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The Different Stages Of The Aging Face

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Over time you may notice that the attributes of your facial skin change with time. Skin becomes thinner, volume is lost in the cheeks, and under eye bags begin to form. The phases of aging in the face are inevitable at times. If we learn more about the process of our changing face, perhaps we can make better decisions in maintaining our daily skincare routines. Toxic things like smoking, pollution, poor diet, excessive alcohol, and dietary imbalances can lead to hormonal imbalances and can accelerate the process of ageing in the skin.

Aging is a process that we must go through

Stage 1 – Age Group: 25 – 35

  • The skin is voluminous and plump with very fine to no wrinkles on the majority of the face.
  • The early signs of aging begin at this stage.
  • Wrinkles appear on the forehead with movement.
  • Lines appear when performing normal expressions like laughing, smiling, frowning, and raising the eyebrows.
  • The early signs of crow’s feet appear around the eyes.
  • The production of collagen and elastin slows down. – Skin elasticity is reduced slowly over time.
  • Skin quality slowly deteriorates with the development of scars from adolescent activity such as acne scars and marks from accidents like fine scratches and skin discoloration.
  • The complexion slowly loses radiance.
  • The face has static and dynamic wrinkles.

Stage 2 – Age Group: 35 – 50

  • Visible fine wrinkles appear on the forehead and around the eyes.
  • The nasolabial folds in the face are more developed.
  • The early signs of marionette lines appear at the outer edge of the lips, and the chin area begins to lose volume.
  • The under eye area darkens.
  • Fine lines and wrinkles develop around the eyes at rest.
  • Some may begin to notice under eye bags.
  • The cheeks sag as they lose volume.
  • The lower jaw begins to hang, which may change the shape of the face.
  • Some may experience the early signs of sun damage from frequent exposure such as sunspots, brown spots, or freckles.
  • Larger pores appear in the nose.
  • Fine blood vessels appear on the cheeks and around the nasal opening as they dilate over the years.
  • The skin appears thinner with more developed static wrinkles.

High-level nourishment for the skin on the face and neck

Stage 3 – Age Group: 50 – 60

  • Wrinkles are visible on the entire face at rest.
  • The skin is loose around the eyes, and there are under eye bags.
  • Significant volume is lost in the face, making the skin appear thinner and hallow.
  • The loss of elastin in the skin causes the further development of fine lines and wrinkles on the entire face.
  • Facial contours change as the bones slowly thin out.
  • The nose appears to hang lower with the pull of gravity on the entire face, causing the skin to hang.
  • Skin texture is denser and hardened; the skin feels thicker.
  • Ageing in the skin is accelerated and very visible.
  • Collagen production is significantly reduced, leading to the loss of all collagen in the next stage.

Stage 4 – Age Group: 70 And Over

  • Very deep prominent wrinkles are visible on the forehead and around the eyes.
  • Deep nasolabial folds cause the cheek to sag around the edges of the chin.
  • Deep marionette lines cause the skin to droop around them.
  • The eye area has prominent signs of aging with loose skin in the upper and lower eyelids.
  • The cheeks visibly sag, hanging down from the force of gravity over many years.
  • The signs of sun damage are noticeable as darkened spots on the entire skin of the face and body.
  • A collection of wrinkles criss-cross the skin in high movement areas like around the eyes and cheeks.

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