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Plastic Surgery for the Eyelids

The medical term for eyelid surgery is known as a blepharoplasty.

It is one of the most popular facial cosmetic surgeries in North America. Gravity and the fact that skin loses its elasticity as we age can result in the skin above and below the eye to droop and sag. The effect of this is an appearance that looks constantly tired and weary. Eyelid surgery can rejuvenate the person’s entire countenance by making them look more rested and vibrant.


Excess fatty deposits that form under the eyes as well as the “hooding” of the eyelid can cause the eyes to be the single feature that make the entire face look more aged than it needs to be. Blepharoplasty surgery is able to remove the fatty tissue that causes the puffiness and restore the eyelid to its original position, making the eyes look larger and therefore more alert. In certain people, the excess skin drooping over the eye can cause vision impairment and make it impossible to wear eye shadow. This is why a blepharoplasty is sometimes called an “eyelift”.

Dr. Cory Torgerson has performed many eyelid surgeries at his private surgery centre in Yorkville. He states that there are many considerations he has to make as a facial cosmetic surgeon to perform a successful blepharoplasty. It is necessary to study the shape of a person’s eyes and face, the arch of the eyebrow, and the structure of the cheekbone and elasticity of the skin, to name a few. Dr. Torgerson aims to restore the eyes so they look natural. Family, friends, and co-workers should think you look rested rather than “worked on”. Widening the eyes too much can produce the “deer in headlights” look, which is a possible danger when an inexperienced plastic surgeon is chosen.

This delicate surgery is accomplished by placing tiny incisions just below the bottom eyelash or in the eyelid crease. In this way, the scars are not visible but expertly hidden from view. When people are considering eyelid surgery, one of their first concerns during a consultation with Dr. Torgerson is whether or not their eyesight will be affected. The actual eye is not contacted whatsoever by any medical instrument. Clients are surprised that it is not necessary to be under general anaesthetic during a blepharoplasty, but that local anaesthetic with sedation is sufficient.


Dr. Torgerson advises that patients take 1 week of downtime for the eyes to heal properly. After this time, clients should feel comfortable to resume their public life. Any remaining bruises can be effectively hidden with the use of makeup or glasses. He will prescribe medication to aid with pain and to guard against infection. Ice packs and cool compresses gently applied to the area will soothe and provide comfort during this healing process. Due to swelling, the eyelid may not close completely for the first 4 to 5 days, but eye drops will alleviate dry eyes if they occur.

Dr. Torgerson’s skillful hands have successfully restored life and vitality to many eyelift patients’ appearances. If you are tired of looking at a weary reflection, why not take the first step to restoration and book a consultation today?

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