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Choosing the Right Surgeon for Your Revision Rhinoplasty Procedure

Rhinoplasty is a cosmetic surgery procedure that can drastically improve the appearance or functionality of the nose

However, because the nose is such a delicate area, it is one of the most difficult cosmetic surgeries to complete, and approximately 10% of patients will ultimately require a revision rhinoplasty. If you are unhappy with the results of your primary rhinoplasty, it is important to select a specialized surgeon who is experienced in reconstructive facial surgery to ensure that you are satisfied with the results. The following considerations should be taken into account when selecting a surgeon for your revision rhinoplasty.

Revision rhinoplasty can help you achieve your desired results

Reason for Revision

When choosing a surgeon for secondary rhinoplasty, it is important to first think about the reason for the revision procedure. If you were unsatisfied with the cosmetic results of the first procedure or do not feel that you have clear communication with your surgeon, it is best that you find someone else whose expertise and results match your goals to prevent further disappointment. However, if you are seeking revision rhinoplasty due to nasal injury or medical complication, it may be best to return to the surgeon who performed your primary rhinoplasty, as they know your unique situation the best.


Due to the complex nature of revision rhinoplasty, it is crucial to select a surgeon who is highly qualified in this specific area. In addition to being certified, your surgeon should have a specialized knowledge of facial structures, as this will ensure that the revision rhinoplasty procedure successfully restores the functionality of the nose while also providing natural, aesthetically pleasing results. Dr. Torgerson has attained the highest level of accreditation in Canada, holding an M.D, a PH. D, and FRCSC (Fellow of The Royal College of Physicians of Canada). He completed his residency training in otolaryngology (ear, nose, and throat surgery), and continued to study facial surgery at University of Toronto’s prestigious fellowship program.

Secondary rhinoplasty can repair a bent or broken septum to improve your breathing


When selecting a surgeon for secondary rhinoplasty, be sure to choose a doctor who is experienced in revision work. It is important that your surgeon specializes in facial plastic surgery rather than general plastic surgery only. An experienced, reputable facial plastic surgeon will be able to successfully rebuild the shape and function of the nose, avoiding common pitfalls and errors that lead to complications. Revision rhinoplasty also involves the careful manipulation of accumulated scar tissue from the first procedure and therefore should be trusted only to an experienced expert.

The right fit

After narrowing down your options based on the qualifications and expertise of potential surgeons, select a doctor who you feel you can trust. During your initial consultation, it is important that you feel comfortable. A good surgeon will listen to your concerns, answer your questions clearly and thoroughly, and discuss all potential risks of the procedure. If you feel rushed or are not convinced that the surgeon can deliver the results you are looking for, it is not the right fit. Take time to review the surgeon’s previous work by looking at before and after pictures. A surgeon’s body of work will be a good indication of whether they are likely to deliver results you will be happy with. Be sure that your surgeon clearly communicates their plan for the procedure and that you are satisfied with the predicted results exhibited in the 3D imaging.

Dr. Torgerson will be open and honest with you about what can realistically be achieved given the current state of your nasal tissue. Open and honest communication between the patient and surgeon will prevent misunderstandings and yield excellent results.

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Our facility offers a luxurious, comfortable and private setting for consultations and surgery with a waiting room that is both spacious and inviting. Although we hope you don’t have to spend too much time waiting to see Dr. Torgerson, within a few minutes you will feel relaxed and at ease.

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