. Torgerson. He’ll examine your nose and listen to your concerns, questions, and ideas. Our patients love the Vectra 3D imaging camera, which is a system that allows you to imagine the possibilities of your procedure. Vectra is a helpful communication tool as well, because Dr. Torgerson wants to know what his patients see and what they desire when they look at their face.

You’ll be able to view real patient results in the office as well to compare rhinoplasty before and after photos.

Dr. Torgerson – Rhinoplasty Surgeon

If you’re considering what this type of facial change could do for you, don’t hesitate to book your consultation. We want each client to feel completely at ease and gather the information they need with no pressure to book a procedure. When you’re ready, we’re here to help you design the next steps for your nose. We’re pleased to offer a welcoming environment where you’ll feel understood and excited about your outcome. We look forward to meeting you.

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