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Non-Surgical Facial Masculinization Procedures For Men

Facial masculinization procedures are geared towards men who want to increase the masculinity of their facial features.

Some men may feel less than satisfied with the masculinity of their facial features. Facial-enhancing procedures can modify facial features into proportions of an ideal male face. The perfect male face is related to the ideals of beauty in terms of balance, proportions, and harmony.

The male face can be manipulated with changes to the bone or soft tissue to achieve a more masculine appearance. The skills used for facial masculinization procedures are highly customizable and should be performed by a certified plastic surgeon with a sub-speciality in facial plastic surgery. A surgeon with a specialty in facial plastic surgery will have the detailed knowledge and experience to carry out the technicalities that are specific to facial masculinization procedures. A facial plastic surgeon will have the ability to achieve optimal results without negatively impacting the face and producing less-than-desirable and unnatural-looking results. Below we discuss some of the popular non-surgical facial procedures that men choose to achieve the ideal masculine appearance in their face.

Facial contouring with dermal filler is a very popular procedure for men who want to increase certain proportions of their face. Common procedures that people can get include the following:

Nose Contouring

Men can decrease the appearance of a hump or bump on their nose by having the surrounding areas injected with dermal fillers. Non-surgical nose contouring can help smooth out the contours of their nose for a natural-looking side profile. Non-surgical rhinoplasty procedures are an ideal semi-permanent solution for men who want to perfect the projection of their nose with a better-looking side profile and an enhanced appearance to the nose. Non-surgical rhinoplasty procedures cannot decrease the size or shape of the nose, but rather provide gentle lifting and masking of the irregularities presented on the nose.

Chin Augmentation

The chin can be non-surgically enhanced with dermal filler or with a chin implant augmentation. Male patients with less than ideal chin projection may feel as if they don’t have a strong lower face. A sagging “turkey neck” around the chin can further decrease the appearance of the projection of the chin. Facial filler for the chin is an ideal temporary solution for men who are unsure of surgery. Dermal fillers can provide a simulated effect so patients can see how they would look with enhanced shape and projection in their chin. This is also an ideal way for patients to determine the size and shape that is best suited to them.

Jaw Contouring

Increasing the appearance of the angles of the jaw is often associated with masculinity. Jaw contouring with dermal fillers can increase projection and enhance the definition of the jaw area. Filler product can be injected in the angles of the jaw closer to the ear, lower jowl area, and along the full jawline for men who require extensive contouring. Dermal fillers can masculinize the jaw by adding a bulking effect to the lower face.

Lip Enhancement

Men with asymmetrical lips can benefit from lip filler injections to increase projection as well as enhance the symmetry between the top and bottom lip. Fuller lips are often associated with youthfulness, so anyone with extremely thin lips can benefit from lip filler injection to increase the volume in their lips.

There are several other areas that can also be enhanced in the male face to make it appear more defined and masculine. Some of these areas include the cheeks, under-eye area, and forehead temples. The areas for improvement will be assessed by the plastic surgeon.

Each face is unique, so a customized approach is the best option to receive the ideal treatments that each person requires. Non-surgical facial masculinization procedures modify facial features with consideration of proportions, balance, and harmony as well as achieving the patient’s cosmetic goals.

A consultation with a certified facial cosmetic surgeon is the perfect way to find out which treatments are suitable for if you are seeking non-surgical facial masculinization procedures.

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