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What Are Chin Implants Made With?

Chin implants are a very popular cosmetic procedure for people who are seeking a more aesthetically pleasing shape to their chin in proportion to their face.

Chin implants are permanent modifications for people who want a longer-lasting solution than the other common methods of chin-enhancement procedures like injectable facial fillers. There are pros and cons for both surgical and non-surgical options, so patients should take great care in determining the outcome of their cosmetic goals. Chin implants can create visually pleasing results where projection and definition is lacking in the chin and jawline area. Below we discuss some of the top concerns that patients may have when they are considering chin implant surgery.

Who Is an Ideal Candidate?

Chin implant surgery is an ideal procedure for people who want to restore a more aesthetically balanced appearance to their chin and jawline. Chin implants can increase the projection and size of the chin in proportion to the facial attributes. Patients who have a small chin or an under-projected chin can benefit from chin implant surgery as well as patients who want to increase the length of their face. A well-proportioned chin can reduce the appearance of the size of the nose by balancing the facial features. Patients who want to add definition to their lower face also make great candidates. Chin implants are highly customizable. Finding the right projection and size is the task of a well-experienced plastic surgeon who can achieve optimal balance in the enhanced changes that the patient is seeking.

What Are Chin Implants Made With?

Chin implants are primarily made with silicone or Gore-Tex. Both are great options, and the choice of one over the other is a matter of the performing plastic surgeon’s personal preference. Medical-grade silicone is a common choice for most plastic surgeons because of the ease or reversibility it presents for their patient cases. Gore-Tex is the generic name for expanded-polytrafluoroethylene (e-PTFE). The expanded attribute of Gore-Tex allows tissue ingrowth between the tiny pores, which enables tissue growth without encapsulation. Gore-Tex can be more difficult to reverse, so most surgeons opt for medical-grade silicone when performing chin implant procedures because of its reduced complication rates for insertion and removal, if required.

What Is the Difference Between Silicone and Gore-Tex Chin Implants?

Silicone implants have higher safety measures, as they can be removed and reversed without any adverse side effects. Gore-Tex’s expanded pore-like features allow tissue growth to encapsulate and secure the implant in place. The conformation of the implant to the body is a good physical accomplishment for successful procedures. However, in the case of complications or required modifications, with Gore-Tex it can become difficult to remove incorporated scar tissue from the chin. The ability to reverse the chin implant proves to be the ideal choice for surgeons who require more control and flexibility over their chin implant procedures.

How Is the Procedure Performed?

Chin implant procedures are typically performed employing the submental approach. Submental placement of chin implants can assist patients in recovering with a lower infection rate compared to the transoral approach. The placement of chin implant is located between muscle and chin bone. A pocket is created to secure the implant in position. The pocket is then closed with stitches, which are removed after 5 days. Chin implant surgery is minimally invasive. Most people can resume their normal activities about a week after their procedure.

If you are unhappy with the appearance of your chin and jawline, contact our clinic to discover chin implant options that can cosmetically enhance your lower face.

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