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Rhinoplasty Surgeon: 3 Helpful Tips for Finding the Best

Rhinoplasty is an extremely challenging surgery that requires expert precision to yield the best results.

If you’re considering altering the shape or size of your nose, you’ll want to select the best rhinoplasty surgeon in Toronto. To help you along your journey, here are 3 helpful tips for finding the best.

How To Receive Optimal Results

Surgeon’s Credentials

One of the most important things to look at is a surgeon’s credentials. Choosing a surgeon who is highly experienced and skilled in rhinoplasty with a proven track record will ensure that you receive optimal results. Although there are many surgeons performing rhinoplasty procedures, some are more qualified than others.

Many people don’t realize that there are actually several different types of rhinoplasty, each of which require a different level of precision to successfully carry out. To be able to assess which kind of procedure will help you meet your goals, the expert opinion of a surgeon with specific education and training in rhinoplasty is essential. The best rhinoplasty surgeons in Toronto have achieved their credentials in plastic or facial cosmetic surgery and are certified by the Royal College of Surgeons and Physicians of Canada.

Another tip to help with your search is to visit multiple clinics and personally sit down with your top choices of surgeons before making the ultimate decision. In doing so, you can determine not only which surgeon you feel the most comfortable with, but also observe the facilities to get a feel for the atmosphere of the clinic.

Providing a Customized Plan of the Procedure

Giving Patients a Preview of Their Results

Feeling comfortable with your surgeon can make all the difference between a relaxed and smooth procedure versus an anxiety-ridden journey. Dr. Torgerson personally meets with all of his potential rhinoplasty patients. After carefully listening to each patient’s unique goals and analyzing their nose, he provides a customized plan of action. Furthermore, by using 3-D imaging tools to preview the results, patients are able to go into their procedure with realistic expectations and complete peace of mind that there will be no unwelcome surprises.

While searching in Toronto, the best rhinoplasty surgeon options can be provided by past patients. If you’re able to talk to patients who have worked with the same surgeon you are considering, you’ll be able to get an honest and unbiased opinion of their quality of work. Reading online reviews given by patients is also a great way to get an idea of the surgeon’s and clinic’s reputation as well as ensure that there are no malpractice claims or red flags to look out for.

Many surgeons also offer before and after photos on their websites, which can be a helpful tool to give you an idea of the quality of their work. However, it’s prudent to remember that these pictures will usually only showcase a Toronto surgeon’s best rhinoplasty work. Therefore, doing your own research is also a good idea. To get started with a private consultation, we welcome you to contact our Yorkville clinic.

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