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Choosing the Best Cosmetic Surgeon in Toronto

Once you’ve decided to find your cosmetic surgeon, you might be overwhelmed with the choices and even a bit confused.

After all, choosing a practitioner who can make your transformation journey exceptional means ensuring that they have the experience, artistic eye, bedside manner, and staff that appeal to you. Don’t worry; we’ve compiled a guide that outlines key points to consider and criteria you should look for, so you can feel confident that your choice is an excellent one. Keep reading to learn how you can select the best cosmetic surgeon in Toronto.

Are You Comfortable With Your Surgeon’s Bedside Manner?

Points to cover before you set foot in a plastic surgery clinic

When reviewing names and websites for Toronto cosmetic surgeons, first you should verify that they are in good standing with the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada. In Canada, that is the only college that can certify physicians and surgeons. So beware of any other claims that do not include this vital distinction. They should be verified to ensure the surgeon has had the extensive training and accountability that the Royal College represents. You can check with them that your surgeon has no disciplinary action or license suspensions in place. Additional memberships like the CSPS and FRCSC designations mean that your surgeon has completed intensive training in their area of focus and will be well qualified to perform your procedure.

Next, you’ll want to investigate how often the surgeon performs the particular procedures that you’re interested in. A Toronto cosmetic surgeon may be renowned for a specific area of specialty such as breast augmentation or a Brazilian butt lift, but that will not ensure they are adept in facelift or rhinoplasty techniques. Just as with any skill, the more you practice it, the better you become. You’ll want to schedule consultations with the experts who focus on your surgery, developing advanced procedure skills and talent in that area.

It’s Time to Book an Appointment or Two!

Planning safe and desirable results for you

Your consultation will help you clarify your own goals and your options. It will also enable you to discover more about your surgeon and their approach. Think of it as an interview where both of you will be asking essential questions and determining whether you have a great fit. You can definitely schedule more than one consultation and compare the information of two or more practitioners.

Health and safety tip: When you meet with your cosmetic surgeon, be completely honest!

It’s tempting to keep private things such as recreational drug use, the frequency of alcohol consumption, medical problems, or medications. While that’s understandable in most cases, your surgeon needs to have honest answers to the health and lifestyle questions they ask you because it will help them plan safe and desirable results for you. They have your best interests at heart and will keep your information entirely confidential. Regardless of expertise, education, or how popular your chosen clinic is, if your surgeon makes you feel uncomfortable in any way, it’s a good idea to evaluate those feelings before going ahead with surgery. Your relationship is an important one because you’ll be communicating regularly after surgery as well. You should feel heard, respected, and genuinely cared for by your surgeon and their staff.

Referrals Are Very Useful in Cosmetic Surgery

The following items could be a consultation red flag:

Does the clinic use a hard-sell approach? Any time a medical practice suggests that you have limited time to make a choice or otherwise puts pressure on you to make the sale, that’s a bad sign. All cosmetic surgeons in Toronto want to gain patients and sales of course, but an ethical practitioner will insist that you choose what you feel is best for you, entirely independent of outside influence.

Do they guarantee surgical results? Perfection isn’t a word that reputable surgeons use, and there is no way to ensure a perfect result. Your cosmetic surgeon should clearly explain the risks and the reality of potential outcomes. While they may be very confident in their skill and ability, there are always variables and inherent risks.

Do they have qualified, licensed staff? Your surgeon should be clear and open with you about their support staff, including the anaesthesiologist, licensed nurses, and assistants.

Do the Consent Forms and Instructions Make Sense?

Following post-op care instructions

You will likely have a fair amount of paperwork to read through and sign when you choose to go ahead with your procedure. It’s never too late to ask for clarification and the explanation of what you’re reading. If you find the consent forms confusing, ask your surgeon or nurse to explain them. And take your time. You will see risks outlined, potential corrective measures explained, and the responsibility laid out for following post-op care instructions, and you should feel comfortable with all of it.

Are you missing details? On the one hand, an abundance of paperwork, instructions, and details can feel overwhelming, but conversely, lack of guidelines or post-op plans should sound an alarm for you. Your surgeon will need to see you after your procedure, sometimes multiple times. They should be available to talk and provide a qualified staff member to speak with as well. What goes on following a procedure should never be shrouded in mystery. You need instructions to follow, emergency contact information, and an explanation of what to expect for the first days, weeks, and months. If you have only a foggy idea of what happens after, get those questions clearly answered or find another surgeon.

Go ahead and ask your friends, family, and anyone in your network what their experience with Toronto cosmetic surgeons has been. Don’t be shy. Some of the most honest and helpful information you’ll receive is from people who’ve been in your position and who have personally experienced the good and the bad. Reviews can be beneficial, so try to read a few before proceeding with a particular clinic.

When you’re satisfied that the critical questions are answered, your surgeon is well qualified, and you feel comfortable with their care and communication, congratulations! You’ve found a great cosmetic surgeon, and you can go ahead with the next steps of your exciting journey.

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