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The Ultimate Guide to Planning Your Revision Rhinoplasty in Toronto

One of the most challenging situations a cosmetic surgeon or patient can face is a revision rhinoplasty in Toronto.

There are numerous reasons why the first or primary rhinoplasty may not sufficiently correct or improve a person’s nose. Sometimes visible deformities and functional problems actually result from the previous nose surgery. Coming to terms with the fact that undergoing a corrective procedure will be necessary can be extremely stressful. The pressure to select an expert revision surgeon adds to the difficulty of the situation. We’ve created a guide containing tips and advice designed to make planning a secondary nose surgery a little less anxiety-ridden and ensure that the second time is a success.

How should patients plan their revision rhinoplasty in Toronto?

Why Is Revision Rhinoplasty in Toronto Such a Specialized Practice Area?

Unfortunately, the inner structures of the nose are so delicate that rhinoplasty is more difficult to execute than many people think. Even with the high level of procedure-specific training and skill utilized to perform the procedure, an estimated 10% of nose jobs will need to be revised. Adding to the difficulty is that once a nose has already been operated on, the soft tissue will be altered, weakened, and scarred. During a rhinoplasty procedure, the skin, cartilage, and bone are all affected and will form scar tissue. Often blood supply to the area is also diminished, which means safety becomes a concern as the surgeon prepares to make incisions once again. Because the nasal membranes are prone to prolonged inflammation, the material they have to work with often becomes stiffer and harder to work with the second time around.

What can affect your outcome?

The Need for Correction

The surgeon must not only be familiar working with noses but understand post-procedure noses as well. Carefully manipulating tough scar tissue, weakened structures, and delicate blood supply means that only an extremely experienced reconstructive expert should be performing your second surgery.

When deciding whether to stay with your previous cosmetic surgeon or find a new one, there are some key questions to ask yourself. Does your existing facial surgeon have revision rhinoplasty training? If they are a well-trained and experienced cosmetic surgeon with specialization in this area, then they may be ideal to perform your corrective procedure because they know precisely the techniques used the first time and are familiar with the state of your nasal tissue. The need for correction is not always the fault of the surgeon or a result of poor technique. Multiple variables, including anatomy or medical complications, can affect your outcome. You’ll need to ask yourself if you have a good relationship with your surgeon based on trust and open communication. Do you feel that your current surgeon understands your desires and is competent to do the work? If you’re unsatisfied with your experience or do not have confidence in your surgeon, it may be best to seek someone with expertise to match your goals. Your rhinoplasty surgeon may even refer you to a colleague with a more appropriate skill set to address your particular problem.

Credentials are crucial for a Toronto revision rhinoplasty surgeon

What Will Your Revision Involve?

Choosing the correct specialist should reduce your risk of further disappointment. However, what credentials should you look for? In addition to accreditation by the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada, your cosmetic surgeon should have additional certification in facial plastic and reconstructive surgery. Practice experience specifically in these areas is essential, as the more a surgeon performs a procedure, the more adept they become. Dr. Cory Torgerson has the highest level of accreditation for cosmetic surgeons in Canada, with an M.D, PH.D, and FRCSC. Dr. Torgerson completed an additional surgical residency in otolaryngology and additional facial surgery training at the prestigious Univeristy of Toronto. Often, planning a corrective procedure can be an emotional and frustrating process for the patient. Though it is always an accepted risk, chances are that they did not expect to have any problems. It can be very discouraging to learn that the beautiful results they anticipated will have to wait and perhaps they won’t get what they initially wanted after all.

The consultation for your revision rhinoplasty in Toronto will be just as meaningful as the first one

Planning a Corrective Procedure

A cosmetic surgeon who is empathetic and compassionate will spend time listening to the patient’s concerns and explain all aspects of the procedure. During the consultation, you’ll receive specific information about the options and limitations for corrections as well as a realistic picture of what to expect from recovery.

As the surgeon must remove some tissue while rebuilding strength and structure in the nose, grafts may be utilized. They can be either synthetic or created from the patient’s own cartilage. Because of the heightened complexity, the surgery will take longer to perform. The rhinoplasty surgeon should also explain that recovery will take much longer too. One of the toughest aspects of recovery from a secondary procedure can be the patience required when awaiting results. Six months to two years is not uncommon, depending on the specific adjustments done and the patient’s tissue health. It’s critical for patients to understand that perfection will not be a realistic expectation. Each time the nose undergoes an operation, the outcome becomes harder to predict or control. The conversation you have with your surgeon should be frank and honest so that you are prepared mentally and emotionally for a good outcome and realistic results. Dr. Torgerson is always candid with patients about what can be achieved in any given situation. That means a unique approach and possibilities for each person he operates on. He has many years of experience working with complex cases and revision work, so he’s able to provide expert analysis and recommendations to correct rhinoplasty problems. If you’re facing the prospect of additional nasal surgery to correct a functional or aesthetic issue, we welcome you to schedule a consultation with Dr. Torgerson. He will assess your situation and advise you based on in-depth nasal reconstructive experience and his specialized cosmetic artistry. Revision rhinoplasty is a challenging field, but you can trust your result in his hands.

State-Of-The-Art Surgical Facility

Our facility offers a luxurious, comfortable and private setting for consultations and surgery with a waiting room that is both spacious and inviting. Although we hope you don’t have to spend too much time waiting to see Dr. Torgerson, within a few minutes you will feel relaxed and at ease.

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