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Five Signs You May Want to Consider Seeing a Revision Rhinoplasty Surgeon in Toronto

Rhinoplasty is a popular facial cosmetic surgery procedure designed to improve the appearance of the nose.

In most cases, patients who undergo rhinoplasty are thrilled with the results, and their improved self-image leads to an increase in their self-esteem and overall quality of life. However, in some instances, particularly when the patient does not take the time to select an experienced and qualified Royal College-certified plastic surgeon, the outcome of the procedure does not meet their expectations. Luckily, revision rhinoplasty can be performed to address a number of common post-operative concerns and help patients achieve their desired results. If you are unhappy with your rhinoplasty results or experience any of the below complications, you may wish to consider scheduling a consultation with a revision rhinoplasty surgeon in Toronto.

Undergoing a Revision Rhinoplasty Procedure

1) Your Primary Surgery Did Not Deliver Your Anticipated Results

The most common reason that patients opt to undergo a revision procedure is because their primary procedure did not deliver the aesthetic outcome they anticipated. This can be the result of a number of factors, including poor or inadequate communication between the patient and surgeon during the planning phase, unexpected complications during the procedure, or poor surgical technique. To prevent this outcome in the future, it is imperative to take your time to select an experienced revision rhinoplasty surgeon in Toronto.

2) You Experienced Healing Complications

While most patients heal well following rhinoplasty, in some cases complications can arise. For example, some patients experience breathing problems post-operatively due to a bent or broken septum, the presence of excessive cartilage, or in rare instances, an internal collapse. Patients who experience these issues may snore or struggle to breath when exercising, so a revision procedure is necessary.

The Safety and Efficacy of the Procedure

3) Your Results Are Asymmetrical

Whether it is due to poor surgical technique or an issue with their internal cartilage such as a bent septum, patients sometimes notice that their nose is asymmetrical following their primary rhinoplasty. Although patients should not expect perfection following plastic surgery, a skilled revision rhinoplasty surgeon in Toronto can correct asymmetry.

4) You Had an Adverse or Allergic Reaction

Implants and grafts are frequently utilized during rhinoplasty to support or repair existing cartilage and add shape to the nose. Although it is rare, some patients have an adverse reaction to implants and grafts, and their body rejects the foreign objects. In response, swelling or an infection may occur, as the body attacks the new material which it perceives to be an enemy. Revision rhinoplasty is typically necessary for the patient’s well-being, because the graft or implant must be removed.

5) Your Surgeon Took the Wrong Surgical Approach

Because plastic surgery is an elective procedure, many patients attempt to reduce their cost by choosing the surgeon with the best price. Unfortunately, patients who undergo budget plastic surgery often require a revision because their surgeon did not have the skills or experience necessary to deliver their desired outcome. Thus, to ensure the safety and efficacy of the procedure, it is crucial to choose a Royal College-certified Toronto revision rhinoplasty surgeon who has extensive experience performing secondary rhinoplasty.

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