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Double Eyelid Surgery – What’s Driving This Toronto Trend?

The popularity of double eyelid surgery in Toronto is on the rise, but who’s seeking this treatment and why? What’s driving this Toronto trend?

Dr. Cory Torgerson’s clientele is comprised of just about every ethnicity, so it’s no wonder that in this multicultural city, he treats a high number of clients seeking this form of blepharoplasty. This cosmetic surgery procedure addresses the upper eyelids. Through a relatively straightforward process, a person’s appearance can be dramatically enhanced. How so?

Double Eyelid Surgery Toronto

Toronto Double Eyelid Surgery Explained

Throughout the western world and Africa, the double eyelid is considered a typical feature. However, among Asian people, a single eyelid, known as a monolid, is prevalent instead. Whether patients have multiple small eyelid folds, asymmetric upper lids, or one surface from lash to brow, the double-fold procedure aims to create a defined crease where there is none.

The appearance of an upper eyelid crease can open up the eyes so that they appear wider and allow more surface area for applying makeup.

What techniques are used to achieve a double eyelid fold?

There are 2 conventional methods utilized when performing double eyelid surgery in Toronto. The first one involves making a small incision on the upper lid and securing tiny sutures to create the fold. Any excess protruding fat pads can be removed or repositioned at this time to reveal orbital contours and reduce the “hooded” appearance. While this technique is preferred among most patients because of its longevity, it’s worth noting that the thin scar can take up to a full year to fade.

The second technique, also known as the incisionless double-fold technique, uses stitches and no incision. A tiny suture secures the skin of the eyelid to the underlying tissue at the height of the desired fold. A crease is created nearly instantly, and the downtime is very minimal. The drawback for this option and the reason it’s less popular is that the effects eventually wear off. It’s also best suited to people with thin eyelids and won’t be as useful when upper eyelid fat pads are present.

Non-invasive and creative techniques

In China, the popularity of creating eyelid folds has led to ingenuity with non-surgical methods. One fashionable trend involves the use of eyelid tape. This sticky, fibrous strip is applied to the upper eyelid, giving it the sought-after crease as the tape pushes inward. This safe, inexpensive trick has become part of many people’s daily makeup routine. While the neutral colour of the tape is intended to disappear on the lid, the addition of false eyelashes or eyeliner and shadow can ensure that the tape is completely camouflaged.

Some patients will go even further to create the illusion of a double eyelid in Toronto. There are smartphone apps that can apply this look to the ever-popular selfie anywhere in the world.

What makes the Toronto double eyelid surgery popular?

The monolid is a phenomenon that often gives a hooded appearance, preventing the eye from opening widely. For mature patients who have begun to experience sagging skin, the issue is compounded by a look of perpetual tiredness. The rejuvenation that blepharoplasty (eye surgery) offers older clients can be done with or without double fold creation.

Asian celebrities like Angelababy and Fan Bingbing have made Asian blepharoplasty trendy. Once considered controversial in parts of the world, double-eyelid surgery has become more acceptable. With rising incomes, it’s also more financially feasible to model one’s appearances after these stylish celebs.

Whether creating wider eyes, appearing younger, balancing asymmetrical folds, or reducing upper-eye fat, the reasons for undergoing Asian eyelid surgery in Toronto are increasing.

Ma Lanhua, a plastic surgeon from China, reports that when she began her practice in 1987, she performed 3 eyelid surgeries each month. Since then, those numbers have increased to over 100 double-fold surgeries per month.*(source link at bottom)

While the numbers of double eyelid surgery are perhaps not as numerous here, Toronto facial surgeons are also seeing increased requests for ethnic cosmetic procedures along with an increasingly diverse population. Great care is taken to create natural, subtle changes that respect a person’s overall appearance and heritage. More often today, the trend for double eyelid surgery in Toronto is to create smaller, “Korean-style” folds that aren’t set as high or as pronounced as European eyelid folds.

How long does recovery from double-fold surgery take?

Because the skin around the eye is quite delicate, the patient should anticipate some swelling and possible bruising after Asian blepharoplasty, which lasts roughly 2 weeks. Factors that impact recovery are health conditions, age, lifestyle, and general wellness.

Following surgery, it’s not uncommon to experience blurry vision. It’s temporary — a result of antibacterial drops, eye-watering, and swelling. Generally, there’s an 80% to 90% reduction of inflammation by the 14-day point, and most people return to regular work and light activities then. Activities like surfing the Web, reading, and watching television will need to be on hold for the first week while you rest your eyelids.

Eyeliner, shadow, and mascara can be applied again once the incisions are entirely closed. To help mask the appearance of bruising, talk to your facial surgeon about using a specialized product like the ColoreScience Corrector palette, which is designed to camouflage discoloration.

While you’ll enjoy your new look very quickly after surgery, expect the thin eyelid scars to take several months to fade.

How much does double eyelid surgery cost in Toronto?

A primary consideration for patients is budget. Keep in mind that you’re not merely paying for a product or a service; you’re investing in the skill and expertise of the surgeon performing the procedure. In Toronto, this surgery ranges in price from $6,000 to $8,000 + HST, depending on the location of the clinic and the experience of your facial plastic surgeon. (Prices are subject to change.) We work with excellent medical financing companies who can help offset the price of eyelid surgery through smaller, monthly payments. If this interests you, just let us know during your visit.

Why choose Dr. Cory Torgerson for eyelid surgery?

Dr. Cory Torgerson believes in attention to detail when planning and performing cosmetic surgery procedures. The customization of an eyelid surgery is entirely unique for each client. Your questions, concerns, preferences, and goals will all be taken into account. With a state-of-the-art, contemporary plastic surgery clinic nestled in the heart of Toronto’s culturally diverse downtown, Dr. Torgerson has experience perfecting numerous approaches to double eyelid surgery. Toronto patients can count on his skill, artistry, and passion for excellence. You’re welcome to schedule a consultation today.

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