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Think You Know Lip Fillers? In Toronto, the New Look is Less Duck, More Lovely (Part 2)

In Part 1 of this in-depth look at the future of lip filler in Toronto, we talked about safe, natural hyaluronic acid (HA) fillers, where this trend has been, and where it’s going. The truth is, at the Dr. Torgerson Clinic, most of our clients are sincere, down-to-earth people and natural beauties who want to highlight, correct, or enhance a facial feature, not blow it up to epic proportions. We’re pleased that lip filler is more popular than ever, and the new look is harmonious and balanced. Less duck, more lovely.

Natural Lip Fillers in Toronto

How do leading-edge cosmetic surgeons deliver soft, natural lip filler results?

The prevailing technique used by experienced injectors today is the application of specialized products precisely in conservative amounts to just the right places. There is by no means a one-size-fits-all approach. Although the puffy-lip look became notorious in recent years, very few people really want that result. Most of our clients seek an attractive, natural ideal for their lips, not to swap them for Angelina’s or Kylie’s. Because every person is unique, and the rest of your facial features all work in harmony with your mouth, your facial cosmetic surgeon will analyze more than just your lips during your consultation. They’ll take into account symmetry, balance, and the proportions of other features such as your nose and chin. The surgeon will also want to hear what concerns you.

  • We see people from all walks of life who have all sorts of beauty goals.
  • Do your lips simply seem too small for your face?
  • Have they diminished in size through the middle-age years?
  • Are your lips uneven – the top too big or the bottom larger than the top?

Lip Fillers for Men

Men have lip filler done too for some of the same reasons as women do. They’re usually not going for a voluptuous look, but desire a little more balance and to augment overly thin or asymmetric lips. Scars and irregularities in lip shape can also be addressed without changing much about the lip size, if desired. Plenty of people who wish to fill a scar or define the edges/cupid’s bow of their lips will have these subtle, stylistic shape corrections made, yet not walk out of their appointment with larger lips.

What else can lip filler in Toronto achieve?

Do you have thin “smoker’s lines” around your mouth? This can be corrected as well. There are very thin, fluid, and soft HA filler products created to treat the area surrounding the mouth.

Speaking of areas around the mouth, clients in their 40’s, 50’s, and 60’s often see us for a little lip enhancement and find that they can also smooth away the marionette lines at either side of the mouth. It does wonders for the overall youthful restoration of the lip area.

Those who have a “gummy smile” can get an instant fix with filler placed strategically under the upper lip. A trained doctor’s eye will zero in on the characteristics and anatomical issues that are causing you dissatisfaction. Today’s enhancement approach is all about restraint and targeted problem-solving. Unlike when people visit a low-cost technician for a lip “fill-up”, seeing a skilled expert means you’ll receive customized adjustments so perfectly harmonized with your features that you may improve the look of more than just your lips.

Natural Lips?

Choosing the right Toronto lip filler doctor matters

Perhaps you’ve seen Groupon deals for lip filler. If you’ve been eager to try this beauty booster and you’re a sucker for a good deal, STOP! That is not the best way to ease into a safe and satisfying lip enhancement. It may seem like a simple procedure to have done, and it can be, but it really matters that you choose a qualified and skilled professional. Plenty of people share disaster stories. Common threads in such experiences is that these people either saw a barely-if-at-all-qualified practitioner, they went for a cheap deal, or they didn’t have good communication and follow-up care established. In the worst cases, they had all three of these unfortunate factors working against them. This doesn’t need to be your experience or anyone’s, ever.

Lip filler tips to ensure you look fabulous, not fishy

Congratulations! You’re ready for kissable lips and taking the next steps. We’ve created a guide to help you as you research and plan. If you follow these recommendations, you’ll be all set for smile success. When you select an experienced, Royal College-certified facial cosmetic surgeon for your treatment, they’ll meet your realistic guidelines and expectations.

1. Read reviews, look at pictures, and talk to people.
Every cosmetic practice today has a long list of reviews. Ideally, they are mostly positive, and you’ll want to pay attention to what people say about their comfort level, communication, and the quality of care they received. Look at before and after pictures. Keep in mind that many of these are taken soon after treatment, so things still look a little swollen. But you should be able to see a consistent theme of attractive, not overdone, and balanced-looking results. Moreover, talk to patients of your surgeon, if possible, and to friends and family who’ve also had this treatment and see who they recommend. Word of mouth is a fantastic and authentic tool.
2. Don’t go for a too-good-to-be-true deal.
Most cosmetic clinics have special offers and deals from time to time, but the reality is that quality fillers and professional services are not cheap. You’ll count on spending between $700 and $1,000 for top-of-the-line lip filler syringes and treatment with a physician or surgeon (Note that prices vary depending on geographical region and are subject to change). If you see a deal advertised for hundreds of dollars less than expected, you must ask very important questions about the surgeon’s credentials and track record. It’s vital that the person treating you have an in-depth understanding of anatomy and facial injection safety because, though easily mitigated for qualified professionals, there are real risks to be aware of. The price you pay ultimately could be higher and leave you with an unpleasant outcome.
3. Less is more.
Indeed, changes made in fractions of millimetres are noticeable and impactful on the face. Rhinoplasty surgeons can make meticulous 1-mm changes in the nose and dramatically transform a person’s look. Likewise, your lips can appear wonderfully restructured, softer, sexier, or more symmetric with just minimal adjustments. We recommend that you start small, see how you adjust to it, and then add more filler later if you like. Remember, it’s easier to build up than to take away.

What exactly will my Toronto lip filler treatment involve?

You’ve been thinking about it, your friends have done it, people on Instagram are telling you about it, and you’re finally ready to treat yourself to enhanced lips. If you’re like many people, you wonder what to expect, and you worry that it will hurt. We’re going to be completely honest with you about the treatment, and we think you’ll still feel excited to give it a go.

Depending on your individual aesthetic needs, we’ll help you decide which product will match your goals. You can see the sealed, brand new packaging that your chosen filler is in and watch your injector open it. They will offer you a numbing cream to dull any sensation if you prefer, though some people tough it out and forego the numbing because it can make the lips look a little more temporarily swollen.

Your injector will use a thin, fine needle, a soft-tip cannula, or a combination of the two to insert the filler directly where they want it. Here’s the good news: pre-filled lip filler syringes contain lidocaine, which is a potent freezing medication. After the first poke, the rest of your treatment will feel pretty comfortable as they’ll inject through frozen areas, typically a minimum of entry points. In the past, separate injections of local anaesthetic were used to inject lip fillers, and the process was longer. Now the entire treatment session takes between 15 and 30 minutes on average.

The lips are pretty sensitive, and swelling is common but short-lived. Some people swell more than others, so if you puff up dramatically in the first few hours, don’t panic. Within 24 hours, the lips may feel puffy and warm and may appear a little red. Depending on how thorough your treatment is, you may return to regular activity and look much like your usual self, or you may wish to lay low for 24 hours until the swelling resolves. For the next 3 days, you may feel a little stiff where the material was placed and feel slightly bruised. Actual bruising is uncommon, but you can do your part to prevent it by avoiding known blood thinners such as Aspirin, Aleve, and Advil or herbal supplements like ginseng, St John’s wort, and vitamin E. Ask your cosmetic surgeon for a full list of supplements and medications to avoid in the weeks prior to your injection to ensure you have no unnecessary bleeding or bruising. Rest assured that if you do develop a bruise, it will resolve within roughly 14 days and won’t have adverse effects on your results.

Your injector may ask you to massage your lips where the gel was injected or ask you to avoid touching or pressing on the area. If your lips are numb for a few hours after your session, avoid biting anything hard like apples, because you may not feel your teeth on your lips until the freezing wears off.

At the Torgerson Clinic, only trained doctors and cosmetic surgeons inject our clients, whether they have a comprehensive soft-lift treatment utilizing multiple syringes or they have just their lips accented. We believe that the professionalism and skill required to do a great job of lip augmentation is just as critical for any body area or procedure you may have. The simplest augmentations look flawless and easy when they are executed skillfully.

Due to his extensive experience and artistic approach to filler treatments, Dr. Torgerson has been invited by lip filler manufacturers to provide injector training to leading surgeons, physicians, and nurses in the cosmetic industry. He takes great pleasure and pride in creating beautiful results that his clients feel great about.

In conclusion, hyaluronic acid lip fillers in Toronto have never been safer or more natural as a beauty treatment. In the right hands, the look for lip augmentation in 2018 and beyond is soft, balanced, attractive, and elegant. Call us today and learn what a little adjustment can do for you. We look forward to seeing you!

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