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Colorescience is an innovative mineral makeup line that is exclusively sold to medical clinics and spas.

The technology and philosophy behind the brand is driven by physician standards of providing patients with quality products that contain medical ingredients. Colorescience makeup is created with superior quality ingredients to deliver results that are beneficial for the skin with professional makeup application results. With these professional ingredients, Colorescience targets and addresses common skin conditions that were once only targeted by skincare products, not make-up. The infusion of high-grade mineral products with preventative anti-ageing ingredients makes Colorescience the obvious choice in mineral makeup for dermatologists and plastic surgeons.

Perfect Complement For Non-Ablative Procedures

What Is Colorescience?

Medical technology spas offer products like Colorescience because this makeup directly supports and benefits the patients and their services. Men or women who get invasive or non-invasive treatments to the face might need to cover up any post-treatment symptoms with makeup without harming the newly treated skin. Skin that has been treated with lasers or chemicals or other forms of anti-aging interventions will be more sensitive due to the recent changes in the skin and inside the dermis from lasers or other aesthetic technologies. High-quality products are of the utmost importance at that time because inadequate protection of the treated skin might actually do more harm than good. The vulnerability of the treated skin makes skincare and makeup a critical component of the recovery/healing phase of facial treatments conducted in medical clinics and spas.

Colorescience is the perfect complement for non-ablative procedures because it can cover redness and nourish the skin while providing sun protection without causing harm to the skin. Some of the key benefits of Colorescience mineral makeup products include: – high nourishment – hydration for deep moisture retention – water resistant – forms a natural protective barrier on the skin – UV protection containing high-integrity ingredients like zinc and titanium

Refined in the Best Way Possible for the Skin

Benefits of Colorescience

Colorescience makeup products are free of: dyes, talc, alcohol, mineral oil, fragrance, harsh chemicals.

The success of Colorescience products is rooted in the company values of only sourcing high-grade products that are refined in the best way possible for the skin. The nourishing properties of Colorescience makeup not only provide skin-perfecting colour coverage, but also nourishes the skin from the source. The benefits of using mineral makeup have been tested time and time again. Colorescience continues to prove itself as a leader in the cosmetic world for safely enhancing beauty without comprising the health and wellness of the users.

Colorescience uses innovative ingredients to provide sun protection in its mineral makeup products. Sunforgettable offers protection from the sun’s harmful UV radiation that is effective in a non-greasy formula that conveniently protects and conceals the skin on the face and neck area.

Colorescience created an advanced product that infuses sun care and skin care with colour covering capabilities all in one cosmetic product. It is ideal for people who do not want to comprise the quality of their skin health in the name of beauty.

If you are interested in learning more or trying Colorescience products, contact us now to book your consultation with one of our specialists for makeup colour matching along with recommended makeup types based on your skin and preference.

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