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Top Treatments for a Weak Chin

The world is full of treatments and procedures aimed at a host of concerns.

However, when it comes to a weak chin, there are only a handful of best treatments available. Thankfully, they are excellent options and can result in a more sculpted and defined facial appearance.

Dermal filler can be used as an entry-level option to contour the chin and jawline

Dermal fillers

This method is perfect for people who aren’t sure yet if they would love the outcome of chin implant surgery and would like to test the waters first. The injectable fillers are injected into the chin and jawline area in a simple procedure, giving instantly gratifying results of more definition and symmetry of the overall face. The treatment itself should take only about 10 to 15 minutes in the hands of a top injector, and classically, only 1 to 2 syringes are needed. The results are not permanent, and your body will gradually metabolize the filler. This means that a maintenance appointment should be scheduled every 6 to 9 months. Dermal filler injections in the chin are an excellent way to create a contoured, controlled chin augmentation without the need for chin implant surgery. The filler can also be dissolved very quickly if a patient decides the augmented look is not for them.

Another top treatment for a weak chin is chin implant surgery. Chin implant surgery is when a silicone or Gore-Tex implant is inserted into the chin by a facial plastic surgeon. This chin implant provides structure, projection, and facial balance where it was previously lacking. The prospective patient meets with the facial cosmetic surgeon, and together they create a plan that includes determining what the ideal implant would be for the patient. Vectra 3D imaging is a valuable tool in this process. It can help a patient visualize their final result before committing to a chin surgery procedure! The Vectra imaging system takes a 3D picture of the patient’s face, including their jaw and chin from all angles. The patient and the surgeon then work together adjusting the computerized image until an ideal chin augmentation result is agreed upon. This process helps ensure that the surgical goal is adhered to and that the understanding of the intended final result is the same for both the patient and cosmetic surgeon.

Chin implant provides structure, projection, and facial balance

Chin Implant Surgery

Once a patient commits to chin implant surgery, a surgical date will be scheduled and a consent-signing appointment with the surgeon will occur beforehand. Various basic health tests and medical forms will also need to be completed prior to the surgical date. On the day of the chin augmentation, a patient will need a family member to accompany them home afterwards. The actual chin implant surgery takes approximately 1 hour, following which the patient will stay for a short duration in recovery before being discharged for home. It is recommended that patients take 1 week off of work for the recovery period. Stitches will come out between days 5 and 7. Although there is some bruising and swelling during the initial recovery, most patients find the recovery manageable. The results can be seen right away, but as with any facial surgery, definition and shape appear more and more as the swelling subsides over time.

Our Toronto facial cosmetic surgery centre offers consultations for people interested in learning more about correcting or improving a recessive and weak chin. Top treatment choices such as dermal filler and chin implant surgery will be discussed, and a current quote on pricing will be provided. Simply send an email or pick up the phone to book the next available appointment!

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