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Does the FUE Needle Punch Size Make a Difference?

The purpose of undergoing a hair transplant procedure is to be able to regain your hair.

The goal is to achieve the best illusion possible when growing your hair out post-procedure. Does the FUE needle punch size make a difference?

Follicular Unit Extraction


For the most part, an FUE (follicular unit extraction) hair transplant appears to be the better option when comparing to an FUT (strip method) procedure, and for many reasons. Although an FUE hair transplant can cost more, the results are more natural-looking and don’t leave a noticeable scar. Although FUE does not create a linear scar like FUT does, there is a possibility of seeing minor circular scars in the donor region after the transplant. Then again, that would be only throughout the first few months following the procedure. With hair slightly grown in the donor region, it won’t be visible unless you shave your donor region to skin level/level 0. If you follow the post-op protocol provided by the surgeon correctly such as applying Loprox and taking Prednisone, the donor area will heal and look natural over a short period of time. One way to prevent scarring and promote a faster recovery is to cut smoking, alcohol, and any blood-thinning supplements weeks prior to the procedure.

The size of the needle punch used during the harvesting also varies from surgeon to surgeon. With a punch size of .09 to 1 mm, you should have nothing to worry about as long as the donor area is not over-harvested. This also varies from patient to patient, as everyone heals differently after a FUE hair transplant.

Hair Transplant Procedures

The size of the FUE punch also depends on your doctor’s preference. For people with curly hair, the surgeon will most likely use a larger punch to decrease the chance of follicle transaction (severing the hairs). The patient’s scalp, skin texture, and hair characteristics also determine which punch size will be most suitable and will produce the best-quality hair follicles with the smallest possible scar. The smaller the diameter punch size, the higher the chance of transection, so understand that there must be a balance between the size of the punch and its performance.

Although most surgeons and online research will say that FUE is a better option than FUT, it is essential that you understand all the specifics and the differences between the two hair transplant methods. It is also important to always pick a surgeon you trust. And verify the size of their punch, although most clinics use anywhere from .8mm to 1 mm, which is standard today. Remember that it is not just the needle punch size that you should be concerned about; it’s also the technique that the clinic uses. To achieve desired expectations, clarify all of your concerns and potential outcomes before undergoing your hair transplant. The best thing you can do is address everything during your consultation.

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