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Best Non-Invasive Anti-Aging Treatments

The world of preventative anti-aging treatments continues to grow into a vast, sophisticated domain

With all the available topical creams, pills, lasers, and fillers, one can find oneself a bit overwhelmed by the wide range of technologies indicated for specific conditions. To make the research easier for Dr. Torgerson’s patients, we created a list of the best anti-aging treatments for common conditions.

Wrinkle Prevention

The prevention of wrinkles starts with a high-quality skincare routine that contains pharmaceutical-grade ingredients that promote cell renewal and cell turnover. In this way the body is consistently creating new, healthy skin cells for a radiant complexion. Our doctors and staff are firm believers and users of the recommended skincare line Vivier. Vivier products are exclusive to authorized physician clinic and skincare professionals, and their product offering includes an anti-aging program. This is in addition to their effectiveness in maintaining everyday skin health. Read more about Vivier products and the key ingredients behind their brand.


The use of neuromodulators is effective in preventing the further development of existing wrinkles on the face. They reduce and eliminate lines on the forehead, between the eyebrows, and around the eyes. Neurotoxins relax dynamic and static wrinkles on the face. The relaxation of these facial muscles will prevent and reduce the appearance of wrinkles and the formation of further wrinkles forming in the face and eye area of the face. Continued use of neuromodulators has proven to be effective in preventing the further advancement of wrinkles. The body will eventually require less and less product to achieve similar results. Neurotoxin treatments last up to 2-4 months, making them an easy, convenient add-on to your maintenance skin care regimen! Read more about Botox and Dysport.

Our doctors offer a wide variety of treatments for addressing wrinkles on the face and neck

Wrinkle Treatment

Treating wrinkles is heavily dependent on a person’s skin health, age, available time for potential recovery, and of course, financial commitment. Some of the non-invasive treatments available at our Facial Cosmetic and Laser Clinic include: AFT- Next generation of IPL laser treatments, also referred to as Advanced IPL (intense pulsed light therapy) This laser is fantastic for those who are looking to treat common symptoms like sun damage, age spots, minimal wrinkles, spider veins, mild acne scars, and uneven pigmentation. Advanced Intense Pulsed Light therapy is ideal for gently smoothening and tightening the skin and removing any imperfections.

ClearLift is an advanced non-ablative technology that gently resurfaces the skin. ClearLift has the capacity to treat sun spots and spider veins and to tighten the skin and pores. It heats beneath the surface of the skin to promote the skin’s regeneration and to retract without harming the outer layers of the skin. Best of all, it’s pain-free!

Non-surgical wrinkle treatments are proven to be effective preventative measures in reducing and preventing dynamic wrinkles from progressing into static wrinkles. Our doctors offer both invasive and non-invasive treatments for wrinkles at his Toronto clinic located in Yorkville. If you are interested in discovering more about non-invasive procedures to treat wrinkles on the face and neck, you can schedule a consultation at our Facial Cosmetic and Laser Clinic with one of our cosmetic doctors!

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