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As women age, the elasticity of the skin tends to decrease, which results in skin loosening and breasts visibly sagging

Traditionally, surgical breast lifts have been the most commonly used procedure to correct sagging breasts. However, laser breastlift procedures are gaining popularity due to the permanent results offered by this non-invasive approach. With cutting-edge laser technology such as the Fotona SP Dynamis laser used at Dr. Torgerson Cosmetic Clinic, it is now possible to make changes to the breast tissue that are not only less invasive but also more permanent than the surgical alternative.

Restore and rejuvenate the dermal structures of the breast

Traditional Breast Augmentation Surgery

With a traditional breast augmentation surgery, although weight and volume are added to the breast tissue, there is not an increase in actual support to the breast. Similarly, in breast lift surgery, excess skin is removed, but the general strength and elasticity of the remaining skin is not altered. Therefore, over time this skin is likely to stretch even further because of its weakened structure. Since the tissue has not been strengthened with this process, it is likely that even after a breastlift, as a result of the effects of gravity and aging, the breasts will gradually begin to sag again, which may necessitate a second surgery.

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Long-lasting results of a laser breast lift

A laser breast lift

A laser breast lift, on the other hand, works by performing both a superficial and a deep tightening of the breast tissue via a two-step process, using the cutting-edge technology of the Nd:YAG and erbium YAG lasers. In the first step, the erbium YAG laser is used for gentle skin tightening. The second step uses the Nd:YAG laser to heat deep tissue, which helps shrink the skin. The duality of the shrinking and tightening results in a lifting of the skin on the breast. The laser technology also stimulates collagen and elastin fibre production. This helps restore and rejuvenate the dermal structures of the breast and surrounding tissue. Through this process, the laser is able to stimulate change at a deeper level than the surgical option. Therefore, the results are likely to be longer-lasting, as the tissue itself is strengthened and breast support is increased.

It is important to recognize that whether you choose to undergo a surgical breast lift or a laser breast lift, the longevity of the results will vary on a case-to-case basis. Results may differ depending on the level of breast ptosis and the elasticity of an individual patient’s skin as well as their breast size. Even with a laser breast lift, which strengthens the very tissue that supports the breast, a permanent lift is more likely achieved on women with mild to moderate ptosis.

If you think you can benefit from the long-lasting results of a laser breast lift, we invite you to contact our office today for a consultation. One of our laser specialists will be able to help determine the best route for you to get the best and enduring results.

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