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Changes a Chin Implant Can Make

When you think of plastic surgery, chin augmentation isn’t usually on the top of your mind

However, it is the secret arsenal to a more defined and proportionate face. Choosing to move ahead with a chin implant results in an easy surgery and recovery that makes a huge difference for both male and female patients. Included below are some of the top changes a chin implant can make.

Harmony and balance to the facial features

Self-esteem and confidence

Many patients who choose a chin implant feel that their face appeared small, disproportionate, and rounded. Many specifically complain of a “chubby face” look even though they are not overweight. Others are frustrated by their facial profile presented in photos and social media, where a weak chin can result in a double chin or a receding face that appears larger at the top and tiny at the bottom. Patients who move forward with chin surgery classically experience a big boost in confidence and self-esteem. They feel that they can now really put their best face forward with a proportionate chin and jawline.

A more chiseled, masculine look (for men)

Many men with a receding chin grow a beard to cover the inadequacies of their jawline. However, undergoing chin implant surgery with a properly trained facial plastic surgeon can address that impulse to hide and mask the chin forever. A chin implant can come in a variety of sizes. The surgeon will help direct patients towards what option is best suited for their chin and facial structure. Once the chin augmentation surgery is complete, a male patient will emerge with a chiselled, more defined jaw line. This type of proportional, masculine change to the face is typically more pleasing to the eye in terms of structure and symmetry.

For females, do not fear a masculine look. An expert facial cosmetic surgeon will choose an appropriate chin implant that will bring harmony and balance to the facial features, not masculinity.

The correctly sized chin implant will provide a more balanced overall facial structure

Better symmetry of facial features

A properly sized chin implant can do wonders for the overall symmetry of your face. The primary goal of chin augmentation is to give the implant candidate further projection of the chin where it is weak, along with lateral width and vertical height, if necessary. The correctly sized chin implant will instantly provide a more balanced overall facial structure and profile.

Correction of a double chin

Chin implant surgery is also the best way to target and correct a double chin. When a small chin and jawline is genetically inherited, it can often lead to a profile that looks like the chin is receding into the neck. As such, even the smallest amount of fat can look like another crease or fold or a double chin in photos and film. As frustrating as it is for some people, they are happy to discover that a simple chin augmentation can rectify that problem permanently by properly balancing the face, providing proportion that matches the rest of the face.

If you would like to discover more about chin implants and learn if you are a great candidate for chin augmentation, please contact us via phone or email. We will set up a consultation at our Toronto clinic with expert facial plastic surgeon Dr. Cory Torgerson.

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