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Not Just Any Revision Rhinoplasty Surgeon in Toronto Can Fix Your Nose Job

The decision to undergo a revision rhinoplasty can be difficult and frequently leads to a number of emotions, including frustration, fear, and excitement.

Although it is disappointing to accept that the results of your first procedure did not meet your expectations and it is daunting to think of undergoing a secondary procedure, it can also be thrilling to envision the anticipated outcome of your transformation. However, to prevent further disappointment and to ensure that your dreams become a reality, it is imperative to take your time to select a highly qualified and experienced revision rhinoplasty surgeon in Toronto to fix your nose job.

It Requires Expertise

The Procedure Is More Complex

Because revision rhinoplasty requires operating on a nose that has previously been altered, it is a more complex procedure than primary rhinoplasty. In many cases, the plastic surgeon does not have as much tissue to work with, as considerable tissue is often removed during the first procedure. In addition, the amount of scar tissue present and the degree of skin contracture can reduce the degree of improvement that is possible. Each subsequent procedure becomes more complex. That is why it is crucial that you choose a Toronto plastic surgeon who has extensive experience performing this procedure so you will not need further revisions. Although some revisionary procedures are simple, in most cases they are relatively complex, as your plastic surgeon must correct a nose that has been over- or under-operated. In addition to the aesthetic goals of the revision, the surgeon often needs to correct impaired nasal breathing caused by the previous procedure. To do so successfully requires a great deal of expertise, as it is necessary to have a thorough understanding of the nose’s anatomy to identify the underlying causes and prevent any complications.

An experienced Toronto revision rhinoplasty surgeon will be able to guide you in the right direction

Delivering natural-looking results

When undergoing one or more revision procedures, there is a risk that your nose will appear over-operated. Inexperienced surgeons may make changes to your nose that cause it to appear too short, small, narrow, wide, or even twisted. Conversely, an experienced surgeon who specializes in this procedure will help you achieve a more natural look that complements your existing facial features. In many cases, patients who are interested in this procedure know that they require a revision but have difficulty articulating what they hope to achieve with the procedure. An experienced Toronto revision rhinoplasty surgeon will listen to the patient’s concerns, clearly and thoroughly address their questions, and provide guidance when collaborating with the patient to develop a clear objective for the revision procedure. To ensure the success of the procedure, it is vital that there is clear and transparent communication between the patient and the plastic surgeon. To learn more about fixing your nose job, please contact our clinic to schedule a consultation with Dr. Torgerson, a leading revision rhinoplasty surgeon in Toronto.

State-Of-The-Art Surgical Facility

Our facility offers a luxurious, comfortable and private setting for consultations and surgery with a waiting room that is both spacious and inviting. Although we hope you don’t have to spend too much time waiting to see Dr. Torgerson, within a few minutes you will feel relaxed and at ease.

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